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Updated Jul 20, 2020
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ADT vs. Deep Sentinel

ADT and Deep Sentinel are two home security companies that offer different experiences for customers. Both provide professional monitoring, home automation, video surveillance and more. However, they have distinct approaches to home security. ADT has been a trusted brand since 1874 and has become a favorite among U.S. families. Deep Sentinel is a newer company with a unique way of dealing with threats at your home.

ADT vs. Deep Sentinel Home Security Review

While both companies are well-regarded security providers, they operate in very different ways. ADT provides professional monitoring to help detect intruders or burglars. ADT’s technology will send signals to a monitoring center so its representatives can contact the authorities. This can be paired with motion sensors, video surveillance and home automation equipment. Deep Sentinel's technology aims to stop the threat before it turns into a crime. When a potential intruder is detected, it sends a signal to Deep Sentinel which will connect a live guard to the feed. The guard is then able to speak directly with the intruder, which is usually enough to deter them.

  • Price

    Tie: ADT and Deep Sentinel

    ADT's monthly monitoring costs start at $28.99 which is slightly lower than Deep Sentinel's $49 monthly cost. However, if you pay Deep Sentinel's fee a year in advance, the price per month drops to just $40.66 per month. Deep Sentinel's upfront equipment cost is also cheaper at just $299 compared to ADT's $599 cost. The cost balances out for most, making this round a tie.

  • Equipment

    Winner: ADT

    ADT has a range of great security equipment to suit each home, from video cameras to motion sensors. You can even include devices such as smoke alarms to fully protect your home. Deep Sentinel’s equipment is impressive, but the options are fairly limited to just a smart hub and cameras. There’s no option to add additional equipment such as motion sensors or smoke alarms.

  • Home Automation

    Winner: ADT

    ADT provides a range of home automation and smart home devices in its packages. You can choose packages with smart locks, remote alarm controls and motion sensors. Deep Sentinel’s package only offers smart cameras and a smart hub, but no home automation options.

  • Contract

    Winner: Deep Sentinel

    Both ADT and Deep Sentinel require at least a contract to start out. ADT's contract is for a minimum of 36 months, while Deep Sentinel's is only for 12 months, however. After that initial period, Deep Sentinel allows you to switch to a month-to-month agreement, which can then be canceled at any time. Its more flexible agreement wins out in this category.

  • Installation

    Tie: ADT & Deep Sentinel

    ADT only offers professional installation, without the option for a DIY install. Deep Sentinel, on the other hand, only offers a DIY install with no professional installation option. If you don’t feel comfortable installing cameras yourself, then ADT might be preferable here. Since neither provider offers both for customers to choose from this round is a tie.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Tie: ADT & Deep Sentinel

    Both ADT and Deep Sentinel provide professional 24/7 monitoring services. Deep Sentinel’s service stands out because once a camera detects a potential intruder, it alerts a live guard to handle the situation. They will be able to speak with the intruder, set off an alarm or contact the authorities for help. On the other hand, ADT has a number of 24/7 monitoring centers. Since both offer live assistance and monitoring this round is a tie.

Winner: ADT

While both companies provide great services, ADT offers a more well-rounded approach to home security. With ADT, you have more options for home automation and security equipment. You can choose a package that suits your budget and needs. Deep Sentinel offers more limited options in terms of equipment and only has one fixed package. Its monitoring costs are also typically more expensive than ADT’s. The live guard service is an impressive feature for Deep Sentinel, though. If you prefer a personalized monitoring service over professional installation and long-term contracts, Deep Sentinel may be an attractive option for you.
Winner: ADT

Deep Sentinel

Monthly monitoring starting price
Minimum contract length
36 months12 months
Extended no-risk return period
6 months30-day no-risk return
Installation (DIY or Pro)
$500 Theft ProtectionN/A
Optional Extended Limited Warranty on equipmentLimited 1-year warranty on equipment
BBB Rating
Safety Score
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of July 8, 2020.

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