Author: Hana LaRock

Family Safety, News

Is Elephant Toothpaste a Safe Experiment for Kids?

What do you think about when you hear the phrase “elephant toothpaste”? Do elephants brush their teeth? And if so, what would the toothpaste for such a large animal look like? These are some good questions for leading children into the Elephant Toothpaste experiment, which involves mixing certain chemicals to create a reaction that ends […]

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Home Safety, Home Security, News

How to Prevent Thieves From Stealing Your Video Doorbells

There has been an uptick in thieves stealing the video doorbells. And, even though these perpetrators know they are on camera when they do it, they don’t seem to mind the obvious risk. Having your video doorbell stolen is not just an inconvenience, it could put you at risk of more crime that your video […]

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