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ADT offers a variety of equipment and services for business safety and security to help you find what’s best for you.
Updated Mar 12, 2020

What Sets ADT Business Security Apart?

No matter what industry you’re in, ADT gives business owners easy security monitoring options and next-level features to meet your needs. From remote control to a wide range of equipment and services, they’re the right solution for both small businesses and large enterprises.

ADT business uses cellular connectivity to keep their systems connected to ADT monitoring systems in bad weather or disconnected landlines. You’ll also be able to connect to compatible Z-wave devices for remote control and scheduled automation routines. Let’s see how ADT helps protect your place of business safe for a smooth operation.

What we like

  • Smart home compatibility
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Wide variety of equipment

What we don't like

  • Requires a contract
  • Home automation not included in all packages
  • Video not included in all packages

Top 3 ADT Business Security Features

  • Fast Customer Support

    No matter the time of day, an ADT specialist will respond in less than 60 seconds to help you with any service or system concerns.

  • ADT Mobile App

    Anytime your sensors are triggered, you’ll get instant app alerts to always know what’s happening at your place of business. You can also see live camera footage using the app.

  • Business Security Automation

    Connect your smart lights, thermostat and plugs to your security system for smart business security. Schedule for the heat and lights to turn on together without needing to remember.

Heads up! ADT Business doesn’t offer equipment information or pricing without speaking with a specialist.

ADT Packages

  • Premise Control

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Premise Control includes the basic business security essentials needed for your safety. You’ll also get instant sensor-triggered alerts sent to your smartphone to easily monitor your business’ security and safety. If there’s an emergency, you’ll have a Hold-Up Button handy to quietly alert for help without thieves knowing. You’ll also have remote access to arm and disarm your system and other security features. Business owners will get flood detection to keep watch for water leaks to prevent flood damage and costly repairs.

    Package Features

    • Intrusion detection
    • Hold-Up alarm monitoring
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Flood detection
    • Event history
    • Smartphone remote control
    • Customized scheduling
    • Remote access
  • Enterprise View

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Enterprise View package comes with all of the benefits and equipment from Premise Control and a few extras like video. This package includes interactive video features to control your security cameras and recorded clips easily. See your live camera activity and store recorded clips on ADT’s cloud storage for data safety and privacy. You’ll be able to playback, store and send clips using your smartphone.

    Package Features

    • All features and equipment in Premise Control
    • Interactive video
  • Total Productivity

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Get premium security and features with everything from the Enterprise View package and smart home control for your business. Monitor your business’ temperature using your smartphone to adjust settings and reduce energy costs. You can also turn on smart lights before you arrive at your business. Lastly, this package lets you control your standard small appliances remotely using smart plugs and your smartphone for scheduled routines and more energy savings.

    Package Features

    • All features and equipment in Enterprise View
    • Climate control
    • Lighting control
    • Small appliance management

ADT Business Security Equipment and Features

  • Door and Window Sensors

    Protect your entryways with door and window sensors. When someone enters or leaves your business you’ll hear a high-decibel chime to alert you.

  • Motion Detector

    When your system is armed away and your motion detector spots any movement ADT monitoring centers immediately.

  • Glass Break Sensor

    Install a glass break sensor to be automatically alerted if a window or glass is broken. You’ll get an instant mobile alert and ADT monitoring professionals will notify emergency responders.

  • Hold Up Button

    Just in case of an emergency, use ADT’s Hold Up Button to quickly and quietly call for help for your safety. Emergency responders will be to your rescue in seconds.

  • Flood Monitoring Sensor

    Catch any water leaks and flooding before there’s too much damage from pipes or leaks from appliances.

  • Security Cameras

    Set-up security cameras to keep an eye out from virtually anywhere. You’ll be able to easily monitor inventory, visitors and employees for your business’ safety.

  • Video Storage

    Store your camera’s clips securely using ADT’s cloud storage. You’ll be able to easily save and share clips to playback later without hard drives or local storage that can easily fall into the wrong hands.

  • Temperature & Climate Control

    Set and adjust your business’ temperatures when you’re on the go using your smartphone to keep your customers comfortable, save money and energy.

  • Smart Plugs

    Use ADT’s smart plug to get the best home automation features when you plug in smart home appliances. You’ll be able to turn devices on and off with your smartphone or voice commands.

  • Smart Lights

    Use your smartphone or voice assistant to turn smart lights on and off at your business. It’s the perfect way to trick bad guys into thinking someone’s at your business when you’re away.

  • Smart Locks

    Use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door from virtually anywhere. Smart locks let you create multiple unique passcodes for employees and receive alerts every time your door is locked or unlocked.

  • Keycard Readers

    Give trusted employees keycard readers to safely come and go. You’ll also have a trackable history of who comes and goes, and when so you’re always in the know.

  • Intercoms

    Install intercoms for two-way communication to see guests outside of your door. Use the intercom to let them know you’re finishing up with a client or that you’ve stepped away without answering the door.

ADT Business Security Guarantees

ADT stands behind its business equipment and services. They offer a 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee as reassurance. Within the first six months, if there’s a system or service issue that ADT cannot resolve you’ll get a full refund.

Compare ADT Packages

Premise Control

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Enterprise View

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Total Productivity

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24/7 professional monitoring
Professional installation
Motion detection
Mobile App Control
Video Surveillance
Business Automation Compatibility
Live video streaming

Why We Recommend ADT Business’ Total Productivity Package

We recommend the Total Productivity Package for business owners to have everything they need for business safety and security. You’ll get flood detection, mobile app access, business automation and video features. If you want more control of your business’ security on the go and security cameras it’s best to choose the Total Productivity package. You’ll have the right equipment and services to handle intrusion, environmental damage and keep your customers safe.

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