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Best Cheap Home Security Systems of 2021

Looking for the right home security provider that will fit your budget and needs? We share 5 of the best affordable home security providers and their features.

You can also use our recommendation tool to find out the system that better fits your needs.
Updated Feb 1, 2021

Cheap Home Security Systems

The best cheap home security systems have some common features: no contracts, generous trial periods, DIY installation and self-monitoring options. Plus, both the equipment and professional monitoring prices are budget-friendly. Affordable home security providers also often allow you to pick and choose the equipment you want to purchase, which can help you keep costs down. Here are our top five picks for cheap home security systems.


Top 5 Cheap Home Security Systems in 2020

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SimpliSafe Security

Cove Security

ring logo

Ring Home Security

blue by adt logo

Blue by ADT

Protect America

Pro monitoring starts at
$14.99/mo.$14.99/mo.$19.99/mo. (first month is free)$19.99/mo.$10/mo.
Installation type
DIY or ProfessionalDIYDIYDIY or ProfessionalDIY
No contract requiredNo contract requiredNo contract required36 monthsNo contract required
Trial Period
60 days 60 days30 days30 days30 days
BBB rating

Compare Affordable Security Systems

  • Best Overall DIY Security System

    SimpliSafe Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on SimpliSafe Home Security

    SimpliSafe is our top pick for inexpensive monitoring, durable equipment and reliable services that simplify home security. You’ll have all the right devices and features to give you peace of mind — even when the unexpected happens.


    Recommended Package


    • Inexpensive professional monitoring
    • Wireless equipment
    • Cellular monitoring


    • Mobile alerts not available in the basic monitoring plan
    • No selection of smart home devices
    • Smart home capabilities not available in basic monitoring plan

    Research SimpliSafe

  • Best for Instant Text Alerts

    Cove Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on Cove Security

    Cove is new to home security and comes with extra perks, including a three-tier alarm response and easy installation. There are a few downsides, including limited equipment selection and only one camera. But we’re keeping our eyes on what this up-and-coming provider has to offer.


    Recommended Plan

    Build your own


    • Affordable monitoring and equipment
    • Installation takes about half an hour
    • 60-day money-back guarantee


    • Limited equipment selection
    • Does not connect to Z-wave equipment
    • The only app available is via third-party

    Research Cove Security

  • Best for Video Doorbells
    ring logo

    Ring Alarm Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our take on Ring Home Security

    Ring is a popular DIY camera choice, especially for those that aren’t looking for whole-home security quite yet. Its security systems and cameras together can give you affordable security, monitoring and surveillance without a contract. 


    Recommended Package: 14-Piece Security Alarm Kit


    • Inexpensive equipment and professional monitoring
    • Easy to install
    • A range of security camera devices for outdoor surveillance


    • Video recording not available without a Ring Protect Plan
    • Higher-tiered packages cover more area, but don’t add any features
    • Cellular backup not available without a Ring Protect Plan

    Research Ring

  • Best for Flexible Monitoring
    blue by adt logo

    Blue by ADT

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our Take on Blue by ADT

    Get trusted professional monitoring and an easy-to-install security system with Blue by ADT. Even better, your first month of monitoring is free. As a Blue by ADT customer, you have the option to do a no contract plan. By doing this, you can purchase the equipment and skip the professional monitoring. You can always go back and add professional monitoring to your system if you decide you need it later down the line.


    Recommended Plan
    For front-door protection, we recommend the Blue Doorbell Camera System. You’ll get the essentials and a doorbell camera for your home. Equipment starts at $109.19. Professional monitoring starts at $19.99 per month.


    • Smart home compatibility
    • 7-Day Practice Period
    • 24/7 professional monitoring available
    • No contract option
    • Free self-monitoring


    • Limited Blue by ADT equipment
    • No smart home add-ons
    • Cloud storage costs extra
    • Research Blue by ADT

    Research Blue by ADT

  • Best Landline Monitoring

    Protect America Home Security

    Our rating
    Starting at

    Our take on Protect America Home Security

    Protect America stands out for its low-cost landline monitoring and great coverage for rural areas. Their professional monitoring has over 25 years of award-winning service and monitoring plans that are based on connectivity type. If you’re looking for a capable no-frills home security system you can install yourself, Protect America is a good choice for your family.


    • Price-match guarantee
    • Smart home devices and features
    • Mobile app access & control


    • Contract required
    • Must upgrade to get video surveillance, smart features and smoke detection
    • Cellular monitoring is the most expensive plan

    Research Protect America

Features of Affordable Home Security Systems

  • DIY Installation

    One of the most common features you’ll find among affordable home security systems is DIY installation. Being able to install your system yourself allows you to avoid an installation fee, which could range anywhere between $70 to upwards of $300 depending on the provider and equipment. You also won’t have to be concerned with setting aside time for a technician to install your system for you when you can do it yourself.

  • No Contract

    Another feature that can lower your security system cost is the ability to avoid any contracts. Traditionally, home security providers have required a contract for their service, but a lot of providers today are either transitioning away from this or adding DIY systems to their lineup. With some affordable home security systems, you’ll only be responsible for your monthly monitoring fee.

  • Inexpensive Monitoring

    One last feature you’ll find is inexpensive professional monitoring. This is more common with DIY providers, where the cost of monthly monitoring can start below $10/mo. You’ll want to be sure of the type of monitoring you’ll have before purchasing, whether that’s professional or self-monitoring. Self-monitoring is typically cheaper, as you’ll be responsible for getting activity notifications, but we’d recommend choosing professional monitoring whenever possible.


A cheap home security system can provide peace of mind just like some of the more expensive alarm systems on the market. You can always choose a basic starter kit and add additional equipment over time. If you decide you want more advanced technology, or a lifetime warranty, you may want to go with a pricier provider. But there are plenty of cheap home alarm systems that can protect your home with basic home security equipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Home Security Systems

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