The Best Devices, Tools & Advice For Preventing Vehicle Theft

Having your car stolen is an expensive headache, and if your car has sentimental value, it’s also a heartbreak. According to the latest statistics, a motor vehicle theft occurs every 40.9 seconds in the US. While the overall rate of car theft has fallen over the past few decades, some of this decrease can be attributed to steadily improving automobile anti-theft features and technology. Here are the best tools, devices and tips for preventing car theft in 2019.

The Best Devices, Tools & Advice For Preventing Vehicle Theft


Steering Wheel Locks


Steering wheel locks are easy to put on and take off, making them a great choice for stashing in your car and using on the go. They work by locking over the steering wheel, rendering it immobile. Since they’re large and highly visible, would-be car thieves are less likely to bother, knowing that it will be tough to make off with the car without drawing attention to themselves.

Look for a sturdy, metal steering wheel lock that’s appropriately sized for your car. Several companies even offer guarantees – if your car is stolen, they’ll reimburse the owner’s comprehensive insurance deductible up to a certain amount. Shop steering wheel locks now:


Tire & Rim Locks


If you’ve ever seen a car “booted” by a parking enforcement officer, then you’re already familiar with tire locks. Anti-theft tire/wheel locks for personal use work the same way. They lock onto the outside of the wheel and lock shut, preventing the wheels from turning so you can’t drive away. Since some might find them cumbersome, they’re best for cars that tend to stay parked for a while in between uses. Since they’re available in a range of sizes, they’re handy for a range of vehicles, including trailers, lawn mowers, ATVs and RVs.

Explore best-selling and highly rated wheel locks:


Car Part Protection


If thefts of car parts are common in your area, targeted layers of security could offer major peace of mind. Hood locks, for example, safeguard the engine and everything else that’s under the hood. You can buy Jake Mckenzie of Auto Accessories Garage provided more insight on which parts can be most lucrative: the catalytic converter is a top target. “This component of your exhaust system usually sits vulnerably under your vehicle and a skilled thief can remove it in a matter of minutes before selling the palladium, rhodium, and platinum for their value as raw metals. Once it’s gone, not only will your emissions spike by about 900% but your vehicle will also be deafeningly loud.” Replacement could cost anywhere from $900 to $2500. He recommends installing a catalytic converter lock with virtually uncuttable wire rope, like those made by


If your car alarm is broken, out of date, or simply non-existent, an aftermarket car alarm is a great way to thwart thieves. In addition to increasing security, new alarms often add on convenient features like remote car starting (pre-warm your car when it’s cold!) and keyless entry (unlock the door even if your key is in your pocket). Depending on your policy, your car insurance company may also offer discounts on your premium due to the increased protection, but when you’re budgeting, keep in mind that it will likely require professional installation. 

If you’re a savvy auto technician yourself, here are some DIY kits to consider:

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