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Alder Security focuses on keeping your family safe through intrusion detection and video surveillance. Learn more about the solutions that Alder has to offer.

What Sets Alder Security Apart?

What Sets Alder Security Apart?

Alder Security’s aim is to provide home security solutions that are easy to set up and simple to use. Alder doesn’t offer advanced equipment like smart home devices, but you will be able to receive alerts for activity in and or around your home, as well as check in through video surveillance. Alder has been serving customers in the home security space for over 10 years and currently serves homeowners across 18 states nationwide.

One unique aspect about Alder Security is that they don’t provide pre-made packages. A specialist will work with you over the phone to help you customize a package for your needs. Since each package is customized, Alder does not have preset package and monitoring prices. Learn more about the devices and features you can get with Alder Security.


  • Fast, 3-second alarm response rate
  • Limited lifetime equipment warranty
  • Easy DIY installation process


  • No equipment pricing provided online
  • No monitoring pricing provided online
  • No smart home devices
Alder Security DIY System

Alder Security DIY System

    Build Your Own Alder Security Package

    Our take

    Alder doesn’t offer any preset home security packages you can choose from. The provider instead will work with you to help you choose the devices to protect your home. Some will find this aspect about Alder frustrating as they may be upsold on equipment that they may not need. Some customers may also want the ease of choosing a preset package versus working with a specialist.

    With Alder Security, you will find typical equipment such as a touchscreen control panel, motion sensors, door/window sensors, a key fob, smoke detector, flood & freeze sensor, and signage. Alder also offers security cameras. You can choose from the Arlo Pro Indoor/Outdoor camera or the YI Indoor Camera.

    Package Features

    • Alder Simple Control Panel
    • Motion sensor
    • Door/window sensor
    • Key fob
    • Smoke detector
    • Flood & freeze sensor
    • Arlo Pro Indoor/Outdoor camera
    • YI Indoor Camera
    • Signage
Alder Security Equipment and Features

Alder Security Equipment and Features

Frequently Asked Questions About Alder Security

Frequently Asked Questions About Alder Security

How much do Alder security systems cost?

The cost of Alder security systems will depend on the equipment you purchase. Alder does not provide preset packages online that you can choose from, but you can work with a specialist over the phone to create a package that’s right for you.

How much does Alder monitoring cost?

The price of Alder monitoring will depend on the equipment you choose as well.

Does Alder Security have a trial period?

Yes, Alder has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

Does Alder Security have any smart devices?

No, Alder does not provide any smart devices that you could purchase. If you are wanting to use smart devices in your home, check out these other DIY home security providers.

Can I get a medical alert system with Alder Security?

Yes, if you would like to get a medical alert system, Alder can provide assistance. For medical alerts, you can get pendant that can be used in moments of emergency by simply pressing a button. Emergency medical responders will be on their way to assist. Learn more about Alder medical alert solutions on their website.


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