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Updated Mar 15, 2021
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Keeping our families safe and sound is more than a priority, it’s who we are and it drives everything we do. It’s a sense of responsibility that we work hard to fulfill, seeking out the most current information and advice on how to protect ourselves and our family members during every stage of life—infancy and teenage years to the elderly—and in every situation—natural disaster, home security, keeping kids safe online. Fortunately, information abounds on the internet through blogs written by safety experts, parents and caregivers—all who care enough to share their knowledge to help keep others safe.

We’ve compiled a collection of 50 safety blogs that we think are the best out there. They’re divided into sections to organize larger safety categories like Home Safety, Self-Defense and Child Safety, to make navigating easier. Each blog offers a general description of what you can expect and three popular blog posts we think you’ll want to check out. As we’d like to keep this resource fresh and constantly evolving, don’t hesitate to let us know if you find a safety blog you consider worthy of our list.

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The 50 Best Family Safety Websites and Blogs

Parent Further

Research based advice from parents and professionals to share information and tools that give parents a positive, strength based approach to parenting to make all of the little steps of everyday living add up to a successful future. All content is overseen by members of the Advisory Board for Family Strengths National Research Project and Parent Engagement. Topics include high risk behaviors, technology and media, and discipline and values.

3 of our favorite posts from Parent Further:

The website for the organization, is meant to educate teens about real world issues they care about and face every day, but it is such a useful resource, the entire family will benefit. A new campaign is launched each week to harness their youthful energy and use it toward learning about issues and contributing to positive social change. Some of the many causes include bullying and violence, animal cruelty, and discrimination.

3 of our favorite posts from

Get Game Smart

Designed by Microsoft to guide families toward safer, healthier video gaming and online media, Get Game Smart helps parents and kids choose the right games, content, and online access settings. Includes tips from experts as well as a blog on current video game and Internet safety topics to ensure smart media choices.

3 of our favorite posts from Get Game Smart:

Cyberbullying Research Center

This web site for the Cyberbullying Research Center provides information on adolescent use and misuse of technology. Parents, educators and anyone who works with children and teens will find resources from facts, statistics and personal stories of those who have been impacted, on how to  prevent and respond to online aggression.

3 of our favorite posts from Cyberbullying Research Center

Common Sense Media

Created to improve kids’ and families’ lives by providing trustworthy information in the midst of the ever-growing world of media and technology. With media so often “the other parent,” the role it plays is very influential. The Common Sense Media site rates and reviews movies, games, books, music and more, providing parents with a background and summary to help them make the best choices for the family.

3 of our favorite posts from Common Sense Media:

SAF Baby

Founded by Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox, this site strives to share detailed information about safe and non-toxic alternatives for babies and children. In addition to helping small manufacturers of green products get the word out, the site offers the real scoop on the safe alternatives to dangerous and potentially dangerous family products.

3 of our favorite posts from SAF Baby:

Baby Safety Concerns

Great resource for parents looking to keep up with the latest infant and baby safety information from daily product recalls to health and home safety, where most accidents happen. Specific attention is categorized by baby proofing, product safety, health and safety and baby skin safety.

3 of our favorite posts from Baby Safety Concerns:

Baby Safe Homes

Family owned and operated, Baby Safe Homes began after a frustrating and time consuming experience baby-proofing their home after the birth of their first child. Realizing the lack of good information out there, this website is the result of more than a decade of research and experience to help families make their homes baby and child safe. They blog on topics from product recalls, safety products and child safety issues.

3 or our favorite posts from Baby Safe Homes:

Consumer Reports Baby

A familiar and trusted name in product ratings and reviews, the Consumer Reports Babies & Kids web pages are packed with the most recent products for the youngest family members. You’ll find recalls, ratings and reviews on most every product out there, as well as informative posts on child safety.

3 of our favorite posts from Consumer Reports Baby:

On Safety

The official blog site of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides families with the latest safety information on topics such as childproofing, product recalls, and fire and poison prevention. On Safety is a thorough go-to guide for most any family safety issue.

3 of our favorite posts from On Safety:

Baby Product Experts

Representing hundreds of locally owned and operated baby products in the U.S. and Canada that carry the Baby Product Experts certification seal, this site is a directory of stores as well as a personal shopper to help parents find the best value, selection and safety in the products they choose for their children. The site also has an updated product recall list, helpful parenting articles, newsletter and blog.

3 of our favorite posts from Baby Product Experts:

Child Safety Blog

This child safety site blogs on topics most relevant to kids today. From toys for the youngest tots to car safety, water safety, Internet, health and nutrition, it’s covered here in a user friendly, conversational tone. Posts are easy to navigate and are archived by month, providing a plentiful supply of information.

3 of our favorite posts from Child Safety Blog:

The Bump Blog

Named a top women’s website by Forbes, The Bump and its partner site, The Knot, are hugely popular, and for good reason. The Bump has resources, news and blog posts for women who are pregnant, have a baby, toddler, or preschooler. Baby names, gear, and tools are just a few topics covered. Categorized by pregnancy and baby’s age, each is given specific attention to safety.

3 of our favorite posts from The Bump:

Kid Power

Fueled by Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, the global non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of positive and practical safety skills for people of all ages. Kidpower’s site provides expert advice on types of violence affecting our families, specifically our kids, like bullying, molestation, child abuse and kidnapping.

3 of our favorite posts from Kidpower:

Safe Kids

Preventing unintentional childhood injury—the leading cause of death and disability in kids ages 1 to 14—is the mission of Safe Kids USA.  Education, providing safety devices for needy families, and advocating for better laws to keep kids safe are just some of the things done by their hundreds of organizations. The website provides current news on child safety, product recalls, safety basics and guides.

3 of our favorite posts from Safe Kids:

The Parent Report

An extension of the internationally syndicated radio program, The Parent Report, the website continues the conversations on the radio show based on interviews with experts on the topic of raising children. Information covers issues such as safety from before baby through toddler and teen to provide parents with helpful resources and advice.

3 of our favorite posts from The Parent Report:

Healthy Children is powered by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and is backed by more than 60,000 pediatricians. A valuable source of information on the many programs, activities, guidelines, and recommended resources of AAP, this site has an entire section called Safety & Prevention, committed to helping families keep kids safe at home, at play, and on the go.

3 of our favorite posts from Healthy Children:

Safety Mom

Founded by Alison Rhodes, now known as The Safety Mom, after her child died from SIDS, Rhodes is committed to saving the lives of children. Her site covers family safety topics from environmental toxins to nutrition and sports injuries—there’s nothing you won’t find on the sites Safety Mom Menu. In addition to valuable articles, tips and advice, she has a newsletter and blog to connect readers.

3 of our favorite posts from Safety Mom:

Free Range Kids

Named for her book, Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry), Lenore Skenazy is on a mission to fight the belief that today’s kids are in constant danger from kidnappers, germs, bugs, bullies, and everything in between that today’s parents protect them from. On the site you’ll find links to her syndicated columns, her blog and what she calls “Reassuring crime statistics” to put parents’ minds at ease.

3 of our favorite posts from Free Range Kids:

Life of a Kid

Blog by young girl from Massachusetts with fun safety tips.

Safety Girl

The blog for the site, which sells safety products specifically for women, provides women with information on how to stay safe no matter what the situation. Posts range from women’s health concerns to safety gear, tools and clothing, to advice and tips.

3 of our favorite posts from Safety Girl:

Women’s Self Defense Institute

Women’s Self Defense Institute is written by Steve Kardian, career law enforcement officer, detective and criminal investigator who has become a national media consultant for several high profile media avenues such as CBS, NBC, Fox News, and the New York Times. His blog is filled with self defense information, tips and warnings that every woman should know.

3 of our favorite posts from Women’s Self Defense:

Self-Defense Blog for Women

Founded of the Women’s Self-Defense Institute, Angie M. Tarighi has more than 20 years experience teaching self-defense. Through the website and blog, she works to encourage the awareness and education of women to protect themselves. Tarighi offers stats, information and tips to  empower women with the skills they need to build confidence.

3 of our favorite posts from Women’s Self-Defense

Aging Wisely

The well-being of older family members is something we are all concerned about. Aging Wisely is a website for caregivers and loved ones of aging relatives who are trying to navigate this new territory in all of their lives. Whether it’s advice on how to recognize symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, how to prevent falls or when to consider assisted living, Aging Wisely is a thorough site to visit.

3 of our favorite posts from Aging Wisely:

Assisted Living Today

Assisted Living Today is the Web's premier source of senior living and eldercare news and information. The site staffs a team of senior care experts who publish some fantastic articles, comprehensive guides and interviews with industry thought leaders that address a range of elder care issues as they relate to senior citizens, their loved ones and senior living caregivers.

3 of our favorite posts from Assisted Living Today:

Help! Aging Parents

Created and written by Susan, whose 97-year-old mother-in-law still lives independently in her own home. The blog is about all of those things you never knew until you had an elderly relative either in your care or your concern. Susan’s posts try to help others age well. It’s not something that comes second nature to adult children and the advice here will serve everyone well.

3 of our favorite posts from Help! Aging Parents:

Inside Elder Care

Founded by Ryan Malone, whose mother went through a long health journey which required the need for elder care. By her side the entire way, Malone was introduced to a very new set of experiences which he writes about in the site’s blog to help anyone who provides care or cares about someone who requires elder care. Very helpful information on how to  keep them safe.

3 of our favorite posts from Inside Elder Care:

IPAT ND Assistive Technology Blog

The goal of the Interagency Program for Assistive Technology is to help North Dakotans of any age or disability to enjoy life fully. Filled with information families in any geographic location can benefit from, this blog covers the technology in home safety in products such as fire detectors, the location of light switches and emergency preparedness.

3 of our favorite posts from IPAT ND Assistive Technology Blog:

Senior Home Safety Blog

Richard Ueberfluss, orthopedic physical therapist and healthcare leader, has worked to build strong relationships with physicians and senior care advisors. He also speaks on senior care safety on topics such as fall prevention and dementia care. This blog focuses on the safety issues of the elderly living at home.

3 of our favorite blog posts from Senior Home Safety Blog:

Pet Safe

Blog of PetSafe, a company that designs pet products, you will be instantly drawn in by its love of pets. And the blog posts are a tribute to that, with a broad range of categories covering pet health, breeds, and behavior, to name a few. When it comes to specifics, any pet question or issue you have is addressed in at least one blog post.

3 of our favorite posts from PetSafe:

Ms. Clean Jeans’ Clean, Organized, Family Home Blog

Blog of lifestyle expert, author, and mom of 3, Tara Aronson covers everything home and family on her reader-friendly, easy to navigate site. Blog topics on Pets, Repair, Laundry, Car… there’s no limit on her expertise. The Safe at Home section is especially helpful in everything from fire hazards, bad weather, and vacation home safety.

3 of our favorite posts from Ms. Clean Jeans:

West Bend Cares

The blog of the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company is focused on family and home safety. Blogger Scott Stueber has been with the company for over 15 years and is the father of two girls—a teen and a tween. His monthly topics cover child, pet, home, auto, and outdoor safety.

3 of our favorite posts from West Bend Cares:

Family Watchdog

“Awareness is your best defense” is the mission of Family Watchdog, a free service to help locate registered sex offenders in your area. It also offers notifications to keep updated are available with a simple sign-up. In addition, the site and articles cover safety information from vehicle recalls to food allergies.

3 of our favorite posts from Family Watchdog:

Safety Source

Part of the National Fire Protection Agency, the Safety Source blog features news and information to reduce fire related deaths, injuries and loss of property.  The site includes resources for kids and teachers, safety tips, products, videos and an immense collection up archived blogs.

3 of our favorite blog posts from Safety Source:

The Allstate Blog

Powered by the well known insurance company, The Allstate Blog covers home and family safety with hundreds of posts on almost as many topics. Homeowners will find tips and advice for the entire house and everybody in it, from children to the elderly. It also provides safety  and preventive care information on car, boat and other homeowner toys.

3 of our favorite posts from The Allstate Blog:

Culture of Safety

Specializing in the safety of community organizations, Culture of Safety shares information and advice on activities where community members recreate such as swimming lessons, fitness classes and summer camps. Fueled by West Bend Insurance, which serves community based organizations, this site is a community safety powerhouse.

3 of our favorite posts by Culture of Safety:

Totem Appliance Service Blog

Who knows more about kitchen appliance safety than an appliance  service company? The people behind this blog at Totem have no doubt seen it all when it comes to kitchen appliances and their mishaps. Realizing a niche in providing safety information about ovens, refrigerators and ranges—things we use to prepare meals everyday—this blog was born. There’s information on prevention, but also on use, cleaning and even troubleshooting problems.

3 of our favorite posts from Totem Appliance Service:

C.C. Duff Blogs

Chris Duff is a realtor and broker with a lot of on the job experience. Focused on putting client needs first, he helped develop a radio show called Real Time which, like his blog, shares important and useful information everybody can use in terms of safety in and around the home.

3 of our favorite posts from C.C. Duff Blogs:

We Make It Safer

We Make It Safer is all about bringing together consumers, manufacturers and retailers to join forces in the communication about product safety and recalls. The goal is to reduce product related injuries, illnesses, and deaths that happen every year around the world. Consumers can add their products to its account and be alerted if they are recalled. The blog keeps readers up to date on recalls and product safety issues.

3 of our favorite posts from We Make It Safer


MomsRising is an organization that has grown from a few to more than a million women who wanted to make an impact on issues facing women, mothers and families. Through this blog, they introduce, discuss, and spread the word about these issues, which cover things like toxics and health care issues.

3 of our favorite posts from MomsRising:

Before the Wheel

Empowering safe teen drivers with a positive approach is the goal of the Before the Wheel Teen Driving Program. Information about the community program all over the country, helpful videos and articles that give teens and their parents the strategies every family and community needs to ensure safe teen drivers who become safe adult drivers.

3 of our favorite posts from Before the Wheel:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Founded by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, MADD is a nonprofit organization helping to protect families from drunk driving. Working toward its mission is to “stop drunk driving and support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking,” the organization has saved 300,000 lives. The site provides information on drunk driving, victim services and underage drinking.

3 of our favorite posts from MADD:

Parents Connect

With the tagline, “We’re not perfect, we’re parents,” the tone is set for this welcoming website which is one of several in the Parents Connect family along with Nickelodeon and GoCityKids to name just a couple. The site is plump with resources for every step of parenting from pregnancy to teens and parenting itself. The food safety blog offers questions every parent wants to ask and it’s answered by an expert so you know it’s trusted advice.

3 of our favorite posts from Parents Connect:

Kids With Food Allergies

The site of the Kids with Food Allergies Foundation (KFA), this site is full of practical strategies to manage food allergies. Its goal is to educate families and communities and to provide help that will save lives and improve the quality of life for children with allergies and their families. The online community is not only award-winning, but offers recipes, resources, chats and blogs.

3 of our favorite posts from Kids With Food Allergies:

Grateful Foodie

Created by a mom with two food allergic and asthmatic children, the site is dedicated to sharing a love for food, even with food allergic kids. This is a blog of resources, recipes, and tales of a real life journey of one family bridging the gap between food and allergies.

3 of our favorite posts from Grateful Foodie:

One Pot

Vancouver, Canada-based cook, Diane Brown blogs about food from the way it’s grown and harvested, shipped and processed, to the way it’s served at the table. Her Safety & More entries provide useful information and advice on food safety, kitchen safety, and kitchen tips in a welcoming manner. Quizzes on storage and food preparation and videos on how to safely sharpen knives and maintain a cutting board are just a sampling of the areas to explore.

3 of our favorite posts from One Pot:

Food Blog

This food blog of the Agriculture and Natural Resources department at the University of California, provides information on the creation and consumption of food. There’s no talking food without covering food safety. Whether you’re looking for basic safe food preparation tips or you want to know more about a foodbourne outbreak, you’ll find it here.

3 of our favorite posts from Food Blog:

Fire Safety For All

Created by Albemarie, a global supplier of fire retardants, the goal of the blog is to prevent fires and save lives. The number of home injuries and casualties due to fire is unnecessarily high. Blogs like this one are just the type of resource we need for safety tips to help prevent fires and fire related injuries in the home and outside.

3 of our favorite posts by Fire Safety For All:

Disaster Safety Review

The site of the Disaster Safety Review is powered by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. By knowing the risks of your geographic region, you can be better prepared for the natural hazards that could damage or even destroy your home. When you enter your zip code, a list of risks and numerous tips and instruction appear.

3 of our favorite posts from Disaster Safety Review:

  • Picture Frames and Bulletin Boards
  • Prepare, Respond, Recover
  • Create Defensible Space Zones


Official blog of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA is the go-to agency when American experience disaster. It is also an expert source of information, advice and resources when it comes to home emergency preparedness. Blog articles cover all types of natural disasters from fires and floods to earthquakes and Tsunamis.

3 of our favorite posts from FEMA:

MySafe: LA

You don’t have to live in Los Angeles to benefit from this terrific safety resource. The MySafe: LA organization teaches fire and life safety to grade school children, adults, seniors, and those at-risk. The site and blog offer advice, tips and resources for everything from earthquake preparedness and flooding to burn education.

3 of our favorite posts from MySafe: LA:

Online Fire Science Degree

This site may be dedicated to helping students find the right fire science degree programs, but they also offer a wealth of fire safety resources, ranging from general fire safety to burn prevention and treatment information.

  • 101 Fire Safety Websites

Earthquake Buddy Blog

Earthquake Buddy is an app that helps save lives in the case of earthquake emergency. Basically, it sends your geographic location to four buddies via instant email. The blog addresses earthquake preparedness and safety in every step and every situation, including specific locations.

3 of our favorite posts from Earthquake Buddy:

Looks for more info on fire safety? Check out our comprehensive Fire Safety for Kids Guide.

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