About Dallas, Texas

People flock from all over the world to Big D for the countless activities it has to offer. History buffs come to town to visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza to learn about the tragic day JFK was assassinated. Sports fans, on the other hand, enjoy having the ability to choose from a variety of professional sports teams that call Dallas home. Currently, Dallas is Texas’ third biggest city and the ninth biggest in the United States. Boasting a population of nearly 1.4 million people, Dallas just keeps growing year after year. 

Unfortunately, every large city seems to be plagued with large problems and Dallas is no exception. According to the FBI records, larceny, theft, and burglary top the lists of the most common crimes in Dallas. This makes it crucial to protect your home, yourself, and your family from any potential dangers. Discover the best in  home alarm monitoring  Dallas residents can choose from.

Best Security System Providers in Dallas

Best Smart Home Equipment



BBB Rating: C

Starting at: $39.99/mo

Our take on Vivint Home Security

Vivint Smart Home Security is known for its unique security equipment. The company creates a lot of its own smart devices, and even has its own smart thermostat. Vivint’s monitoring system is 100% wireless and much of this top-tier equipment is offered even in basic packages. Vivint enables homeowners to customize their home security systems while providing professional installation.

Vivint’s professional monitoring costs range from 29.99/mo. to $39.99/mo. depending on the security package option you choose. Vivint Security offers three packages: the Home Security System Package, the Video Security Package and the Smart Complete Package. Vivint has many available security features, including burglary detector, home automation, cameras, professional monitoring and professional installation.

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Best Regional Provider in Texas

Fort Knox Security Services

Fort Knox Security Services

BBB Rating: A+

Starting at: $15.95/mo

Our take on Fort Knox Security Services

Fort Knox Security Services has been providing home security solutions for customers for over 8 years. One of the most recognizable qualities of Fort Knox’s services is its affordability.

For as little as $15.95/mo., if you have an existing system, Fort Knox will provide 4G LTE cellular monitoring at no charge for installation and activation. Fort Knox aims to provide fast response in cases of emergency with an average monitoring response time of 13 seconds. Customers desiring to create a safer yet smarter home can also enjoy home automation devices like remote control access, geo-fencing technology, hazard monitoring, weather alerts and much more. Fort Knox also has a $100 referral program for customers who refer their friends or family.

Best Industry Experience

ADT Security

ADT Security

BBB Rating: A+

Starting at: $28.99/mo

Our take on ADT Home Security

ADT is a home security company with over 140 years of experience, making it one of the oldest and most experienced among home security providers. Within the home security industry, ADT’s vast experience sets them apart.

ADT Home Security is known for its high-quality customer service, affordable package prices and advanced equipment. All ADT security packages include 24/7 professional monitoring with professionals ready to alert authorities if an alarm is triggered at your home. ADT home monitoring costs range from $28.99/mo.* to $50.99/mo.* depending on which security package you choose. ADT’s home security features include mobile control via the ADT Pulse® mobile app, email and text alerts, home automation capability, live and stored clips from indoor and outdoor security cameras and more.

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Best Customer Support

Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint Security

BBB Rating: A+

Starting at: $34.99/mo

Our take on Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint Security is a newer home security company, founded in 2007. Frontpoint is well-known for its modern equipment and home automation systems, as well as high-quality customer support. With Frontpoint, you can purchase smart home devices that not only make routine tasks easier but can also enhance your home security.

All Frontpoint Home Security plans require DIY installation (professional installation is not available) and include 24/7 professional monitoring with dispatchers ready to take action if needed. With Frontpoint Security, you’ll have to purchase your equipment upfront and choose a monthly monitoring plan. Monthly monitoring costs from Frontpoint range from $34.99/mo. to $49.99/mo. depending on which of the three packages you choose. Frontpoint’s home security features include home automation, live video streaming, sensor history and more. Frontpoint emphasizes their DIY installation options, which allow wireless setup and don’t require drilling holes in walls.

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Best Basic Security System

Protect America

Protect America

BBB Rating: A-

Starting at: $19.99/mo

Our take on Protect America Home Security

Protect America is a home security company known for its affordable solutions and has more than 25 years of experience in the home security industry. With DIY installation, Protect America saves homeowners on home security costs by giving them greater freedom and also offering assistance with system installation. Protect America also offers 24/7 professional monitoring options with its home security system.

Protect America’s home security monitoring prices range from $19.99/mo. to $54.99/mo. with three different packages to choose from. Their home security packages provide your basic security system equipment, cameras, environmental monitoring, additional sensors and more. Much of Protect America’s equipment is also compatible with home automation devices like smart locks and smart thermostats.

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Dallas, Texas Crime Statistics 

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, there were 22,054 property crimes reported to law enforcement in Dallas in 2018. The most prevalent incidents were larcenies/thefts with 11,954 reports followed by 5,543 reports of burglary. Other crimes that made the list include:

  • 4,557 incidents of motor vehicle theft
  • 1,753 incidents of robbery
  • 2,542 incidents of aggravated assault
  • 447 incidents of rape

Factors to Consider When Buying a Home Security System

Equipment & Features to Keep in Mind

Smart lights

Smart lights that can be controlled with a phone are an increasingly popular feature of home security systems. Thieves are smart enough to know when a house’s lights are on timers, but turning lights on and off remotely makes it more likely they’ll think someone is home.

Fingerprint/keypad lock

A smart lock lets you lock and unlock your door using a fingerprint or keypad code. This makes it easy to open your doors, even without a key. But it also prevents you from becoming a target of a break in since you won’t have to “hide” a spare key under your doormat or in a flower pot. 

Window sensors

Most people think about putting sensors on their doors, as this is naturally the main entryway for any house. However, window sensors are also important, since an intruder can use any opening to gain access to a home.

FAQs on Choosing a Home Security Provider

What is the best home security system in Dallas?

For home security, Dallas has a number of options, ranging from DIY to centrally-monitored. The best home security system for your home depends on your preferences and budget. Talk to an expert and get a quote to find the ideal security setup for you.

Can I self-install my home security system?

Most providers prefer to install their own equipment, as this gives them the ability to guarantee that you will be as safe as possible. Feel free to ask the company if they offer a self-installation option, as several providers do. However, professional installation is a great way to feel confident that your system was installed correctly.

How many cameras do I need?

Every home is different, and every homeowner will want a unique home security system. It’s recommended to cover all the main entry points to the house, but sometimes seeing even one camera can deter a potential intruder from targeting your home.