Although the internet has content for just about every user out there, the content isn’t always presented with only that user in mind. This is a problem when it comes to children searching online unsupervised since you want the content they see to be safe for them. That’s where kids’ search engines are the hero. Kids’ search engines are specially designed for children’s use. When a kid hops online and does a search, you want to ensure that the content brought up for them is kid-friendly and relevant to their query. Below is a helpful guide to some of the best kids’ search engines out there, as well as some tips on how your child can stay safe online.

What is a kids’ search engine?

Kids’ search engines are a specially designed platform made to help vet web content such as words, images and videos. Outside of that, a kids’ search engine is usually ultra user-friendly and much more visual. These differences help kids find what they’re looking for without landing on any pages that may be inappropriate for them.

3 Safest Kids Search Engines

Kiddle is self-described as a “safe visual search engine for kids” that was created by Google. Basically, Kiddle functions similarly to Google and presents the same relevant content and resources. However, it has a safe search filter that enables parents and educators to feel confident that kids won’t be exposed to inappropriate content. What makes Kiddle unique is that it’s highly visual, so kids can easily navigate the search results. Another unique feature is that if a child searches an innappropriate search term, an error page will pop up and not allow them to view the content. The censored search terms are established by Google so parents don’t have to worry about setting parental controls.


KidRex was founded in 2016 and is also powered by Google, as an independent organization (a division of Brent Media). It’s self-described as a “safe search for kids, by kids.” KidRex’s appealing interface is a great way for kids to get their feet wet when it comes to internet searches. This search engine goes beyond just addressing any concerns parents and school officials may have in regards to internet browsing with its unique interface.

Wacky Safe

Wacky Safe is Microsoft’s equivalent to Kiddle, except that this search engine comes in the form of an app for PCs and Android phones. Wacky Safe is a self-described “ultra-safe” browsing environment that gives parents and educators piece of mind. Aside from aggregating only kid-friendly content, it also blocks and filters the same malicious or inappropriate websites that would be blocked by parental control features without manually adding search filters.

Safe browsing tips for kids and parents

Now that you know about some safe, kid-friendly search engines, here are some additional internet safety tips for you and your kids.

The internet is an amazing tool with a lot of valuable information, but it can also be a dangerous place. Use proper precautions and encourage your kids to do the same so you can safely reap the many wonderful benefits of the internet.