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Updated Nov 25, 2020
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Founded in 1946, Bay Alarm has become a family name as the largest independently owned security company in the nation. Offering industry-leading home security solutions, Bay Alarm takes a personal approach in determining the specific needs of each customer.

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What Sets Bay Alarm Home Security Apart?

As a third-generation family-owned company, Bay Alarm has a deep-rooted understanding of the importance of family and community. Their customer promise is that they are “there with you, there for you.” To achieve this, Bay Alarm makes sure to employ technicians who live in the neighborhoods they serve, giving their customers the assurance that someone who can help is always nearby.

Bay Alarm’s personalized approach to solution offering also makes them stand out from the crowd. Instead of a standard package for every customer, Bay Alarm wants to know what is going on in the customer’s life so they know exactly what solutions to offer. For example, perhaps you are moving to a new home or want to make sure your pet is safe when you’re not at home. Bay Alarm has a thoughtful solution and state of the art equipment to back it up.

Professional monitoring with the provider starts at $35.00/mo., and the cost of installation for a Bay Alarm security system is $199.00. With an A+ BBB rating and an 8.4 out of 10 Trustpilot Rating, it is safe to say Bay Alarm is an industry leader.


  • Patrol & Response program
  • High-level technology integration
  • Complete life safety system


  • Minimum contract length of 36 months
  • Lack of pricing or contractual details on the website

Bay Alarm Home Security Packages

Due to Bay Alarm’s highly personalized approach with each customer, they do not offer package details on their website. They recommend selecting your most relevant life situation from their website to read about the types of solutions they offer. Then, request a customized quote from one of their helpful agents.

    Bay Alarm Home Security Features

    • 24/7 professional monitoring

      Bay Alarm systems provide 24/7 professional monitoring of your security system 365 days per year.

    • Safety escort services

      Bay Alarm offers Patrol & Response services in some areas. A Bay Alarm agent will come to your home and walk you to the door if requested.

    • Vacation watch

      In some areas, Bay Alarm offers vacation watch service. If requested, a local agent will check on your home and bring in your mail when you’re away.

    • Bay Alarm Link app

      A central hub for your security system controls, accessible from your smartphone or other mobile devices.

    • Remote controls

      Using your Bay Alarm Link app, you can arm/disarm the system, lock/unlock doors, change thermostat settings, schedule automatic changes, turn lights off/on, and take care of other security and automation tasks.

    • Event notifications

      Receive alerts for any events you choose, such as doorbell activity, motion, fire or carbon monoxide alarm, or system disarm.

    • Wireless doorbell cameras

      This minimal camera connects to the Bay Alarm Link app to let you view anyone who approaches your door.

    • Indoor & outdoor wireless HD security cameras

      See, hear, speak or take a picture or video of anything going on inside your home.

    • Motion detectors

      Ask about pet immune motion detectors if you have a pet (under 60 lbs) in the home.

    • Fire alarms & carbon monoxide detectors

      By incorporating these safety staples into your home security system, Bay Alarm can monitor and respond to environmental emergencies.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Bay Alarm Home Security

    Home Security Experts

    Safety Team

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