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What is Swatting? Plus, 10 Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Yourself

The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) reports that about 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 in the U.S. each year. While some 9-1-1 calls are legitimate, a fraction of them are not. Viewed harmless to some, prank calls can lead to serious consequences, and all prank calls are not necessarily harmless. The term “swatting” […]

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Digital Safety

What Is a VPN and Do You Need One?

With the increasing need to work from home during the pandemic and use the internet for transmitting customer or client information, it’s highly recommended to make sure we use a secure home network.   However, even with secured networks, local internet service providers (and even hackers) may still be able to access our data as well […]

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Home Safety

12 Cold Weather & Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter’s here, and while you may want to stay snug and warm, it’s also important to keep an eye on areas within and around your home to make sure things are in top shape (and to help you avoid costly repairs).

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Home Security

The Night Owl Doorbell Camera: Tech Specs Before You Buy

With the Night Owl Doorbell Camera, you can add extra protection to your front door, garage door, or any other entry-way of your home. A doorbell camera allows you to monitor visitors and activity outside your door, so you can get notifications for packages (and potentially prevent package theft). If you’ve been looking for a […]

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Family Safety

Keep Your Pets Warm With These 8 Winter Safety Tips

While it can be exciting to see wintry weather and let your pet go out and have fun in the snow, it can also be dangerous to their health. One key thing to remember is if it feels too cold to you, then it’s probably  too cold for your pet. While cats and dogs have […]

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FireEye, A Cybersecurity Firm Says It’s Been Hacked

FireEye, a U.S. cybersecurity giant, has reported that it’s been hacked and is believed to be by a nation-state. The hackers accessed FireEye’s “Red Team” tools that are designed for testing customer vulnerabilities. According to CNET, CEO Kevin Mandia, believes that the attack came from a nation-state with “top-tier offensive capabilities.” The attack is also […]

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