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Best Home Security Systems for Elderly

Seniors living at home should have a sense of protection and safety without worry. Picking from today’s home security systems can be overwhelming. We’ve hand-picked the top security systems for seniors to shop for and additional need-to-knows to make senior security easy.
Updated Oct 13, 2020
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Best Home Security Systems for Seniors

SimpliSafe Security

Protect America

Frontpoint Security

Pro monitoring starts at
$14.99//mo. $19.99/mo. $45.99/mo.$29.99/mo.$44.99/mo.
Installation type
DIY or Professional DIYProfessional Professional DIY
Minimum contract length
No contract requiredNo contract required12 months 42 monthsNo contract required
Smart home compatible
No YesYesYesYes
BBB rating

What is the best home security package for you?

Use our Package Finder to find the right package based on your home security needs!


SimpliSafe gives seniors affordable security and flexibility with no-contract services and customized systems. You’ll only pay for the equipment upfront and can add on as you need. Professional monitoring is less expensive at $14.99/mo. without a contract. SimpliSafe also comes with a trial period promising a full refund if you’re not satisfied within the first 60 days.
  • Best Overall DIY Security System

    SimpliSafe Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our take on SimpliSafe Home Security:

    SimpliSafe is our top pick for inexpensive monitoring, durable equipment and reliable services that simplify home security. You’ll have all the right devices and features to give you peace of mind — even when the unexpected happens.


    Recommended package: Barrington



    • Inexpensive professional monitoring
    • Wireless equipment
    • Cellular monitoring


    • Mobile alerts not available in the basic monitoring plan
    • No selection of smart home devices
    • Smart home capabilities not available in the basic monitoring plan

    Research SimpliSafe

Protect America

Protect America gives customers $1,400 worth of equipment upfront for your loved one’s home security needs. They also guarantee locked-in monitoring rates so you won’t have to worry about price spikes or surprise fees. Protect America has DIY installation and professional monitoring starting at $19.99/mo. Environmental monitoring is also available in case of smoke, fire or any other emergency by alerting you and sending help right away.
  • Best Landline Monitoring

    Protect America Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our take on Protect America Home Security

    Protect America stands out for its low-cost landline monitoring and great coverage for rural areas. Their professional monitoring has over 25 years of award-winning service and monitoring plans that are based on connectivity type. If you’re looking for a capable no-frills home security system you can install yourself, Protect America is a good choice for your family.


    • Price-match guarantee
    • Smart home devices and features
    • Mobile app access & control


    • Contract required
    • Must upgrade to get video surveillance, smart features and smoke detection
    • Cellular monitoring is the most expensive plan

    Research Protect America


ADT lets seniors start with the basic package for professional monitoring and security essentials, then upgrade for more smart home and video equipment. If there’s anything wrong with your system or service within the first six months, ADT promises to refund your money with their 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee. ADT also offers the Theft-Protection Guarantee to pay up to $500 of your insurance deductible if your system is armed and there’s a break-in. ADT also offers medical alerts and senior safety equipment to help keep your loved one safe whether they’re at home or on the go.
  • Best Home Security for Industry Experience

    ADT Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on ADT Home Security

    ADT’s a well-recognized name in the home security industry. It offers traditional security that requires professional installation and monitoring at a steep price.


    Recommended Plan


    • 6-month money-back guarantee
    • $500 theft protection guarantee
    • High-quality equipment


    • Must pay for an extended warranty
    • Lengthy contracts
    • More expensive than competitors

    Research ADT


Vivint gives seniors a wide variety of security and smart home equipment to choose from. If you buy all equipment upfront, there’s no contract commitment. They offer 24/7 professional monitoring, an easy-to-use mobile app and car protection if your senior drives. It’s easy to control your security equipment on your smartwatch or smartphone for your loved one’s convenience. Vivint also offers live video surveillance, environmental monitoring and professional installation.
  • Best Smart Home Security

    Vivint Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on Vivint Home Security

    Vivint has an extensive line of smart security equipment that you can expand over time. The downside is that you’ll have a long-term contract if you finance your equipment. 


    Recommended Plan

    Vivint’s Smart Home Service is our recommended plan because it unlocks a larger selection of smart home devices, as well as video monitoring.


    • Month-to-month contract option if equipment is purchased upfront
    • Backup battery included with the Sky Control panel
    • Extensive equipment features, including Vivint Car Guard


    • Long contract if equipment is financed
    • Installation can take 3-4 hours
    • Short (120-day) equipment warranty and service guarantee (unless you purchase Premium)

    Research Vivint


Frontpoint offers next-level home security for seniors with Crash & Smash Protection. If their system is damaged during an emergency, the Frontpoint monitoring center will still be notified and alert emergency responders. Frontpoint offers home security basics, system mobile alerts and professional monitoring starting at $44.99/mo. Keep in mind that Frontpoint has DIY installation, but doesn’t require a contract.
  • Best Pet-Friendly Home Security

    Frontpoint Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    - or -

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    Our Take on Frontpoint Home Security

    Frontpoint lets you choose both your package and monitoring plan to help build the perfect home security system for renters and homeowners alike. Monitoring can be costly, but free DIY installation helps lower costs without reducing reliability or protection.


    Recommended Plan

    Our recommended Frontpoint plan is the Safe Home Starter equipment package combined with the Ultimate monitoring plan, which will give you access to a smartphone app for monitoring your security devices.


    • No lengthy contracts
    • Excellent customer service
    • Variety of equipment to choose from


    • Monitoring fees are relatively expensive
    • Short (30 days) trial period
    • No professional installation option

    Research Frontpoint

Senior Security Features to Look For

Security systems for seniors should be easy to use, affordable and equipped with the right safety and security features. At the very basic, your loved one’s security system should include the following:
  • Motion Detection

    The ability to sense movement or activity around the house and alert your loved one.

  • Door and Window Sensors

    They’ll automatically know when an entryway opens or closes.

  • Professional Monitoring

    If sensors are triggered or your loved one calls for help, professional monitoring agents will alert emergency responders to the home.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Seek safety when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or water leaks are detected. Emergency responders will automatically be sent to your home.

  • Security Cameras

    Get mobile alerts when your camera detects movement, and take a close look on your smartphone. They’re also great for loved ones to keep an eye on their elders from anywhere.

  • Smart Locks

    Lock and unlock the door with a smart lock’s keyless touchpad. You can also give caregivers access with their own personalized code to check on your senior.

  • Video Doorbells

    Automatically get alerts when visitors or the mail carrier is outside of your door. You’ll be able to see who it is before you get up to answer, and speak to them using your smartphone if you’re resting.

  • Mobile App Access

    See your camera footage and control your system using your smartphone. You’ll also be able to give caregivers access to playback clips, see the arm and disarm history and control equipment settings for your loved one.

Senior Home Security Factors to Consider

  • Long-Term Contracts: Committing to a home security contract can be risky for seniors. Living conditions or your senior’s security needs may change. Unfortunately, security contracts lock-in costs, services and equipment for a set period of time and you can be hit with hefty cancellation fees if you do try and get out of your agreement. 
  • DIY Home Security: If you’re leaning towards a DIY security provider that doesn’t require a contract, be sure to factor in the cost of equipment upfront, which can be costly. But, you’ll be able to pack-up your equipment and reinstall it at your new home without installation or cancellation fees. You’ll also have the flexibility to only buy the equipment you need and add on later. 
  • Installation: Some providers require professional installation that could cost $100 on average. When professional technicians set-up your equipment, they’ll also show your loved one how to use the equipment so they’re comfortable. On the other hand, DIY installation is free but requires someone in your family to install the equipment correctly. Many seniors choose professional installation for in-person help and to ensure their system is installed correctly. Keep in mind that some DIY providers that offer self-installation also offer optional professional installation. 
  • Customer Service: Look for a home security provider with plenty of customer and technical service options and availability for your loved one to reach out whenever they need help. Some providers have 24/7 customer service phone numbers, while others have normal business hours for availability. Some technical support is included in the overall cost, while others cost extra for in-home appointments. You should also read customer service reviews to help determine the provider’s service satisfaction and common concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Systems for Seniors

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