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Updated Apr 14, 2021
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With its latest security device launching, Arlo has entered the affordable indoor camera market with its Essential Indoor Camera. The Arlo new indoor camera operates via wifi while capturing and archiving events on the same network. Entering the 1080p arena for indoor cameras may not seem like a big deal. But for some users, the expansion carries a lot of benefits, especially if you’re familiar with Arlo Smart and the company’s features. Officially launched on March 31, 2021, the Arlo new camera will fit in well with the company’s already competitive lineup.


Arlo Essential Indoor Camera 1080p Capabilities

For most homes, 1080p is more than enough pixel detail to cover rooms and events. The idea of 4K cameras may sound like the best option, but reaching beyond 1080p and even 2K isn’t necessary when detail depends on camera placement. A well-positioned 1080p indoor camera may have a lower resolution than 2K or 4K, but the increased resolution stacks up heavily against 1080p in storage space requirements. The 1080p is the more affordable and effective solution for those who prefer not to have a steep storage subscription. In fact, Arlo offers a subscription for increased cloud storage, though you can have your data archived wherever you prefer.


Arlo Essential Indoor Camera Key Qualities & Benefits

  • High definition lens polished at 1080p resolution with 130-degree diagonal field of view
  • Ideal for indoor homes and normal-sized rooms
  • App support through a mobile device
  • Remote monitoring
  • Smart alerts directly to supported devices
  • Two-way audio
  • Built-in siren for alarming
  • Automated privacy shield for users
  • Motion and audio detection
  • Night vision
  • Option to use Arlo Smart with enhanced security details for added peace of mind
  • Smart home support with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT for those seeking automation


Evaluating the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera as a Home Security Solution

Offering the most bang for your buck, the Arlo indoor camera has more than enough potential to contribute to any smart home’s safety. Those who want more in-house features may come around to signing up for either of Arlo’s Smart subscriptions. The company currently offers two subscriptions, with the primary differences depending on which resolution your cameras may support.

Arlo’s 2K resolution subscription service, the Premier Plan, costs $3 per month for a single camera, while two to five cameras cost $10 per month. This plan includes 30 days of cloud storage.

For those seeking 4K resolution support, Arlo’s Elite Plan will be the choice. A single camera costs $5 per month, and support for two to five cameras costs $15 per month.

For both 2K and 4K subscriptions, each additional camera after a total of five will be 50% off. If you have multiple cameras supported on your plan, you will have access to Arlo’s e911 Emergency Call Service. At any time, you can access your camera, enable a privacy viewing function to preserve your private moments, and respond immediately using the camera’s two-way audio.

Those seeking continuous video recording can receive 14 days for $10 per month and 30 days for $20 per month. This continuous video service should be distinguished from Arlo’s video capturing service prompted by any of Arlo’s camera triggers or sensory features. Continuous video capturing and a video capture prompted by Motion Sense or Audio Detection are separate features.

Both subscriptions will also gain access to live video streaming, notifications, and person, vehicle, package, and animal detection features. Plus, Arlo’s Call a Friend function, siren arming/disarming and cloud activity monitoring are included.

If you use an external hard drive for your security system and plan on adding any of Arlo’s cameras, you’ll need to use the correct storage capacity and format the drive before use. External hard drives can’t be larger than 2 TB and must be formatted to function properly. Then, you may add the camera to any software you have for your smart home hub or security system.


The Bottom Line

This is a camera made for an existing market, entering as a well-polished competitor. It offers support from multiple smart home automation software while carrying a heavy arsenal of features on its own.

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