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Are you interested in smart home security and need a variety of customizable options to choose from? AT&T Digital Life gives you the power to customize and control all of your smart home security equipment using one app.
Updated Mar 13, 2020


Home safety and security is any homeowner’s top priority . AT&T Digital Life offers a mix of home security and automation packages for homeowners to customize. Depending on your budget, AT&T Digital Life’s package  can cost $39.99/mo. and $549.99 upfront for the Smart Security package. The cost includes both 24/7 professional monitoring, home security and automation features may be a bit pricey. AT&T Digital Life requires a two-year contract commitment. 

AT&T Digital Life Equipment


AT&T Digital Life offers different sensor types to fit your home security needs. The Smart Security Package comes with window and door sensors to sound anytime a window or door is opened or closed. AT&T also offers glass-break sensors to sound if a window or other glass is broken. And, if you’re away, motion sensors are triggered if movement is detected when there shouldn’t be. But don’t worry – AT&T’s sensors are pet-friendly for pets under 35 pounds.

Samsung Indoor Camera

This AT&T Digital Life camera is a wireless indoor camera that records in 1080p HD video.  Using your laptop or mobile device (streaming on a mobile device will have a 720p resolution), this camera allows you to live-stream and take snapshots so you can keep an eye on your home at all times. It will also create clear recordings at night.

Keychain Remote

AT&T Digital Life’s keychain remote allows you to arm or disarm your security system using only the remote. You’ll need to be in your home’s vicinity to use the keychain to control your system. But, if your hands are full of groceries you’ll have the convenience of disarming the system beforehand.

Indoor Smart Plug

AT&T Digital Life’s indoor smart plug gives you more control of your smart home. With this smart plug, you can set your plugged-in lamps to turn on at scheduled times. This can be used to make someone appear home to deter intruders. Smart plugs also save energy by turning off equipment if left on by mistake.

Smart Home Security Add-Ons

AT&T Digital Life offers a variety of options for customers including smart lights and automatic dimmers to fit your home. They also offer motorized blinds and a variety of third-party add-ons from brands including Sengled and Caseta.

Home Security Experts

Safety Team

The Safety Team is a group of experts that handle provider research, product reviews and recalls to make your home safety and security search as easy as 1-2-3.

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