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Get time-tested and trusted home security solutions with ADT Security.

What Sets ADT Security Apart?

Founded in 1874, ADT has many years of experience helping customers protect their homes and the ones they love. With ADT security, you’ll find several packages geared towards the different needs of homeowners, whether that’s access to mobile app control, home automation or even video surveillance.


These are three packages that ADT offers: the Traditional Package offers basic home security and equipment, but each upgraded package offers different control panel capabilities. ADT also offers the Control Package and the Video Package. The upfront cost for equipment ranges from $99.00 – $229.00. Professional monitoring with ADT security ranges from $35.99/mo. – $57.99/mo. See how ADT systems stack up as one of the best home security system providers.

What we like

  • Mobile app remote control

  • Access to a range of smart home devices

  • Activate an existing home security system you may have

What we don’t like

  • Contract required

  • No self-installation option

  • Mobile app access not available in basic package

Top 3 ADT Features

140+ Years in Business

ADT is one of the oldest home security companies in the industry and has established trust with consumers as an industry leader.

$500 Theft Protection Guarantee

If your home is burglarized while ADT is securing it, the provider will pay part of your insurance deductible.

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

In the event that ADT isn’t right for you, the provider will refund you for the cost of installation and any monitoring fees paid.

Not sure which ADT package is right for you?

ADT Packages


Starting at $35.99/mo

Our take

The Traditional Package contains the essentials you need to protect your home. This package monitors your home over a cellular connection, ensuring your home is protected around-the-clock. The upfront cost of equipment is $99.00. This package is a great option if you’re not looking for smart home or video surveillance features.

Package Devices Include:

  • 1 digital panel
  • 1 alarm
  • Sensors
  • Window and yard signage
  • Access to intrusion detection
  • Access to home environmental monitoring


Starting at $47.99/mo

Our take

Take your protection to the next level with smart home control features in the Control Package. You’ll get access to everything included in the Traditional Package plus the ADT mobile app and notifications by text and email. With the ADT mobile app, you’ll be able to arm/disarm your security system by phone or tablet. You can also manage select smart home devices remotely. The upfront cost of equipment for this package is $129.00.

Package Devices Include:

  • All of the devices in the Traditional Package
  • Access to remote arming, disarming, and smart home control
  • Can customize alerts and automations


Starting at $57.99/mo

Our take

If you want to add on video surveillance for your home, we recommend the Video & Home Automation Package. It comes with everything in the Control Package plus access to a live video feed, video clips of motion-triggered activity and an indoor camera. The package also comes with a smart plug to control your Z-wave home appliances using your smartphone. his package is great if you want to monitor activity in and around your home. Upfront equipment can range from $129.00 up to $229.00.

Package Features

  • All of the features in the Control Package
  • Optional indoor camera or video doorbell camera
  • Access to live video streaming
  • Recording and video clips

Not sure which ADT monitored home security package is right for you?

ADT Security Equipment & Features

ADT security systems provide the essential equipment you’ll need to monitor your home like a control panel, sensors, signage, and even security cameras. You can add on additional equipment like smart home devices and home environmental monitoring devices, like smoke detectors, to your package as well. These are several devices that ADT offers:

Smart Home Devices

With ADT , you can create your very own smart home with a number of devices to choose from. To get home automation capabilities, you’ll need to choose either the ADT Control or ADT Video & Automation Package. Pick from smart home devices like the ADT video doorbell, smart lights, smart locks, the ADT smart thermostat, and more. Although convenience is a big perk of owning smart devices, you can also increase your security with automated lighting and door locks. Plus, you’ll be able to use the ADT mobile app for control.

ADT Monitoring Security Prices

ADT monitoring prices range from $35.99/month (about $9 per week) to $57.99/mo. (about $15 per week). Equipment costs and professional install fees both start at $99 depending on which package you choose. ADT offers three different packages: the Traditional Package offers basic home security and equipment. ADT also offers the Control and Video Package. The Traditional package monitoring price starts at $35.99/mo., Control starts at $47.99/mo. and Video package starts at $57.99/mo.

ADT Contracts and Warranties

A 36-month contract is required for ADT’s monitored home security service. This is typical compared to other home security providers that offer professional monitoring. You can also opt-in for ADT’s Extended Limited Warranty on your installed equipment. As long as you continue your service with ADT, you’ll be covered for the cost of parts and labor on your security system.

Compare ADT Packages

Upfront equipment price starts at $99.00 $129.00
24/7 professional monitoring Yes Yes
Pro. monitoring starts at $35.99/mo. $47.99/mo.
Professional installation Yes Yes
Motion detection Yes Yes
Home environmental monitoring Yes Yes
Remote arming/disarming No Yes
Smart home device control No No
Video surveillance No Yes
Live video streaming No Yes

Why We Recommend the Video Package

The ADT Video Package provides you with access to video surveillance through an indoor camera or video doorbell camera. With this package, you’ll be able to check-in what’s happening in your home or at your doorstep. With two-way talk capability, you can easily interact with family members, pets, or visitors.

Not sure which ADT package is right for you?

ADT Guarantees

ADT is committed to making sure customers are happy with their home security solutions. ADT offers two guarantees to help ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

6-month money-back guarantee

If ADT is unable to resolve your system or service concerns in your first 6 months, they will refund your installation and monitoring fees. Certain restrictions may apply.

Theft protection guarantee

If a burglary takes place while your ADT security monitoring system is armed, ADT is committed to helping you pay up to $500 of your insurance deductible. Certain restrictions apply.

Explore Additional ADT Resources

ADT Customer Service Information

If you need assistance with your existing ADT service, you can reach customer service by:

Frequently Asked Questions About ADT Home Security

A couple using a laptop

Does ADT require a contract?

Yes, a 36-month contract is required for ADT security.

Does ADT offer professional installation?

Yes, all ADT packages are installed by a professional technician.

Is there an ADT installation fee?

Yes, professional installation typically starts at $99, but could cost more depending on your equipment.

How much does ADT professional monitoring cost?

Professional monitoring starts at $35.99/mo. With the Basic Package. The price of monitoring ranges from $35.99/mo. – $57.99/mo.

Can ADT work with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, ADT works with Amazon Alexa for voice control. If you have an Amazon Alexa device, you’ll be able to issue voice commands.

Can ADT work with Google Assistant?

Yes, ADT works with Google Assistant for voice control. You’ll be able to issue voice commands and use your ADT smart home devices with your Google Assistant device.

Will my ADT security system come with battery backup in case my power goes out?

Yes, your ADT security system will have battery backup, allowing the system to continue to function for several hours after a power outage.

Does ADT have a panic button?

ADT knows that not every emergency is related to home security and offers an emergency panic button, allowing you to alert a first responder in the event of a fire and medical-related emergencies.

What is ADT’s cancellation policy?

ADT offers a 6-Month Money Back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your service. They will refund you for the cost of installation and any monitoring fees paid.

Does ADT have early termination fees?

You may be charged an early termination fee if you break your contract with ADT. Learn more about early termination on ADT’s website.


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