The 10 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on Home Security

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Mar 2, 2021
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Amazon has (finally) dropped the Amazon Prime dates for 2020. Mark your calendar because Tuesday, October 13th and Wednesday, October 14th are the Amazon Prime Deal Days for this year. Normally held in July, Amazon postponed Prime Day this year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Earlier this year, Amazon began prioritizing essential product deliveries over non-essential items to ensure customers received the products they needed.

Fast forward into the fall, Amazon is gearing up to deliver some sweet deals with a number of specials already available on security cameras, smart displays, smart plugs, and more. Why wait until the holiday hustle and bustle to shop when you can start your planning now?

Amazon Prime Day Deals Dropping on October 6, 2020

Sale Price starting October 6th: $24.99 (1 camera) and $49.98 (2 cameras)

Retail Price: $34.99

Savings: $10.00

The Blink Mini Indoor Camera delivers 1080p HD video, two-way audio, motion alerts, and more. Through December 13, 2020, you can also enjoy a free trial for cloud storage, providing easy access to your footage. Setup is easy—simply plug in the camera’s power cord, install the Blink Home Monitor app on your smartphone, and set the Blink Mini wherever you prefer in your home.

Sale Price starting October 6th: $54.99

Retail Price: $89.99

Savings: $35.00

Make yourself at home and stay connected with loved ones through the Echo Show 5. This smart display features Alexa and access to a host of home automation and entertainment features. Wake up to ambient lighting for your morning routine, catch up on the latest news, and have more control over privacy features with the Echo Show 5’s camera shutter and microphone control.

Amazon Prime Day Deals Available Today

Sale Price: $229.50

Retail Price: $249.99

Savings: $20.49

Step outside to a well-lit area with the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera. This floodlight provides 2000 lumens of brightness on battery power and up to 3000 lumens with sustained charging. The built-in camera provides sharp 2K HDR video and color night vision. You can also receive activity alerts and speak to visitors with the camera’s two-way audio feature.

Sale Price: $134.00

Retail Price: $149.99

Savings: $15.99

See who’s visiting and keep an eye on your deliveries with the Arlo Video Doorbell. This doorbell camera has a 180-degree field of vision, motion and package detection, night vision, two-way audio, and allows you to set pre-recorded messages. With the Arlo Video Doorbell, you’ll also get three free months of Arlo Smart, allowing you to store your video in the cloud for up to 30 days and much more.

Sale Price: $54.99

Retail Price: $79.99

Savings: $25.00 

Monitor your home with the Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System. Cloud storage comes FREE with this system—no monthly or annual fees required. The camera has a two-year battery life and offers live streaming, recording, and activity alerts. Get Alexa to help by issuing voice commands for the Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System.

Sale Price: $149.99 (with $10 coupon applied)

Retail Price: $159.99

Savings: $10.00

Get $10 off the Eufy Video Doorbell and Wireless Chime for your home. This doorbell camera delivers clear 2K video, two-way audio, intelligent alerts, and access to eight unique doorbell chimes. Additionally, you can set three recorded responses and ask Alexa to show you who’s at the door.

Sale Price: $21.99

Retail Price: $29.99

Savings: $8.00

Control the lighting and ambiance of your home with the Kasa Smart Light Bulb. Create a schedule for your morning and evening routines with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Cortana. Change the bulb’s color and adjust the brightness from your smartphone. Just make sure you have a Wi-Fi internet connection, and it’ll be ready for use.

Sale Price: $26.99

Retail Price: $49.99

Savings: $23.00

Get hands-free control for some of your home appliances with the Kasa Smart Plug. Create a schedule for your bedroom lamp, fan, coffee maker, and more. If you have a compatible Alexa device, you can also have Alexa manage these devices. Just make sure you have a Wi-Fi internet connection for use.

Sale Price: $39.99

Retail Price: $49.99

Savings: $10.00

Why buy one Echo Dot when you can now get two for just $39.99? One of Amazon’s most popular products can help you manage your day, protect your home, keep in touch with family members, and much more. The Echo Dot is compatible with a number of smart home devices for your safety, convenience, and entertainment.

Sale Price: $104.99

Retail Price: $129.99

Savings: $25.00

See more with the Echo Show 8, featuring an eight-inch HD display. Video call your family, friends, watch your favorite shows, manage your smart devices, and much more with this elegantly designed smart display. Right now, you can also get a one-year complimentary subscription to the Food Network Kitchen with step-by-step food prep tutorials, live classes from the experts, and more.

Amazon Prime Day is on the Way - Are You Ready?

The pandemic has affected the ways in which we shop, and the Holiday Season may not be any different. Get ahead of the rush by taking advantage of these awesome Amazon sales for protecting your home and automating aspects of your everyday life.

AmazonPrime membership costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year for an annual subscription. Amazon also provides discounts for students, those eligible for EBT, and individuals who have Medicaid.

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