With Safewatch CellGuard, your ADT 24/7 home monitoring service doesn’t have to rely on a phone line. Here’s how CellGuard works. Traditionally, home security systems have depended on a hardwired telephone landline in order to connect with the remote monitoring service that makes them so valuable. But landlines have limitations, and in the wake of widespread cell phone use, they’re quickly becoming things of the past. The Safewatch CellGuard service is one of ADT’s answers to those constraints.

CellGuard is an optional upgrade to ADT’s home security packages. It allows your home security system to communicate with the company’s monitoring centers over cellular networks instead of a landline. If you don’t have a landline, or your landline is down, you can still rely on CellGuard. It ensures that your monitoring protection will not be interrupted.

Benefits of boosting your ADT security system with Safewatch CellGuard

  • It’s more weatherproof. If falling trees or harsh winds take down the phone lines, CellGuard’s wireless connection remains operational.
  • It’s more tamperproof. Practiced criminals know that cutting a landline effectively bypasses many home security systems, but there’s no way to cut a wireless connection. Construction and renovation projects can also take down phone lines, but not cellular networks.  
  • It works through a power outage. ADT’s wireless cellular connection functions even when the power is out, for maximum peace of mind in the event of a break-in, accident or other emergency.
  • You don’t need a landline at all. If you do have a landline, CellGuard is an excellent backup security measure. If you don’t have a phone line﹘or you’re wondering if you can get rid of yours﹘CellGuard can make the wireless cellular network the primary means of communication between your home security system and ADT’s 24/7 monitoring centers.
Safewatch cellguard by ADT

Other important things to know about ADT security & CellGuard

What’s the verdict﹘is CellGuard worth it? Relying 100% on a cellular network for monitoring services isn’t the right choice for all customers in all locations. However, an ADT home security system with landline-connected 24/7 monitoring and a CellGuard backup is one of the most secure and dependable options available, because it provides multilayered protection.

Many homeowners are drawn to ADT because of the company’s long-running reputation, scalable hardware options, home automation options and professional installation. These households might be wondering if they need a wired phone line in order to be protected by ADT. In this case, the CellGuard service bypasses the need for a landline. It offers the best of ADT’s security services with the flexibility of a cellular network. Looking for more information? Learn more about ADT and compare the leading home security systems.