ADT Command Overview

ADT Command gives you the power to manage your home security system and compatible smart home equipment at all times using a touchscreen display and the new mobile app. You’ll be able to use your Android or iOS mobile device to control your home’s security equipment to:

  • Arm and disarm your home security system
  • Turn on smart lights
  • View real-time security camera footage
  • Unlock and lock your smart lock
  • Adjust your home’s temperature
  • Control your garage door

ADT Command Features

ADT Control mobile app

The ADT Control app gives you the power to control your ADT Command system at all times – whether at work, home or vacation. You’ll be able to use the app to control your smart home and security equipment just as you would at home using the ADT Command touchscreen display. The ADT Control app is free to download onto your Android or Apple iOS mobile device.

Amazon Alexa hands-free control

Set up the Amazon Alexa Smart Home feature for hands-free control of your ADT Command system using the ADT Control mobile app. You’ll be able to use Alexa voice commands to disarm your ADT home security system and control your smart home gadgets without lifting a finger.

Smart home connectivity

ADT Command also comes with a touchscreen display to control all of your security and smart home equipment from one device. You’ll be able to connect your smart home devices from brands including Kwikset, Z-Wave and LifeMaster. This system also connects to Amazon Alexa for hands-free home security control. Simply tell Alexa to turn on your lights or disarm your system for convenient control of your security equipment.

Instant mobile notifications

With ADT Command, you’ll be able to set up instant alerts to stay up to speed on your ADT home security equipment. If a sensor is triggered, you’ll receive a mobile notification and ADT’s professional monitoring center will, too. ADT’s professionals will contact you and emergency responders if there’s any danger. You’ll even be able to set up custom alerts for your home including automatic alerts when door and window sensors are triggered.

Professional installation

ADT home security comes with professional installation. Technicians are willing to install and set up your ADT Command system and set up the app on your mobile devices as needed. Your technician will even show you how to use ADT Command. And remember ADT’s tech support teams are standing by to answer any questions.

Secure 24/7 camera footage

Your ADT Command system has the power to store and playback your security camera footage using your mobile device or the touchscreen. For the best security, ADT only allows access to view your camera’s footage to your security system’s administrator or owner in your home – not even ADT professionals.  

Compare ADT Packages

ADT Traditional Package

ADT Traditional Package

Starting at: $28.99/mo

The ADT Traditional Package provides everything you need to get started protecting your home. You’ll have 24/7 professional monitoring as well as get essential equipment like the digital panel, high-decibel alarm, sensors and signage for your windows and yard.

You’ll have touchscreen capability with the digital panel, a cellular connection that’s the most secure compared to a landline or wireless connection and sensors to ensure detection of anyone coming or going. Starting at $28.99/mo., the Traditional Package is great if you’re looking for the basics.

Package includes

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Essential home security equipment
  • Cellular connection

ADT Control Package

ADT Control Package

Starting at: $42.99/mo

A step above the Traditional Package, the Control Package includes everything from the base package plus high-tech features such as home automation capabilities and alerts. With this ADT package, you’ll be able to access and control your home security system from your phone or tablet through the ADT mobile app,

If you decide to add-on smart home devices, you’ll get home automation capabilities with the Control package, allowing you to manage devices like smart lights, smart plugs or even smart door locks while you’re on the go. Imagine returning to a well-lit home after work, which is actually a safer practice.

For as little as $42.99/mo., you can gain access to these features to heighten your home security.

Package includes

  • Everything from the Traditional Package
  • Home automation capabilities
  • The ADT mobile app

ADT Video Package

ADT Video Package

Starting at: $50.99/mo

You can take your home security a step further with the ADT Video Package which includes all of the features of the Control Package. One of the biggest perks of this package is video monitoring, which allows you to have remote secure video with an indoor, outdoor or doorbell camera. You can keep tabs on what’s happening inside your home, around your home and at your front doorstep.

With this package, you’ll also receive motion-triggered alerts that allow you to monitor when someone approaches your home. For video-enhanced home security, home automation capabilities and the essential equipment you need, this package is best. You can get the ADT Video Package for as little as $50.99/mo.

Package includes

  • Everything from the Control Package
  • Video monitoring
  • Live video and video clips for triggered events

ADT Command FAQs

What’s the difference between ADT Command and ADT Pulse?

ADT Command is designed to connect home automation and security with a few new features not offered with ADT Pulse including: – A touchscreen display to control all security and smart home equipment – ADT Command panel camera – Home security service using cellular LTE signals – Ability to connect up to 96 users – Z-Wave Plus connectivity – Two-way audio – ‘How to’ videos included in the panel These are just a few of the security features currently available with ADT Command and many more are expected to come.

How much camera footage can my ADT Command system store?

Camera footage storage space for ADT Command users depends on your ADT home security plan. Some plans offer up to 6,000 stored video clips per month.

What Android and iOS devices work with ADT Command?

ADT Command works with most Android and Apple devices including smartwatches, tablets and smartphones. Features may be limited depending on the mobile device. But the good news is ADT Command now allows you to review video footage using your Apple Watch – a feature not offered previously.