Seven Home Security Gadgets for Your New Apartment

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Updated Mar 10, 2021
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You love your new apartment and want to make it feel like home, which includes making sure it's safe. To protect your family, your peace of mind, and your belongings, it's advisable to investigate ways that you can deter the bad guys. The following gadgets will help you do just that.

Laser Tripwire

This nifty home security device sets off an alarm, which in itself will help keep intruders at bay. A laser tripwire can also take a photo of the intruder and upload the photo to the Internet. Yes, he will run when the alarm sounds, but hopefully he won’t run for long, since the police will have a photo to help them track him down. Not all laser tripwire systems have the photo feature, and costs for systems varies.

Since the intruder must actually step into your home before the laser tripwire does its job, it’s great backup security. Of course, it’s always better to keep the bad guys out in the first place.

Memory Switch

Many modern gadgets collect information about their owners, and the memory switch is no exception. It learns your routine of turning lights on and off, and it mimics that routine in your home when you’re not there. Anyone watching from the outside will assume that someone is home. In case someone scoping out your place is particularly observant, a memory switch can vary the on and off times slightly so it doesn’t look like the lights are just on a timer.

Fake TV Light Box

Like the memory switch, this gadget aims to stop thieves from even trying. A TV that’s turned on is a sure sign that someone is home, but if you don’t want to suffer the hit to your energy bill, a fake TV light box will do the trick. The moving lights mimic that from an active TV set. You can set it on a timer so it doesn’t stay on all night and stand out as an obvious trick.

Of course, this just simulates the light effects from a TV, so if a burglar gets close enough to listen and doesn’t hear the sound to go with the lights, he’ll know something is up.

Siren Padlock

Want to make a would-be thief jump out of his skin? A siren padlock sounds an alarm when moved. The alarm reaches up to 100 decibels — that’s about as loud as an average house or car stereo at max volume. To cause even more trouble for the bad guys when they try to cut the lock, the alloy of zinc and hardened steel that form some siren padlocks is extra tough.

Doorstep Wedge Alarm

This nifty gadget is one that can help keep you safe wherever you are — at home in your apartment or when you’re staying in a hotel. You tuck the doorstep wedge alarm under the door, and it sounds a piercing alarm (125 decibels) when moved.

Security Cameras

When you think of home security, cameras are probably one of the first gadgets that come to mind. There are different types, and you have plenty of options. Since you live in an apartment, you probably don’t want to (or aren’t allowed to) go to the hassle of installing a complex wired security camera system. Look for one that’s wireless, and decide which areas of your home you want to monitor (the entrance, near the windows, etc.). Also decide if you want a system that records all the time or only when it detects motion. Check out this link for more information on security cameras.

Another thing to consider is that you can buy hidden cameras — like an alarm clock or an electrical outlet with a tiny camera tucked away therein. Keep in mind, though, that you’re legally required to let people know they’re being recorded.


Barking Dog Alarm

When someone approaches, a motion sensor detects them and the alarm starts off with a warning bark, which gets angrier and angrier if the intruder doesn’t leave. Granted, this one is really only useful if your apartment complex allows dogs, but the threat of a big scary canine is enough to ward off most intruders.

If, after you live in your new apartment for a while and find that your apartment or ones nearby keep falling victim to vandalism, it’s unlikely that all the gadgets in the world will help you feel secure. Look for apartments for rent in safer areas — anywhere you won’t feel the need to buy all of the above mentioned gadgets.

You don’t have to channel your inner Macaulay Culkin to keep intruders out of your home. With a little common sense and help from the right devices, you can help your belongings and your family stay safe.

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