The Tata Pad and Tata Band: A Car Seat Alarm System That Alerts Parents

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Updated Jan 15, 2021
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What is the Tata Car Seat Alarm System?

Filo’s Tata car alarm system seeks to address and reduce the number of hot car child deaths. According to the National Safety Council, about 38 children under the age of 15 pass away each year from heat stroke due to being left in a vehicle. In 2018 and 2019 alone, 53 children lost their lives from being left alone in a car. 

The issue has not gone under the radar by policymakers. The Hot Cars Act of 2019 was introduced to the House of Representatives in 2019, but has not yet been passed. The Act, if passed, will require all new passenger vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds or less to have an alarm system that detects an occupant in a rear-facing position after the car has been turned off.

Filo, an IoT (Internet of Things) startup based in Rome, Italy, was founded by Giorgio Sadolfo, Lapo Ceccherelli, Andrea Gattini, and Stefania De Roberto in 2014. These innovators created the Tata Pad and Tata Band equipped with three levels of protection to help prevent babies from being left behind.

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The Tata Pad

The Tata Pad is designed for placement in the bottom of the car seat and has special capacitive sensors to identify when a child is in the seat. The Tata Pad features a loud 100 dB alarm, runs on two CR 2032 batteries, and is about 8.7 inches on all sides. The pad is compatible with all car seat models.

The Tata Band

The Tata Band is designed to be attached to the car seat belt that will secure the baby. Like the pad, the band has sensors that can detect a child secured in the car. It is powered by a single CR 2032 battery, features a loud 100 dB alarm, and is about 2.3 inches in length by 3.1 inches in width.

How Does the Tata Car Seat Alarm Work?

Setting up and using the Tata car seat alarm system is easy. For the Tata Pad, you’ll first need to download the Tata Pad app and step through the instructions for connecting it with the device. You will be asked to keep your Bluetooth setting on. Next, it’s time to set up your emergency contacts. You can add up to five emergency contacts, like your parents, grandparents, friends, or neighbors, who will be notified in the event your child is left in their car seat. Lastly, it’s time to place the pad into the bottom of your child’s car seat. You can secure the car seat through the slot on the pad.

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The Tata Band setup is similar – you’ll need to install the band on the baby’s car seat and connect it via mobile app as well.

Three Levels of Alarm Notifications

One of the most impressive features of this car seat alarm system is that it features three levels of alarm notifications.

For the first level alarm, you will get an audible notification on your smartphone if your child is left in the car seat. The alarm can be deactivated through the mobile app. If the first level alarm is not disabled, then a second level alarm will be activated. The second level alarm will send you a call, and if answered, you can step through the instructions for deactivating it. If the second alarm is not disabled, the third level alarm will notify your emergency contacts who can assist the child and disable the alarm. 

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How Much Does the Tata Pad Cost?

The Tata Pad currently retails on the official website for €59.90 ($72.91). The Tata Band is currently not for sale on the website.

Our Take: Is the Tata Car Seat Alarm System Right for You?

We think the Tata Pad and Band are great solutions to helping prevent child hot car deaths. Both of these devices are sensorial and can help remind parents visually and audibly. One question that came up was how would the Tata car seat alarm system work if a parent left their phone in the car?

Filo already has a solution in place.  If your phone is left in the car, your emergency contacts will automatically be notified so that someone has a chance of responding. Overall, this device sounds promising and could be a helpful solution on a global scale for parents to ensure their child’s safety.

About Filo

Filo was started in 2014 by Giorgio Sadolfo, Lapo Ceccherelli, Andrea Gattini, and Stefania De Roberto. Filo has released several products in addition to the Tata Pad, which includes the Filo Tag for Bluetooth tracking and the V-Baby car seat reminder designed to work with a car dongle. Filo is innovating in the family safety space as they address key problems with tech solutions.

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