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Updated May 6, 2021
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Business alarm systems are slightly different from home security systems. Entrepreneurs and long-time small business owners alike want extra surveillance and security to protect their customers and inventory. Whether they’re at their brick-and-mortar store or on the go, business owners need to know that their business is secure. Some home security providers have different offerings for businesses. Whether it’s a restaurant, store, factory, or organization, here’s everything you need to know to keep your investments safe.

  • Best for All-Around Business Security

    ADT Business Security

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    ADT has several business security packages to choose from. ADT has nine professional monitoring centers. Flexible payment plans are available if you spend more than $500 on security equipment. Choose from a wide range of equipment, including motion detection, cameras, glass break sensors, and home automation devices. You can also choose environmental devices to control your business’ temperature and monitor for any water leaks. ADT is backed by over 140 years of service and convenient features to give you more control of your business. 


    • Over 140 years of industry experience
    • 6-month money-back guarantee
    • Wide variety of business security equipment


    • Professional monitoring and installation required
    • Long-term contract required
    • Extended warranty costs extra
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    More About ADT Business Security

    Here are the top features we love about ADT’s business offers:

    • Smart automation to schedule device routines. ADT offers smart lights, plugs and locks to get started. 
    • More control of your business’ safety with smart locks, a selection of security cameras and keycard readers. 
    • Three different types of security cameras with remote control using ADT’s mobile app.
  • Best DIY Business Security

    SimpliSafe Business Security

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    SimpliSafe offers several business-specific packages depending on the number of locations you need to secure. One feature that sets SimpliSafe business security solutions apart from others is the Property Management Dashboard. You can arm and disarm the system, customize settings and get alerts for all of your properties using one tool. SimpliSafe also cuts costs with DIY installation and customizable systems with affordable equipment to add at any time. You’ll have more peace of mind with professional monitoring, real-time alerts and cellular backup.


    • Property management dashboard for centralized control of your business’ security
    • A variety of sensors for intrusion and environmental monitoring
    • DIY installation for an easy setup


    • Smart automation equipment not available
    • Must upgrade plans for smart automation features
    • Mobile app control requires upgraded package
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    More About SimpliSafe Business Security

    SimpliSafe is all about offering affordable business security solutions with cost savings to stay within budget. Here are a few money-saving pointers when considering SimpliSafe.

    • SimpliSafe offers affordable professional monitoring for your business, starting at $15 per month for each location.
    • You can add to the system at any time without needing to upgrade your service plan. Refurbished systems and equipment are also available for more cost savings. 
    • Business owners can choose from SimpliSafe’s preselected packages or customize their security solution with the sensors and extra equipment they need.
  • Best for Self-Monitoring

    Abode Business Security

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    Abode gives you everything you need to protect your business for between $600 and $700. You’ll get intrusion detection equipment such as a camera, glass break sensor, entryway sensors, and motion detection. You can choose between the Smart Security Kit or the Iota Business Bundle, but it all boils down to the type of hub you want. Abode offers the Iota All-in-One Gateway hub for business owners looking for motion detection, surveillance and wifi all in one device. Meanwhile, the Gen 2 Gateway hub lets you add these devices and features if you want. All in all, you’ll get everything you need for security and automation at an affordable price. 


    • Two security hub options to connect smart devices
    • Acoustic glass break sensor to help detect intrusion
    • Ability to add up to 40 unique PINs for security system


    • No professional installation option available
    • Professional monitoring only available with most expensive plan
    • Cellular backup requires upgraded plan
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    More About Abode Business Security

    Abode keeps it simple with two offerings for your security needs. No matter what package you pick, the following equipment is included:


    • 5 entryway sensors 
    • 2 motion sensors 
    • Wide-angle motion camera 
    • Keypad 2.0 
    • Key fob 
    • Glass break sensor
  • Best Smart Security System

    Vivint Business Security

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    Vivint’s security solutions focus on full customization to meet your security needs. You’ll get professional monitoring and installation for a hassle-free security solution from the start. Vivint gives business owners peace of mind with secure installation, real-time alerts and a wide range of equipment tailored to their security needs. Like many popular security providers, you can add many smart devices to work with your security system. You can also control Vivint’s equipment using the mobile app.


    • Customizable business security system
    • Smart automation equipment available
    • Remote control of the system using the Vivint app


    • Professional monitoring and installation required
    • Long-term contract required
    • Short equipment warranty
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    More About Vivint Business Security

    We love Vivint for its customizable security solutions with a wide range of smart surveillance devices to choose from. Business owners with appointments love the convenience of the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro and the outdoor camera. You’ll get features including package detection, a siren and LED light to deter anyone lurking. You can also add the Smart Drive to get continuous video recording and secure storage for your cameras all in one device.

  • Frontpoint Business Security

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    Frontpoint also offers customized business alarm systems tailored to your needs. You can choose from intrusion and environmental monitoring equipment to protect your business from any dangers that may arise. Frontpoint offers hazard sensors to detect gas leaks, fire, water leaks, and more. You’ll still be able to choose from surveillance cameras and smart automation devices to monitor your business using the Frontpoint mobile app. Best of all, you can cut costs with DIY installation for your business alarm system. Equipment is preconfigured for a quick and easy setup.


    • Preconfigured sensors and systems
    • Several hazard sensors for extra protection
    • Smart automation equipment available


    • Professional installation not available
    • Expensive professional monitoring options
    • Short trial period
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    More About Frontpoint Business Security

    Frontpoint offers an extensive range of equipment, like Vivint. Here’s a glimpse at popular business security equipment available. You’ll need to call for a quote on systems and services.


    • Doorbell camera 
    • 2 indoor cameras
    • Outdoor camera 
    • Entryway sensor
    • Glass break sensor
    • Motion sensor
    • Smoke and heat sensor 
    • Flood sensor


The 4 Best Business Alarm System Features

  • Remote control

    Look for a business alarm system that gives you complete control using a mobile app. You’ll be able to manage surveillance and sensors from anywhere conveniently. Most security mobile apps let you arm and disarm the system, review system history and receive mobile alerts. 

  • Mobile alerts

    If there’s a break-in, faulty sensor or your next client has arrived, you’ll need to know right away. Mobile alerts notify you the moment anything happens so that you can take action. Keep in mind that some providers charge more for remote control and mobile alerts, but it’s worth the cost.

  • Professional monitoring

    If there’s an emergency, professional monitoring specialists can get the help you need. They’ll be alerted the moment sensors are triggered or there’s an issue. Most monitoring specialists will notify you first, then alert emergency responders just in case there’s a false alarm. The benefit of professional monitoring is to give you more peace of mind without worrying about handling issues alone.

  • Surveillance

    Security cameras are the best business security devices to protect your business and customers. There are several cameras to choose from, and some don’t require full business alarm systems. Look for a camera that has cloud storage, a great wide-angle view and two-way audio: the more features, the better when it comes to your business’ security.

Smart Automation for Business Security 

Small business owners are using smart automation just as much as homeowners. Most security systems are compatible with Z-Wave smart devices and voice assistants to give you more of your business’ security and devices. Here are a few ways smart automation can take your business’ security to the next level:

  • Schedule routines to automatically lock doors, arm the system and turn off lights. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to do so. 
  • Check the status of your equipment and system. You can know within a few seconds if the alarm system is armed and control it using your smartphone. 
  • Use advanced features like package and person detection to keep a close eye on what’s happening around your business. 
  • Use voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for voice control of your smart automation and security equipment.

Why Do I Need a Business Security System?

Business owners should focus on keeping track of inventory, employees, customers, and other needs. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that the right services and equipment are in place to keep your business safe. If there’s ever an emergency, professional monitoring specialists can send help right away. If you don’t have a security system and you’re not at your brick-and-mortar store, the incident may go undetected for some time. 


It’s always best to start with the security essentials to keep your business safe. You can always add or upgrade depending on your needs. But extra protection will give you peace of mind and the proper response in case of an emergency.


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