ADT Health Medical Alerts

Learn about the different personal medical alert packages from ADT, one of the most well-known names in home security monitoring.

What Sets ADT Health Apart?

ADT made a name for itself as a monitored home security provider, but ADT Health takes safety to the next level with its medical monitoring services. Luckily, these ADT Health plans don’t require long-term contracts like its home security packages do, and you don’t need an ADT home security system to opt into a medical alert package. ADT Health packages are for anyone who might benefit from quick-response medical attention, including seniors, individuals with disabilities, or people with chronic health issues. 


With ADT Health, you can choose between the ADT Medical Alert Basic Package, the Medical Alert Plus Package and the On-the-Go Package. As with other medical alert packages, the best plan for you will depend where you want to prioritize protection: inside the home only, within the home and yard, or everywhere you go. You’ll also want to make sure that the package you select includes the optional features you need. Perks like GPS location tracking, cellular connectivity and automatic fall detection are all available, but they’re not an option with every package. Read on to compare the medical alert packages from ADT Health.

Medical Alert Providers 4-min

What we like

  • Well-established reputation for emergency monitoring

  • GPS location tracking

  • Fall detection option

What we don’t like

  • Landline required for basic package

  • Limited range in basic packages

  • Additional fee for fall detection

ADT Health Packages


Starting at $29.99/mo

Our take

The ADT Medical Alert Basic Package is a no-frills option designed for people who spend the majority of time inside the home. It’s the most affordable ADT Health package, but it does require a working telephone landline, and it does not have a fall detection option. 


Simply connect the in-home communicating system (a two-way speaker that connects you with the monitoring center) to your phone line, and your pendant or wristband will wirelessly connect to it within a radius of 300 feet. As long as you’re within range, you can press the help button on the speaker or wearable to instantly reach an ADT monitoring center. Your choice of pendant or wristband is included; you can purchase additional accessories if necessary. Both options are waterproof and safe to wear while bathing.

Package Features

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • In-home communicating system with 300-foot range
  • Waterproof help button pendant or wristband


Starting at $35.99/mo

Our take

The Medical Alert Plus Package has all of the core functionality of the basic package, but with the added benefit of optional fall detection integrated into a pendant. In the event of a fall while you’re wearing the device, an alert will automatically be sent to the response center even if you are unable to push your help button.


The Medical Alert Plus Package also features an extended range of 600 feet between the base communicator and your pendant or wristband. This means you’re still covered while you work in the garden or the garage. This package does not require a landline. Instead, it maintains connectivity through a wireless cellular connection that’s included in your monthly package fee.

Package Features

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • In-home communicating system with 600-foot range
  • Waterproof help button pendant or wristband with fall detection option


Starting at $39.99/mo

Our take

Designed for the mobile, independent user, the ADT On-the-Go Package is an all-in-one option for anyone who is active outside of the home. With this package, a wireless pocket-sized device replaces both the in-home communicator and the wearable pendant (though you can add on a pendant or wristband if you wish). The mobile device has two-way communication, so you can contact the ADT monitoring center whenever you need it, wherever you are.  


The On-the-Go medical alert system has built-in GPS location tracking, which helps first responders find and assist you as quickly as possible. You can also add on fall detection capabilities for an additional cost.

Package Features

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Fully mobile device with two-way communication and GPS location tracking
  • Fall detection option

ADT Health Equipment & Features

Compare ADT Health Packages

Starting Monthly monitoring cost $29.99 $35.99 $39.99
In-home communicator device with two-way voice communication Yes Yes Mobile device with base unit
Water-resistant help button Pendant or wristband Pendant or wristband Additional pendant or pocket device optional
Location tracking No No Yes
Fall detection option No Yes Yes
Connectivity Landline required Cellular Cellular
24/7 monitoring Yes Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions about ADT Health

Is ADT Health right for me?

ADT Health is a great option for those who may need medical assistance in the home in and outside of the home. If you’ve fallen in the past, have health issues, or travel a lot but want additional protection in the event of an emergency, then choosing an ADT Health medical alert system is a great step.

Which ADT Health package is best for me?

This will depend on your lifestyle. The package that we recommend if you’re less active is the ADT Medical Alert Basic system because it is it’s designed to function only in the home. If you are more active within the neighborhood or around town, we recommend the ADT Medical Alert Plus or On-the-Go packages.

Do I need a smartphone to use ADT Health?

No, you do not need a smartphone to use ADT Health. In each package, there is a device with two-way communication that connects you with the ADT monitoring center 24/7. These devices act as speaker phones, so you don’t need a smartphone to call the response center for help.

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