About Houston, TX

Home to the NFL’s Houston Texans and Space Center Houston, this city is the fourth largest in the nation and one of the  fastest growing cities. Houston’s current population sits above 2.3 million residents, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Why are people moving to Houston? CultureMap Houston says that people choose the city for “[a] wealth of job opportunities. . .and a low cost of living”. The LifeStorageBlog lists the industries that are major players in Houston’s economy: “Energy”, “Aerospace and Aviation”, and “Life Sciences/Medical” amongst others.

According to NeighborhoodScout.com, Houston experiences more crime than New York City per capita. We want to help you protect your property and family, so we share Houston’s top 5 home security providers to help you find a solution that will work best for your home.

Compare Home Security System Providers in Houston, TX

Best Regional Provider in Texas

Fort Knox Security Services

Fort Knox Security Services

BBB Rating: A+

Starting at: $15.95/mo

Our take on Fort Knox Security Services

Fort Knox Security Services has been providing home security solutions for customers for over 8 years. One of the most recognizable qualities of Fort Knox’s services is its affordability.

For as little as $15.95/mo., if you have an existing system, Fort Knox will provide 4G LTE cellular monitoring at no charge for installation and activation. Fort Knox aims to provide fast response in cases of emergency with an average monitoring response time of 13 seconds. Customers desiring to create a safer yet smarter home can also enjoy home automation devices like remote control access, geo-fencing technology, hazard monitoring, weather alerts and much more. Fort Knox also has a $100 referral program for customers who refer their friends or family.

Best Industry Experience

ADT Security

ADT Security

BBB Rating: A+

Starting at: $28.99/mo

Our take on ADT

ADT Security is one of the oldest and most experienced home security companies, with over 140 years of experience. This vast experience sets them apart in the home security industry.

ADT is known for its high-quality customer service, affordable package prices and advanced equipment. All ADT packages include 24/7 professional monitoring with professionals ready to alert authorities if an alarm is triggered at your home. Monthly monitoring costs from ADT start at $28.99/mo.* and increase with higher packages. ADT’s available features include mobile control via the ADT Pulse® mobile app, email and text alerts, home automation capability, live and stored clips from indoor and outdoor video cameras and more.

Read more about ADT packages, pricing and features.

Best Smart Home Equipment



BBB Rating: C-

Starting at: $39.99/mo

Our take on Vivint

Founded in Utah in the 1990s, Vivint Smart Home Security is known for its unique security equipment. The company creates a lot of its own smart devices, and even has its own smart thermostat. Vivint’s monitoring system is 100% wireless and much of this top-tier equipment is offered even in basic packages.

Vivint has many available features, including burglary detector, home automation, cameras, professional monitoring and professional installation.

Read more about Vivint packages, pricing and features.

Best DIY Installation



BBB Rating: A+

Starting at: $15.00/mo

Our take on SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe was founded over a decade ago and recently updated its equipment to a smaller and more modern look with double the range. Installation is always do-it-yourself and equipment can be customized to your home and needs.

SimpliSafe monitoring ranges from $14.99 per month to $24.99 per month. The Standard plan includes 24/7 monitoring, cellular connection and environmental monitoring. The Interactive plan adds mobile control with alerts on your phone, unlimited camera recording, smart home integrations and more.

Read more about SimpliSafe packages, pricing and features.

Best Basic Security System

Protect America

Protect America

BBB Rating: A-

Starting at: $19.99/mo

Our take on Protect America

Based in Austin, Texas, Protect America has more than 25 years of experience in the home security industry. They are most known for being an affordable home security provider with landline monitoring plans starting at $19.99/mo., a price match guarantee, locked-in rates and more.

Protect America features include basic home security equipment, with add-ons for cameras, environmental monitoring, additional sensors and more. If you opt for cellular or broadband monitoring, much of their equipment is also compatible with home automation devices like smart locks and smart thermostats.

Read more about Protect America packages, pricing and features.

Houston, TX Crime Statistics

Turning to the facts, the FBI’s 2016 Crime Report shows that the number of property crime incidents exceeds all of the others. Following behind property crime is larceny-theft. Here is a breakdown of some of the worse crimes by type in Houston according to the FBI’s report:

  • 100,856 incidents of property crime
  • 69,630 incidents of larceny-theft
  • 23,960 incidents of violent crime
  • 18,488 incidents of burglary

Given these statistics, there are a number of factors and features you’ll want to consider when looking for a home security system.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Home Security System


When choosing a home security provider, ensure that the costs will work for your budget. You’ll have to consider any equipment and professional monitoring costs. With some providers, you may have to pay for equipment upfront, while with others you may be able to pay a monthly fee.

Equipment & unique features

When researching providers, you’ll also want to look at the equipment offered as well as for any unique features. With most providers, you’ll get the essentials like a base station, motion sensors and signage. Be on the lookout for additional equipment like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras and others if you want to create a more robust package.


As you’ll find with most home security providers, you’ll be able to select a professional monitoring plan. With 24/7 professional monitoring, this means that a professional is available to assist you at any time of day in the event of an emergency. In most cases, you’ll have to pay an additional monthly fee for professional monitoring.

Video surveillance

Keep an eye on your home while you’re gone with video surveillance. You’ll find that many providers have security camera options you can choose from to include indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and even video doorbell cameras. Two great features that often come with these cameras are activity-notifications, meaning you’ll be notified if activity is detected, and two-way communication which allows you to speak with visitors, family members or even pets while you’re away.

Home automation

Smart home devices not only help you to shave away time spent on menial tasks, but they can also help to enhance your home’s security. Smart door locks and garage door controllers are two types of home automation devices that can help you avoid security issues. With smart door locks, you can remotely lock or unlock your door, and with a garage door controller, you could open and or close your garage door remotely.

Equipment & Features to Keep in Mind

While choosing a provider, here are some features and equipment you’ll want to keep in mind.

Security cameras – In Houston, package theft has become more common. One way to help identify “porch pirates” is with a security camera. The Houston Chronicle reports that “package thefts have increased in the city by 80 percent since 2015, when HPD started tracking the crime.” In an attempt to prevent package theft yet also allow you to capture what’s happening, look for security camera options when researching providers. Two types to consider are outdoor cameras and video doorbell cameras. Most outdoor cameras are designed to endure varying weather conditions and come with two-way communication so you’ll not only be able to see who’s outside your home, but you can also speak to them. Look for HD resolution and night vision as two features so you’ll be able to see clearly during the day as well as view your property at night.

Hazard monitoring – In history, Houston has been known to experience flooding. The NBC News shares a few factors that contribute to easy flooding in the city: (1) low elevation and (2) population growth. With the number of people moving to the city and less natural land, water run-off is easier to occur. When you’re considering home security systems, one feature you should look for is hazard monitoring. Many providers have a selection of hazard monitoring products like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, freeze detectors and also leak/flooding detectors. If you choose a package that allows you to have a leak/flood sensor, this device could help you to avoid damage to your home.

Smart home devices – Create a safer and smarter home with the help of smart home devices. Given the number of property crime incidents reported by the FBI in 2016, with smart home devices, you can enhance your security. Since different places in Houston are not as easily accessible on foot, if you own a vehicle and have a garage, you won’t have to be concerned about forgetting to close the door with a garage door controller. Another smart home device that can enhance your safety is a smart light bulb. With smart lights, you can make it appear as if someone is home in the evenings to prevent break-ins. You can also return to a well-lit home without physically having to flick any switches when you walk in the door.

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FAQs on Choosing a Home Security Provider

Which provider will best fit my needs?

This will involve considering a number of factors, but here’s a brief look at each provider that can shed a little insight. If you want a home security provider who has years of experience and recognition, we would suggest ADT. For regional home security solutions, we recommend considering Fort Knox Security Services. If you would like innovative technology, Vivint would be a great provider to consider. For DIY options, we recommend checking out SimpliSafe or Protect America.

Do all of these providers offer security cameras?

Yes – with each provider you’ll find security camera options.

Do all of these providers have home automation features?

Yes – you’ll find home automation capabilities with each provider. While SimpliSafe does not offer any smart home devices to purchase, you can use SimpliSafe with digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. SimpliSafe also integrates with Apple Watch and August Lock.