ADT Security Equipment

With ADT equipment and 24/7 professional monitoring, you can protect your home, automate functions and more.

ADT Security Equipment

Why ADT?

Most likely, one of your top priorities is protecting your family and home, and ADT has a variety of equipment to help. With ADT packages, you’ll get the basic equipment such as a control panel, sensors, and more. You can extend your basic home security features with ADT home automation products like smart lights, smart locks and other devices. With smart lights, you wouldn’t have to come home to a dark house and can have them programmed to switch on before you arrive. Lastly, ADT allows you to keep watch of your home and property with ADT cameras designed with HD video for clear monitoring.


Learn more about the equipment ADT has to offer, ways to use these devices and how you can benefit with the ADT difference.

ADT Equipment Lineup

ADT Digital Panel

The ADT Digital Panel is the central hub for your security system. You can arm or disarm your system and even get assistance from an ADT monitoring specialist through 2-way communication. The panel is designed with back-lighting to help you see clearly during use and features easy-to-read characters. The ADT Digital Panel’s simple design helps you to manage your security system with ease.

ADT Motion Detectors

ADT motion detectors are the “watchdogs” of your security system, designed to monitor activity in your home. You can monitor areas as large as 35-40 feet with just 1 or 2 sensors, giving you wide coverage. ADT cares about your pets and wants to prevent you from having false alarms through sensitivity customization. A professional technician can come in and adjust the sensitivity for you. For enhanced protection, whenever motion is detected in your home, you can trigger your smart lights to turn on.

ADT Outdoor Security Cameras

Want to keep tabs on what’s happening outside of your home? ADT outdoor security cameras allow you to monitor your home from any angle. When night falls, infrared night vision and 720p HD video allow you to see clearly. ADT outdoor security cameras are made with a weatherproof design for enhanced durability throughout the seasons. One of the most helpful features is motion-triggered alerts–that means if someone approaches your home, you can get a notification sent to your phone to keep you informed.

Secure Your Home with ADT Equipment & Professional Monitoring

ADT Indoor Security Cameras

Keep tabs on what’s happening in your home with ADT indoor security cameras. Designed with 720p HD video, these cameras offer clear vision in the daytime and in dark and low-light conditions. You can check in on your kids and pets, and you can even view live video with your mobile device from wherever you are through the ADT mobile app. Whenever there’s activity in your home, you can also get motion-triggered alerts and video. If you’re not sure where your ADT indoor security camera should be placed in your home, a professional technician will help you find the best location.

ADT Video Doorbell

You can find out if someone’s approaching your door and greet them with the ADT Video Doorbell. This device provides clear, HD video without distortion in the field of vision. You can also check to see if packages have arrived. The ADT Video Doorbell adds an extra line of defense by giving you the ability to view the area around your door. This device is also made to withstand temperatures as low as -4°F and as high as 122°F, making it suitable for even those who live in areas with extreme climates.

ADT Carbon Monoxide Detector

The ADT Carbon Monoxide Detector protects you and your family from harmful, odorless carbon monoxide (CO). This device is capable of sensing low levels of CO, and you can mount it on the ceiling or wall. Whenever CO is detected in your home, whether you’re there or away, an alarm will be sounded, and first responders will be notified right away. You can also test your CO detector periodically with the Test/Hush button to ensure that it works properly.


Stay connected with members of your family through the ADT Go app. This app allows you to share your location with family members, get help in the event of emergencies through SOS Emergency Response, and get roadside assistance through crash detection. The ADT Go app is especially helpful for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids and ensure they are safe. You can get real-time, GPS locations of your loved ones. With the SOS Emergency Response feature, if you’re ever in an emergency and need help, you can tap the SOS button on your phone and ADT will be notified to make sure you’re okay. The Crash Detection feature allows you to get the help you need by automatically recognizing if you’re in a crash and providing you with 24/7 roadside assistance.

ADT Mobile App

The ADT mobile app puts safety at your fingertips. By simply tapping the screen, you can control and manage your security system in addition to your home automation devices. Easily arm or disarm your system no matter where you are, and with access to home automation devices, you can adjust the temperature for comfort, lock your door and much more. If you’re prone to forgetting to close your garage door, the ADT garage door opener and mobile app will help you to keep your home secure since you can close your garage door through the app.

Secure Your Home with ADT Equipment & Professional Monitoring

Jalesa Campbell

Written by your home security specialist

Jalesa Campbell