Alder Security Review

Serving customers across 18 states, Alder Security works with customers to put together the right home security package for them. Find out how we’ve rated this provider on their features.
Updated Apr 24, 2020

An Overview of Alder Security

Alder keeps things simple for customersthere are very few frills to the provider’s equipment selection and service. However, if all you want are the basics for intrusion detection, remote arming & disarming, and access to a limited lifetime equipment warranty, we’d recommend Alder. Learn more about how we’ve rated this provider on pricing, features, equipment, installation, and trial period.

Alder Security Review: Our Pick for Basic Security


4 out of 10


  • Alder Security does not have any preset packages or monitoring plans—all packages are tailored to your needs
  • You may have to sign a contract for service

One distinct aspect you’ll find with Alder Security is that there are no preset packages you can choose from and monitoring plans. A specialist will work with you in choosing the equipment you need to protect your home, and the price of your security system will vary based on your equipment. Your professional monitoring fee will also vary based on your selections. With Alder, you may have to sign a contract for service, but they do not provide this information upfront on their website.


Compared to other home security providers, Alder’s pricing structure is a little different as many providers offer some sort of pricing information online, making their offerings and costs more transparent for customers to help them make a more informed decision.

Standout Features

8 out of 10


  • Alder claims to have a fast alarm response rate
  • Mobile app arming & disarming

Alder Security offers what you could typically expect with most providers. The biggest feature that Alder lacks is smart home equipment that you could purchase. Some of the stand-out features you’ll find with Alder are mobile app arming & disarming, home environmental monitoring equipment, back-up battery, and a fast alarm response rate. If you want simplicity but still have easy access to your home security, Alder is a great candidate as you’ll be able to remotely control your alarm system and have hazard monitoring for your home. If you’re looking for additional features like smart home devices and setting custom actions, we’d recommend another provider.


6 out of 10


  • Basic intrusion detection equipment
  • 4G LTE cellular monitoring

You’ll get the essentials you need for basic intrusion detection with Alder. Some devices you’ll be able to purchase are a touchscreen control panel with two-way audio, sensors, a fire detector, key remote, and indoor/outdoor security cameras. Alder’s security system also comes with 4G LTE cellular monitoring, providing you with more protection than a landline or Wi-Fi connection for monitoring. Compared to other providers, Alder doesn’t break any barriers with its equipment.


6 out of 10


  • No installation fee since you can install the system on your own
  • Easy peel & stick equipment

With Alder, you won’t have to be concerned with setting an appointment and paying a fee for installation. Alder’s security system is DIY, meaning you’ll be able to install it yourself. One of the benefits of this is that Alder’s security system has peel & stick equipment, making it easy to put up your sensors and control panel. Compared to other DIY security system providers, Alder fits right in. With most DIY providers, you’ll find peel & stick equipment, plus more freedom and ease with setup than with a wired security system.

Trial Period

8 out of 10


  • Typical 30-day trial period
  • Limited lifetime equipment warranty

As with most home security providers, you’ll find a 30-day trial period with Alder Security. This gives you a reasonable amount of time to test out your new security system and make sure it fits you and your family’s needs. One additional perk you’ll find with Alder is their limited lifetime equipment warranty. If you opt into their Service Plan, you’ll have access to coverage for your security system as long as you keep your subscription and Alder’s monitoring service. Compared to other providers, this is a perk as you’ll typically find coverage for only a certain number of years.

How We Based Our Provider Ratings

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