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Updated Mar 26, 2021
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Why Should Men Consider Medical Alert Devices?

One of the biggest health risks that older adults face is falling. Each year, millions of people over the age of 50 fall, and 1 in 5 experience a serious injury from the incident. This is especially true for men, who are statistically more likely to experience a fall.

A medical alert system can’t prevent falls, but it can minimize some of the damage done. Seniors who fall can get stuck on the floor for hours, unable to reach a phone to call for help. Protecting seniors, especially men, from these dangerous situations is essential for their long-term health. Here, we break down the top choices, features to look for and how much medical alert devices cost so that you can choose the right one for you.

Medical Alerts for Men: Our Top 4 Picks

Top 3 Features to Look for in Medical Alerts for Men

  • Ease of use

    One of the most important aspects of any medical alert system is ease of use. After all, if a loved one can’t figure out how to use the device properly, they may not be able to access the help they need. Consider what type of device they are most comfortable with, how they will interact with it, and what features they may or may not be able to utilize.

  • Range

    Range is another essential feature of a medical alert system, especially for active older adults. If your loved one is at home most of the time, a landline system with a range of 1,000 feet or more may be enough. If they are more active and tend to venture out on their own, you should consider a medical alert device with a cellular system that can connect wherever a cell phone would have service.

  • Monitoring

    Most medical alert systems charge a monthly fee for professional monitoring. With this feature, the monitoring center will alert caregivers or family members if the user falls and dispatch emergency assistance if needed. Some systems include automatic fall detection, so older adults don’t have to hit the emergency button for help. This typically costs up to $10 more per month.

Compare the Best Medical Alerts for Men

Medical Guardian Bay Alarm Medical MobileHelpGetSafe
Monitoring starts at
$29.95/mo. $19.95/mo. $19.95/mo. $24.95/mo.
Additional costs
$10/mo. for fall detection $10/mo. for fall detection $10/mo. for fall detection $10/mo. for fall detection
Trial Period
None 30 days 30 days 30 days
Landline or cellular Landline or cellular Landline or cellular Cellular
Minimum Range
1,300 ft. 1,000 ft. 1,400 ft. Not Specified
  • Best Overall

    Medical Guardian Review

    Starting at

    - or -

    View Packages

    Our take

    Medical Guardian is a trusted name that offers a reliable service. This system features a simple one-press emergency button, which alerts the monitoring center instantly. Every at-home package features a base unit with a button to call for help. You’ll also get a neck pendant or wristwatch that you or your loved one can use to call for help whenever and wherever needed. Mobile units offer flexibility and 4G LTE connectivity that reaches anywhere a cellular phone could get a signal.

    Medical Guardian doesn’t require a contract, and the flexible pricing structure makes it a great choice.


    • Medical necklace included in the basic package
    • Landline or cellular options
    • Month-to-month agreement


    • No trial period
    • Costs more for fall detection
    • Activity detection not available with all home packages

    Research Medical Guardian

  • Best value

    Bay Alarm Medical

    Starting at

    Our take

    Bay Alarm Medical offers a wide range of alert system packages. Each package comes with 24/7 monitoring and a necklace or wristwatch alert system. If you want to include your spouse, Bay Alarm Medical offers free protection for the second device you buy. For a more comprehensive package, you can add extra wall buttons or fall detection. You can also upgrade to cellular protection rather than a landline.


    • Complimentary spouse monitoring
    • 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree
    • Many packages and devices


    • Costs more to add cellular monitoring
    • Costs more for fall detection

    Research Bay Alarm

  • Best equipment option


    Starting at

    Our take

    MobileHelp features optional smartwatch integration that monitors your health with a built-in Samsung Health app. MobileHelp also offers more equipment options than many of its competitors, but these options drive the price up. The good news is that there aren’t any upfront costs for most packages, unlike many competitors.


    • Many device and package options
    • Price decreases when paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually
    • No upfront equipment fee for most packages


    • Fall detection costs extra
    • Packages and pricing change frequently

    Research MobileHelp

  • Most innovative


    Starting at

    Our take

    The GetSafe medical alert system offers both traditional and hardwired medical alert systems for your home using a 4G LTE cellular network. If you or your loved one needs help, you’ll be able to push a voice-activated button or pull a cord to get emergency medical attention. GetSafe also offers waterproof alert buttons with a five-year battery. GetSafe provides various medical alert equipment, including wearable ‘Help’ buttons, indoor cameras and voice-enabled consoles installed throughout your home.


    • In-house coverage doesn’t require a wearable device
    • Cellular connections allow for easy installation
    • Mobile help button has an accompanying app so caregivers can keep an eye on loved ones


    • No landline connectivity options
    • Wearable devices and mobile help buttons aren’t included with any pre-set packages – you must add them on separately
    • Add-ons get expensive quickly

    Research Get Safe

How We Chose the Best Medical Alerts for Men

To select the best medical alerts for men, we researched all available medical alert systems and determined which ones may offer the best potential benefits for older adult men. This included evaluating the types of devices available and the functionality of each system. Some men may have specific preferences for the type of device they wear or the functionality they need, so we scoured for options that provide various options for both. The medical alert systems we selected offer a range of options to ensure you and your loved one can find one that works best for you, accounting for preferences, needs, and budget.

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