ADT Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about getting ADT to protect your home, but you still have questions? You’re in the right place. Here are the most frequently asked questions answered to help you get everything you need to know about ADT.
Updated Mar 20, 2020

How does ADT work?

adt video packageADT offers four home security packages for you to choose from. Each package depends on your home security needs including cameras, home automation and remote control. ADT professional technicians can help you determine your package with a free in-home consultation and install your equipment so you don’t have to. You’ll have smartphone control of your system and professional monitoring so you always know what’s happening at home. 


How much does ADT cost?

ADT equipment starts at $599, and you can pay for the equipment over the course of your contract for a reasonable monthly rate. Professional monitoring ranges from $45.99/mo. – $57.99/mo. depending on your package.

How does ADT professional monitoring work?

ADT offers professional monitoring to alert you when your system’s sensors are triggered. Their professionals offer environmental monitoring to watch out for smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and water leaks.

Monitoring specialists also alert you when your system is disarmed, when motion is detected while your system’s armed and more so you’ll always know what’s happening at home. They also can alert emergency responders to your home if there’s danger at your home.

What equipment is included in my ADT security system?

Each ADT system includes a digital panel, a motion detector, entryway contact sensors and a wireless keychain remote. You’ll also get 24/7 professional monitoring, yard signs and window decals with each package. You can add security cameras and additional equipment to fit your security needs.

Does ADT require a contract?

Yes, a contract is required, but your contract length is up to you. ADT’s minimum contract is 12 months, but you can extend the contract for longer if you want a lower monthly equipment cost.

Does ADT require a landline?

No, ADT doesn’t require a landline. Safewatch CellGuard is available for your security system to communicate with ADT’s monitoring system using cellular networks instead of traditional landlines. It’s more reliable during a power outage and is tamperproof to prevent burglars from cutting your wired landline connection to disable your system.

Is ADT equipment wireless?

Traditional ADT equipment must be hardwired to your home for a secure setup. Professional technicians will hardwire your system to your home. Some wireless equipment is available to install some devices where you want. ADT’s security cameras, motion detector and entryway sensors can be wired or installed wirelessly as you choose.

Can I take my ADT home security system with me if I move?

If you move, ADT professional technicians will reinstall a new system at your new home. Keep in mind, you may have to pay an installation and reactivation fee.

Does ADT work with Amazon Alexa and smart home equipment?

Yes, ADT home security systems work with voice assistants and compatible Z-wave equipment. Your favorite smart devices including smart thermostats, light bulbs and more using the ADT mobile app, Amazon Alexa or your Google Assistant.

What is ADT’s warranty?

ADT has an Extended Lifetime Warranty to cover equipment repairs and replacements for a monthly cost.

What is ADT’s 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee?

If there’s a system or service concern that ADT cannot resolve within your first six months you’ll get a full refund on monitoring and installation fees.

What is ADT’s Theft Protection Guarantee?

If a burglary happens at your home while your system is armed, ADT will pay up to $500 of your home insurance deductible.

Can ADT protect my business?

Yes, ADT offers business security solutions. It’s best to speak with an ADT representative for the best offers, systems and equipment to meet your needs. 

Can I cancel ADT when I want?

You can cancel ADT before your contract ends, but you may have to pay 75% of the monthly service charges for the remainder of your contract.

Does ADT offer security cameras?

Yes, ADT offers a video doorbell, indoor and outdoor camera to connect to your security system. ADT cameras can be controlled using the ADT mobile app or your digital panel. You’ll be able to see live activity, playback recorded footage and share footage using the mobile app.

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