AT&T Digital Life Home Security

Safeguard your home with the AT&T Digital Life Home Security system and 24/7 professional monitoring.
Updated May 4, 2021

What Sets AT&T Digital Life Apart?

You’re probably already familiar with AT&T’s phone, television, and Internet services, but you may not be aware the company also offers a home security system and professional monitoring. AT&T provides the basics with a keypad, sensors, siren, and 24/7 professional monitoring. The provider only offers one package, the Smart Security Package, which can be purchased for $549.99. Professional monitoring for the AT&T Digital Life security system costs $39.99/mo.


  • Mobile app access
  • No charge for professional installation
  • No charge for repairs & replacement with warranty


  • Contract required
  • Short, 14-day trial period
  • No optional smart home or video surveillance equipment offered

Top 3 AT&T Digital Life Features

  • Activity log

    You’ll have full access to your smart home and security equipment log always know what happens and when. See when your garage door was left open or when the outdoor camera detected motion so you can check-in and keep your home safe. 

  • Mobile app access

    AT&T’s Digital Life app gives you full control of your home security and smart home equipment from anywhere. You’ll be able to arm and disarm your system, control smart lights and see live camera footage. You’ll also get instant mobile alerts anytime your sensors are triggered. 

  • Free home security installation

    Most companies charge a hefty fee for a professional technician to install your system. AT&T Digital Life offers free installation with their service so it’s one less fee for you. 

AT&T Digital Life Home Security Package

  • Smart Security Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Get the basics needed for protecting your family and home with the AT&T Smart Security Package. This package comes with the essentials like a keypad, siren, and sensors. You’ll also be able to access and control your security system by mobile app. The Smart Security Package retails for $549.99, and professional monitoring costs $39.99/mo.

    Package Features

    • 1 Keypad
    • 2 Door sensors
    • 4 Window sensors
    • 1 Motion sensor
    • 1 Indoor siren
    • Mobile app access

AT&T Digital Life Home Security Equipment and Features

  • AT&T Digital Life Keypad

    The AT&T Digital Life Keypad gives you the ability to arm, disarm, set away, and stay modes for your safety. The device features easy-to-use buttons, and can be used in conjunction with the AT&T Digital Life Mobile App.

  • AT&T Digital Life Mobile App

    The AT&T Digital Life mobile app gives you the freedom to arrange your dashboard as you see fit and also perform multiple actions simultaneously. For instance, you can view live video from a security camera while locking your door or arming your security system. You can also create custom automations to help you manage your routine.

Smart Security Package

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Equipment starts at
Pro. monitoring starts at
Motion detection
Video surveillance
Smart home devices

AT&T Digital Life Pricing

AT&T’s Digital Life Smart Security package starts at $39.99/mo. with a two-year contract. The package includes 24/7 professional monitoring, entryway sensors, motion detection, indoor siren and keypad to control your system. Keep in mind, the package costs an additional $549.99 upfront to cover the cost of the equipment. At this time, other package options are not available online.  

AT&T Digital Life Guarantees & Warranties

After your equipment is installed, you’ll have a 14-day return period if you’re unhappy with your equipment or service without fees. Once the 14 days have passed, AT&T does allow you to return faulty equipment. Currently, AT&T Digital Life doesn’t offer any warranties and guarantees.

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