BenjiLock By Hampton Products® Offers Consumers New Keyless Locks For Easy Security

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Updated Feb 11, 2021
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In the smart home market today, there are a number of smart lock products available, for residential and commercial use. Hampton Products — a favorite in the market and leading innovator, has announced three key features, including a new fingerprint bike lock. One thing I wanted to learn more about was the inspiration behind the unique quality of BenjiLocks with them being operable by fingerprint. I got the chance to connect with Robbie Cabral, CEO and Founder of BenjiLock, LLC, and Randy Voss, Senior Director for Portable Security Light and Electric with Hampton Products.

A Fingerprint-Operated Lock: The Story Behind the BenjiLock Padlock

While I’ve researched and written about keyless door locks, I had never come across a fingerprint-operated lock. The most common experience I have with fingerprint unlocking is with my smartphone. Cabral, who debuted his product on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2017, shared how the idea came into being after he was laid off. One day while Cabral was at a gym, he saw that someone had left their key inside of their locker. This is how the idea for BenjiLock came into place — a simple way for people to protect their belongings without having to be concerned about keeping up with keys. One of BenjiLock product’s key aspects is that they’re easy to use whether for teens, adults, and seniors alike.

Keeping the Customer Experience Simple: No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Necessary

Most smart home products and even security cameras today require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology for proper functioning. BenjiLock products work through biometric technology that turns your fingerprint into the “key” for access. However, you can still use a traditional key for the 43 MM padlock, TSA padlock, door lock, bike lock, and sport lock.

“Our products have the simplicity that don’t bundle too much technology,” said Voss.  He also mentioned how, without the need for Wi-FI, consumers don’t have to be concerned with online hackings. Additionally, consumers don’t have to fumble with Bluetooth connectivity, since Bluetooth technology does require a specific range for use.

Using Biometric Technology for Security

BenjiLock products use fingerprint biometrics for access. Voss explained that these products use robust sensors that allow you to adjust the sensitivity. Similar to what consumers would normally do for an iPhone or iPad, repetitively tapping a finger over the sensor allows it to capture and recognize your fingerprint so that your unique print will only allow access.

Voss explained how with the bike lock, you would need to touch it 10 times to register your fingerprint, and you’ll receive visual feedback to know once it’s registered. Cabral explained that he envisioned the lock being easy to operate for personal use, “Once you set up yourself, then you can set up whoever you want in that personal circle.” Cabral also highlighted BenjiLock’s partnership with Hampton Products, which also makes locks for BRINKS, Mountain Security, and other brands. 

The Fingerprint Bike Lock and Sport Lock Are Set to Launch for CES 2021

BenjiLock is launching a Fingerprint Bike Lock and Fingerprint Sport Lock for CES 2021. The bike lock is a U-lock that will be able to store up to 10 fingerprint readings and can be opened using a traditional key. This lock is IP65-rated and is resistant to picking, drilling, and bolt-cutting. Consumers can use this lock on a single charge for up to six months. The suggested MSRP for the Fingerprint Bike Lock is $79. This lock comes just in time for bike owners, given the bike boom that we saw during the pandemic.

“With bicycle sales soaring since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and over 100 million electric bicycles expected to be sold over the next 2-4 years, it’s a perfect time to be innovating in the bike security category,” said CEO and President of Hampton Products, Kim Kelley.


  • The Fingerprint Sport Lock will be great for consumers looking to secure a gym bag, backpack, or purse.
  • It can also be used in the home for protecting cabinets or toolboxes. 
  • Like the bike lock, it can last up to six months on a single charge and comes in matte red, white, or black with an MSRP of $29.99.

BenjiLock By Hampton Products®’s success on a consumer and commercial level seems to keep growing. 

They’ve been selected by a builder in the Seattle area to have their Fingerprint Door Lock used in 40 condominiums. You can browse their lineup on the official website or purchase in-store through Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and additional authorized retailers.

About Hampton Products

Hampton Products International Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of residential hardware to include locks, lights, and more. Notable brands include Brink’s Door Hardware, Brink’s Padlocks, BenjiLock, Mountain Security, and more. Hampton Products has grown its brand for more than 30 years in providing high-quality hardware for consumers.

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