Best Home Security Systems For Renters

Renting but don’t know which home security system is right for you? We’ve put together a list of 5 of the best home security systems for renters that you should consider.

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Updated Jun 8, 2021
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Home security systems for renters

You’re probably already aware that some home security systems aren’t great for renters. You’ll need to be sure to choose the best home security system that provides you with flexibility in case of moving and is on the affordable end. In this post, we share some of the top home security providers that renters should consider for their space.

Best home security systems for renters

Compare security systems for apartments and renters

SimpliSafe Security

Cove Security

Ring Home Security

Frontpoint Security

Pro monitoring starts at
Monitoring options
DIY with professional option DIY or professional DIYDIY with professional optionProfessional DIY with professional option
Installation type
DIY or ProfessionalDIY or professionalDIYDIYDIYDIY
No contract requiredNo contract requiredNo contract requiredNo contract requiredNo contract requiredNo contract required
Trial period
60 days30 days 30 days30 days30 days60 days
3-year limited warranty 1 year 1 yearNone3-year limited equipment warranty 1 year to lifetime
Equipment starting price
$259.95 for the Essentials Package $399$199$199$255.96 for the Smart Home Starter package Varies based on customized plan
Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility
Other smart home compatibility
None NoneZ-WaveZ-WaveZ-waveNone
NoneNoneNone30 daysNoneNone
Safety Score
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of March 27, 2020.

Best apartment security systems reviews

  • Best overall DIY security system

    SimpliSafe Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our take on SimpliSafe Home Security:

    SimpliSafe Home Security is our top pick for inexpensive monitoring, durable equipment, and reliable services that simplify home security. You’ll have all the right devices and features to give you peace of mind — even when the unexpected happens.



    • Inexpensive professional monitoring
    • Wireless equipment
    • Cellular monitoring


    • Mobile alerts not available in the basic monitoring plan
    • No selection of smart home devices
    • Smart home capabilities not available in the basic monitoring plan
    Research SimpliSafe

    Why we recommend SimpliSafe

    SimpliSafe gives you access to some of the latest home security equipment. Each SimpliSafe security system provides intrusion detection, but you can add additional products for home hazard monitoring, video surveillance, and home automation features.

    SimpliSafe equipment

    Equipment included with each SimpliSafe system:

    • Base Station
    • Keypad
    • Entry Sensor
    • Video Doorbell Pro
    • Indoor Camera 
    • Smart Lock
    • Water Sensor
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Siren
    • Key Fob
  • Best for instant text alerts

    Cove Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our take on Cove Security:

    Although Cove Security launched just a couple of years ago, it offers some unique perks, such as the ability to avoid a contract by paying for equipment upfront. Another major selling point is Cove’s ease of installation.


    • Affordable monitoring and equipment
    • Installation takes about half an hour
    • 60-day money-back guarantee


    • Limited equipment selection
    • Doesn't connect toZ-Wave equipment

    • Smartphone app only available with the most expensive monitoring package
    Research Cove Security

    Why we recommend cove security

    Cove is a great provider for renters with its custom-built packages and payment options. You won’t be pressured to speak with a representative or choose from a set of packages you get to choose the devices you want and the payment plan that suits your needs.

    Cove security equipment

    Cove offers full customization for your home security needs. You can provide some details about your living arrangements, and Cove will customize a package for you, or you can select your own devices. With Cove, you’ll have access to home intrusion detection, video surveillance, and home hazard monitoring.

    Equipment offered with each Cove security system:

    • Cove Touch Alarm Panel 
    • Door sensor
    • Motion detector
    • Window sensor
    • Glass break sensor
    • YI Indoor Camera 
    • Smoke/heat/freeze detector
    • Carbon monoxide detector
    • Flood sensor
    • Security key remote
    • Panic button/medical alert
  • Best smart integrations


    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on Nest

    Access Google smart home technology with a Nest security system. Even better, Brinks will protect your home with Nest for as low as $19 per month.


    Keep things simple with the Nest Secure Alarm System. You’ll get two Nest tags for easy arming and disarming with access to Google Assistant features. Equipment starts at $399, though Google has discontinued selling these units, so it may be hard to get your hands on this system. Professional monitoring starts at $19 per month.


    • Reasonably priced DIY option
    • Contract for professional monitoring is optional
    • Easy to use


    • No variety of preset hardware packages you can purchase
    • The cost of month-to-month professional monitoring is higher than the contract option
    • Could lose one of the arming/disarming tags
    • Google no longer sells the Nest Secure Alarm System
    Research Nest

    Why we recommend Nest

    Nest gives you access to a wide range of Google features and equipment to help you protect your home and manage everyday life.

    Nest Equipment

    The Nest Secure System stands out from traditional security systems. It includes the Nest Guard Hub, Nest Tags, and Nest Detect motion sensors. Instead of using a keypad for arming and disarming, simply swipe a Nest Tag on your way in and out of the door. In addition to intrusion detection, Nest offers smart home products, security cameras, and home hazard monitoring devices.

    Equipment included with the Nest Secure System:

    • Nest Guard Hub
    • Nest Tags
    • Nest Detect motion sensors
    • Nest Hello

    *Google recently announced it is discontinuing the Nest Secure DIY home security system. It is no longer available on the Google Store, and the company will not manufacture any new units. The system is currently still available from other retailers. Current Nest Secure users will still receive Brinks professional monitoring for their existing systems. Nest says that they “will continue to support our security users in all the same ways,” according to CNET will provide updates on Google Nest Secure as they become available.

  • Best for video doorbells

    Ring Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our take on Ring Home Security:

    Ring is a popular DIY camera choice, especially for those that aren’t looking for whole-home security quite yet. Its security systems and cameras can give you affordable security, monitoring, and surveillance without a contract.


    • Standalone equipment and whole-home systems available
    • Professional and DIY installation and monitoring available
    • A wide range of comparatively cheap equipment


    • Paid Protect Plan required for video storage and smart features
    • Only works with Amazon Alexa
    • Cellular backup only available with a Ring Protect Plan
    Research Ring

    Why we recommend Ring home security

    Ring is a great choice for renters with low monthly professional monitoring and various smart home device options, including video doorbells and smart lights.

    Ring home security equipment

    Widely known for its video doorbell options, Ring takes home security a step further with its Ring Alarm kits. You can choose from several package options that provide intrusion detection, video surveillance, and home automation features. Additionally, Ring offers home hazard monitoring with its Alarm Smoke & CO Listener.

    Equipment included with a Ring Alarm kit:

    • Ring Base Station
    • Ring Keypad
    • Motion detector
    • Contact sensor
    • Range extender
    • Amazon Echo Show 5
    • Ring Video Doorbell 2020
    • Ring Floodlight
    • Ring Stick-Up Camera
    • Ring Solar Panel
  • Best for flexible monitoring

    Blue by ADT

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our take on Blue by ADT:

    Get trusted professional monitoring and an easy-to-install security system with Blue by ADT. Even better, your first month of monitoring is free. As a Blue by ADT customer, you have the option to choose a no-contract plan. By doing this, you can purchase the equipment and skip the professional monitoring. You can always go back and add professional monitoring to your system if you decide you need it later down the line.





    • Standalone and whole-home security solutions
    • Optional professional monitoring by ADT’s award-winning specialists
    • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


    • No professional installation option
    • No smart home equipment offered
    • Cloud storage costs extra
    Research Blue by ADT

    Why we recommend Blue by ADT

    Blue by ADT makes customizing the security system you want easy with a smart home hub, keypad, security cameras, motion sensors for intrusion detection, and home hazard equipment. Choose from one of the starter systems or build your own online.

    Blue by ADT equipment

    Blue by ADT makes customizing the security system you want easy with a smart home hub, keypad, security cameras, motion sensors for intrusion detection, and home hazard equipment. Choose from one of the starter systems or build your own online.

    Equipment included with a Blue by ADT system:

    • Smart home hub with keypad
    • Mobile app access
    • 1 free month of professional monitoring
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How do we rank the best apartment security systems?

At, we constantly refine the list of our best providers. We update often to provide up-to-date equipment and service information with our insights. When ranking our best apartment security systems for renters, we consider value, brand reputation, availability, and warranty. We also consider technology, flexible contracts, and installation. Learn more about our reviews and rankings methodology.

Features of home security systems for renters

  • No contracts

    One feature that you’ll want to look out for with home security providers is whether or not they require a contract. The good news is that most DIY home security providers don’t require contracts, and DIY systems are what we would recommend for renters. Providers with professionally installed systems tend to require at least a three-year contract. If you choose a DIY system, you’ll mainly be responsible for your equipment and monthly monitoring fee.

  • Owning vs. leasing

    Another feature with the best security systems for renters is the ability to own your equipment. Some providers only allow you to lease your equipment, meaning that it will never belong to you, although you may be under contract and paying for monthly monitoring. By choosing a security system you own and that’s easy to move, you’re allowing yourself to save on the cost of home security in the longer term.

  • DIY installation

    Lastly, you’ll also want to look for DIY installation to save on paying an extra fee. Look for providers that make installation easy through peel-and-stick application. This will allow you to avoid damaging the walls in your apartment, town house, or rental home. DIY installation also makes security systems easier to remove and set up again somewhere else.

Best home security equipment for renters

Best Home Security Equipment for Renters

  • Sensors

    Motion sensors are some of the most basic devices you’ll want to have in your apartment, town house, or rental home. Sensors detect activity in your home in a variety of ways. Many sensors are designed to detect heat signatures, and you’ll want to know of any suspicious activity in your home. Most providers will have a base package that carries a motion sensor and door/window sensors that can be placed in your home.

  • Security camera

    Another great device to have is an indoor security camera. In the unfortunate event of an intruder or thief, you’ll want to have that footage on hand to show to the local authorities. Additionally, many indoor security cameras will alert you if activity is detected and, with two-way audio, you could speak into your home and deter the intruder. Security cameras have been found to deter burglars, so we’d highly recommend getting one with your security system.

  • Video doorbell

    Last but not least, having a video doorbell — even a cheap video doorbellprovides more security as you can see who’s visiting without ever having to leave your place. Most home security providers have mobile apps that will allow you to view live streaming video (depending on your package/or monitoring plan). You’ll find that video doorbells feature HD video, night vision, two-way audio, and allow you to receive alerts.

Home security tips for renters

  • Get renter’s insurance. In case anything happens, you’ll have coverage over your valuables. Some property managers require it, but it’s good to have even if not.
  • Double down on door security. Standard locks can help protect you from thieves, but consider adding a door jammer or deadbolt to withstand forced entry just in case.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Together, you and your community can help reduce the risk of dangers in your area. Start by exchanging numbers so if there’s an emergency, you can both stay safe.
  • Buy a safe. Invest in a home safe to store your prized possessions instead of a drawer or under the mattress. In case anything happens, your valuables will be out of sight.
  • Cover your windows. Keep your windows covered with curtains and blinds to avoid giving lurkers a crystal clear view of what’s inside your home.

Finding the right security system for apartments

Choosing the best security system for your apartment doesn’t have to be expensive. Several affordable brands still provide advanced features like home automation and video surveillance. Our top three picks, SimpliSafe, Cove, and Ring, check off all of the features we’d like to see in DIY security systems with the flexibility and affordability you don’t always find with traditional providers.

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