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10 Best Vacation Home Security Systems

Vacation properties are often left empty for much of the year, making a home security system essential. With interior and exterior alarms, home appliance automation systems and smartphone apps, these systems can provide true peace of mind when it comes to securing your vacation home.
Updated Dec 15, 2020

Vacation Home Security Systems

Keeping a vacation home safe from theft and natural disasters can be difficult for homeowners, especially with how far they usually are from first homes. As a homeowner, you may be asking how can I make sure that my property is safe from so far away, or how can I save money on energy when I’m not there? You may want robust remote control abilities and other specific features important in vacation homes. That’s why our experts at Safety.com have researched and decided on the 10 best vacation home security systems of 2019. Here are some of your top home security options:

Our Top 10 Vacation Home Security Systems

What Features to Look for When Buying a Vacation Home Security System

  • Internal and External Alarms – Most security systems come with a control panel with a built in siren, but you can separately purchase a siren made to be used outdoors as well. If you happen to not be home when an incident or break-in occurs, the external alarm may notify neighbors that there’s a problem.
  • Home Automation- Home automation is another critical feature for alarm systems being used at a property that’s not always occupied. With smart home products, you can turn on lights and other appliances at scheduled intervals.
  • Remote Operation Features – Many of the best security systems offer the ability to do such things as arm your system remotely as well as open garage and front doors remotely. Some systems also allow for controlling such things as the home’s thermostat remotely.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying?

  • Ease of Installation for DIY Systems – Installing a DIY home security system can be time consuming and challenging. Be sure to choose a provider that not only makes DIY installation as straightforward as possible but also provides adequate telephone customer support.
  • Remote Viewing Capabilities – For a vacation home property in particular, it’s a good idea to select a system that allows for remote monitoring no matter where you are in the world through live streaming and mobile alerts. If you don’t want to pay to have an Internet connection at your vacation property, you should opt for a provider that offers cellular monitoring for its security systems.
  • Is Indoor and Outdoor Monitoring Available – Your vacation home security camera system is also critical. Many systems offer both indoor and outdoor HD cameras, adding another layer of security for a property left unoccupied for long stretches of time.

What is the best home security package for you?

Use our Package Finder to find the right package based on your home security needs!

  • Best Overall

    SimpliSafe Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on SimpliSafe Home Security

    Keep those pesky burglars away with a SimpliSafe security system. Choose from a range of packages and equipment, and get inexpensive professional monitoring.


    Recommended Plan
    We recommend The Barrington if you’re interested in SimpliSafe. This package combines intrusion detection and video surveillance. Equipment starts at $388.93. Professional monitoring starts at $14.99 per month. Self-monitoring is free.


    • Inexpensive professional monitoring
    • Wireless equipment
    • Cellular monitoring
    • Free self-monitoring


    • Mobile alerts not available in the basic monitoring plan
    • No selection of smart home devices
    • Smart home capabilities not available in basic monitoring plan
    • Research SimpliSafe

    Research SimpliSafe

  • Best for Money-Back Guarantee
    ADT Home Security Logo

    ADT Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on ADT Home Security

    ADT is a well-recognized name in the home security business thanks to its top-notch equipment, award-winning monitoring centers and commitment to customer service. For people who feel like you get what you pay for, it’s hard to beat ADT.

    ADT prefers to provide a brief consultation before quoting a custom package. Contact ADT to get started.


    Recommended Plan
    ADT’s Video Lite Plan is nothing minor — you’ll get motion detection, smart home capabilities, and video surveillance. Equipment starts at $599. Professional monitoring starts at $54.99 per month.


    • 6-month money-back guarantee
    • $500 theft protection guarantee
    • High-quality equipment


    • Must pay for an extended warranty
    • Lengthy contracts
    • More expensive than competitors

    Research ADT

  • Best for Customer Service
    Frontpoint Security Logo

    Frontpoint Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on Frontpoint Home Security

    Frontpoint recently changed its billing model to month-to-month contracts, which we believe shows that the company strives to stay on top of industry trends and cares about customer service. We also appreciate that Frontpoint’s equipment is compatible with the major smart home hubs.


    Recommended Plan

    Our recommended Frontpoint plan is the Safe Home Starter equipment package combined with the Ultimate monitoring plan, which will give you access to a smartphone app for monitoring your security devices.


    • No lengthy contracts
    • Excellent customer service
    • Variety of equipment to choose from


    • Monitoring fees are relatively expensive
    • Short (30 days) trial period
    • No professional installation option

    Research Frontpoint

  • Best for Smart Homes
    Vivint Security Logo

    Vivint Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on Vivint Home Security

    Vivint really shines when it comes to equipment. Perhaps no other provider has such an extensive catalog, which makes it an excellent provider for those who plan to install new equipment over time.


    Recommended Plan

    Vivint’s Smart Home Service is our recommended plan because it unlocks a larger selection of smart home devices, as well as video monitoring.


    • Month-to-month contract option if equipment is purchased up front
    • Backup battery included with the Sky Control panel
    • Extensive equipment features, including Vivint Car Guard


    • Long contract if equipment is financed
    • Installation can take 3-4 hours
    • Short (120-day) equipment warranty and service guarantee (unless you purchase Premium)
    • Short (3-day) trial period

    Research Vivint

  • Best for Smart Home Integration Options
    Scout Alarm Logo

    Scout Alarm

    BBB rating
    Not yet rated
    Starting at

    Our take on Scout Alarm

    Scout is a Kickstarter-funded company that launched in 2013. From the start, Scout has promised simpler, smarter security do-it-yourself security solutions designed to seamlessly blend with contemporary homes and lifestyles.


    • 60-day return policy
    • Multiple smart home integrations
    • Modern aesthetics


    • Not a variety of smart home products
    • Setting up actions for Scout might be tricky
    • Could lose one of the arming/disarming stickers

    Research Scout

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Discourage Burglars With a Vacation Home Security System

A home alarm system for your vacation home can be an easy and cost-effective way to secure your property for the long stretches of time when it’s uninhabited. A University of North Carolina study, found that about 60 percent of burglars indicated that the presence of an alarm would cause them to opt for an alternative target. The same study said burglars are discouraged by alarms, outdoor cameras, or other surveillance equipment. When considering a system, remember to look for the equipment options that are particularly useful for a vacation property such as external alarms, automation systems and smartphone integration.

Vacation Home Security Systems FAQs

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