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Hands-On Review: Abode Security

From initial setup and installation to first impressions, see how Abode Security performs.

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Digital Safety

Pros and Cons of Identity Theft Monitoring Services

Identity theft is a big deal. In fact, according to the Identity Theft Council, more than 30 million people in the United States were victims of identity theft in the last 36 months. Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information. Identity theft criminals can: Change your mailing address Open bank accounts in your […]

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Smart Home

How to Best Sell Your Smart Home

When Your Home Goes on the Market, Does your Smart Tech Go With It? So you invested a lot of time and effort to customize your home with the newest technology and gadgets. From smart appliances to security systems, the power to make your house your own resides in the palm of your hand. But […]

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Family Safety

Top 5 “In Case of Emergency” Apps

Modern apps are more than just useful or fun enhancements for your mobile phone. In fact, some are nothing short of life-saving. Whether you or a loved are experiencing a sudden medical emergency or find yourself in an unsafe situation, these applications have been specially developed to make sure that help will quickly be on […]

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Home Security

Connected Home: Linking Your Smart Home Devices to Your Security Systems

How often do you check your smartphone? Two-thirds of Americans check their phone 160 times each day. That’s approximately once every 4.5 minutes. Whether you’re checking social media, sending a text, playing a game, watching a video on Youtube, or monitoring your bank account, there are thousands of reasons to pick up your phone. With […]

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