Author: Mary Blowers

Family Safety, News

7 Essential Smart Home Devices for New Parents

Whether your baby is newly arrived or on the way, you likely don’t have a lot of spare time to research every safety product on the market. With so many new, smart options for baby gear, you may feel overwhelmed by the task of determining the best options for your growing family.  We have compiled […]

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Digital Safety, News

The Guide to Zoom Security Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing are forcing us to be online more than ever, so we need to consider taking precautions to protect our virtual privacy and security. Zoom, a video communications tool founded by Eric Yuan, has become one of the most widely used, and most controversial, video conferencing platforms for remote learning […]

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Coronavirus, News

How to Stay Safe as a Teacher During COVID-19

The new school year brings with it the danger of COVID-19 as large groups of students and teachers begin spending time in enclosed classrooms. Teachers are especially susceptible to virus exposure as the nature of their job asks them to instruct, assist, and interact with children, who may not understand the necessity of following all […]

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