ADT vs. Alert 360

Updated Aug 10, 2020
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ADT vs. Alert 360

ADT and Alert 360 are both popular home security providers with similar services on offer. Both companies offer professional monitoring, home automation options and intrusion protection. ADT has been in operation since 1874 and therefore has more industry experience than Alert 360. However, Alert 360 offers more flexible packages and more equipment in its lower-priced packages. We will compare these two companies to help you find the best home security solution for you.

Compare ADT vs. Alert 360

ADT and Alert 360 both provide great home security options. These include ongoing monitoring services, high-tech security equipment and home automation. With over 7 million customers, ADT is one of the favorites for homes across the U.S. Although Alert 360 is a newer security company, it still has 45 years under its belt. However, it's only available in 24 states, so that may make this an easy choice for some consumers. See how these companies stack up across several categories.

  • Price

    Winner: ADT

    Alert 360's monthly monitoring costs start from just $39.99 per month, which is more expensive than ADT's $28.99 starting cost. The upfront cost for equipment installation is similar between the two companies, starting at $99 and going up depending on the package.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Winner: Alert 360

    ADT and Alert 360 both offer professional monitoring services for an ongoing monthly cost. ADT's service starts at $28.99 per month and can increase up to $57.99 per month for the higher equipment packages. Alert 360’s monitoring costs start at $39.99 per month across all the packages, which makes it a more affordable option.

  • Equipment

    Winner: Alert 360

    Both companies offer an impressive range of security equipment. However, Alert 360 manages to offer access to its mobile app and security cameras in every package. With ADT, security cameras are only available in the Video Lite package and above, which is priced at $54.99 per month. Alert 360’s starting package costs just $39.99 per month and comes with a camera as standard. This makes it the most affordable option for those requiring surveillance equipment.

  • Home Automation

    Tie: ADT and Alert 360

    ADT and Alert 360 both offer great home automation products. ADT can provide smart lights and locks, which you can control through the mobile app. Alert 360 also offers smart home technology such as a keyless door lock and remote control of your alarm system. With both companies, home automation equipment is only available at higher packages.

  • Contract

    Winner: Alert 360

    Both ADT and Alert 360 typically require a 36-month contract. However, Alert 360 offers a month-to-month agreement which can be a useful alternative if you want a more flexible arrangement.

  • Installation

    Tie: ADT and Alert 360

    Both ADT and Alert 360 offer professional installation within your home. For installation, both companies start at $99. and go up depending on the equipment package you choose. Neither company allows DIY installation making this round a tie.

Winner: Alert 360

ADT is trusted by millions and provides everything you need from a security system. As ADT provides services nationwide, this gives it an advantage over Alert 360, which is only available in 24 states. However, for those who can access it, Alert 360 has a few advantages over ADT. Alert 360 provides a similar service at a lower cost. Its mobile app and video cameras are available across all packages and its flexible month-to-month agreements are also great for those who need more flexibility.
Winner: Alert 360

Alert 360

Monthly monitoring starting price
Minimum contract length
36 months36 months
Extended no-risk return period
6 monthsN/A
Installation (DIY or Pro)
$500 Theft Protection$1,360 insurance reimbursement
Optional Extended Limited Warranty on equipmentN/A
BBB Rating
Please note that BBB ratings, plans, pricing, and other details can change without our knowledge. Details accurate as of July 8, 2020.

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