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Safeguard your family and home against the unknown.
We can help you protect what’s most important to you with a customized security system.
Updated Jan 22, 2021

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For well over a century, ADT has helped customers protect their homes with a wide variety of security options. If there’s one thing you learn spending all that time keeping others safe, it’s that times change. What may have been an afterthought 50 years ago could now be a very real threat to a homeowner’s peace of mind. ADT understands this and knows that no two homes are exactly alike. Because of this, ADT steers clear of one-size-fits-all coverage and offers unique home security packages that are perfect for the people they protect. With three different ADT monitored security packages featuring specific protection plans and state of the art in-home technology, ADT ensures that their plans match homeowner needs perfectly.

How much do ADT packages cost?

ADT monitoring prices range from $35.99/month (about $9.00 per week) to $57.99/month. ADT offers three different packages: Traditional, Control and Video. ADT Traditional package monitoring price starts at $35.99/mo., Control starts at $47.99/mo., and Video starts at $57.99/mo.

Safeguard your family and home against the unknown

We can help you protect what’s most important to you with a customized security system.

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Traditional Package

In the Traditional Package, monthly monitoring costs start at $35.99/mo. The Traditional Package affords customers all of the essentials. Homeowners can enjoy 24-hour coverage with sensors, an alarm, and a digital panel that allows them to protect their homes as they see fit. The touch screen panel uses easy-to-read icons and comes equipped with panic buttons in the event of a fire or health emergency. Best of all, the Traditional Package’s 6-month Money Back Guarantee ensures that if the plan isn’t quite what you had in mind, it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Control Package

In the Control Package, monthly monitoring costs start at $47.99/mo. The Control Package takes things up a notch from the Traditional Package and offers a range of smart home control features. Here, the ADT Mobile App is the star. It sends homeowners security alerts by text or email and allows them to configure security by arming and disarming their systems remotely at the touch of a button on their mobile devices. The Control Package lets you monitor your indoor and outdoor security cameras. You'll also be able to see real-time camera footage from your smartphone.

Video Package

In the Video Package, monthly monitoring costs start at $57.99/mo. The Video Package boasts video surveillance as its main draw. In addition to all of the features offered in the other ADT packages, the Video Package allows users to access video clips of motion-triggered activity in and around their homes while also presenting a variety of camera options with which to stream live video feeds. With indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras as well as two-way audio and stored video, the ADT Video Package takes home security fully-digital. This package also connects your Z-Wave home appliances to your security system and control them using one app when you're on the go.

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What do you get with ADT monitoring?

With nearly 150 years of experience helping keep homes safe, one thing that ADT is sure to offer its users is a time-tested security system capable of providing all-encompassing coverage. Though each home’s security needs are different, it’s safe to say that ADT can handle just about all of them. They offer three unique packages that feature various levels of coverage and equip homes with high-tech mechanisms, such as mobile app control, video surveillance, home automation, and much more depending on how you want to secure your home.

What are the installation costs?

In addition to the ADT monitored security prices associated with monthly security service, customers pay a one-time installation fee that is based on the equipment that they select for their home security systems.

For Traditional Package customers, a $99.00 installation fee includes window and yard signage, sensors, an alarm, and a touch screen digital panel. For access to the ADT Mobile App, Control Package customers pay an upfront fee of $129.00. This gives them access to all of the products included in the Traditional Package as well as email and text alerts, home automation, and the mobile app. Finally, ADT Video Package customers have the option of customizing their security plan. For homeowners that purchase the package with an indoor camera, the price of installation is $129.00. Customers looking for a little bit more can have doorbell cameras installed for a one-time fee of $229.00 and enjoy all of the features included in the Control and Traditional Packages as well as around-the-clock surveillance and stored video capability.


Recognizing the vulnerabilities of your domain is critical to keeping you and your loved ones safe. With the flexibility of unique security packages and ADT prices to match your budget, you can pick the plan that best fits your needs and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. 

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