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Updated Jun 4, 2021

ADT Overview 


ADT’s our top choice for traditional home security. The company has over 145 years of experience in providing trustworthy and time-tested security solutions for your family. 

ADT is one of the best home security systems with traditional services and modern equipment. The company provides professional monitoring and installation to give you a worry-free home security experience from start to finish. ADT does come with a few catches, including a required contract, leasing your equipment, and limited equipment packages. But you’ll still get popular smart security features, including home automation connectivity, instant mobile alerts, and surveillance.


  • Over 145 years of experience
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • $500 theft protection guarantee


  • Contract required
  • More expensive than other competitors
  • Mobile app and surveillance options not included in the basic package

ADT: Best for homeowners


Homeowners have more home security options than renters. But when many homeowners think about the longevity and reliability of their security solutions, ADT often comes to mind. The popular home security company has over 145 years of experience, award-winning professional monitoring and reliable equipment. 

Customers also love ADT’s unique perks, including the $500 theft protection guarantee, 6-month money-back guarantee and discounts on home insurance premiums. 

Most homeowners weigh these pros against other concerns for ADT including long-term contracts, leased equipment and professionally installed equipment. If you’re planning to stay in your home for at least three years, ADT is a great option. And overtime, you can still add-on extra equipment and upgrade your plan for more security features.

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ADT Equipment and Features


If you’re buying a home security system to help prevent danger or burglars, ADT has a lot to offer. ADT offers a wide array of equipment to help avoid the unthinkable and instantly alert you if there’s an emergency. Each package comes with security essentials to help protect your home: 

  • Digital panel 
  • Motion detector 
  • Door and window sensors 
  • Wireless keychain remote
  • 24/7 professional monitoring 
  • Yard signs and decals 

A variety of sensors are available, including glass break sensors, motion detectors, and entryway sensors to sound alarms if they’re triggered. ADT also offers smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and flood sensors to monitor environmental emergencies and alert you when danger strikes. The sensors are also pet-friendly to reduce false alarms. 

Additionally, ADT offers a wireless two-button panic fob to signal for help if there’s an emergency. The button can be worn on your belt loop, wrist, or as a necklace for help whenever you need it. Customers will still have access to ADT’s mobile app to signal for help, control their smart home devices, and arm and disarm your system on the go.

You can also get some of the latest security equipment to help prevent break-ins, including smart locks, video doorbells, and security cameras. Keep in mind that you’ll need to upgrade your package to get surveillance and smart home equipment. Here’s a brief overview of all popular ADT equipment.

ADT Security Equipment

  • ADT touchscreen control panel

    The ADT Touchscreen Control Panel features easy-to-read icons for arming/disarming and emergencies. You’ll also be able to control any ADT smart devices from the control panel.

  • ADT security cameras

    All ADT security cameras provide 1080p HD video for quality streaming and recording. You can access live video and recordings through the ADT mobile app.

  • ADT smart lock

    Get notifications, key, and keyless entry with ADT’s smart lock. Remote locking and unlocking are available in the ADT mobile app.

  • ADT mobile app

    The ADT Mobile App puts control at your fingertips with remote arming and disarming, access to live streaming video, and the ability to manage any ADT smart devices.

ADT Professional Monitoring


ADT’s award-winning professional environmental and intrusion monitoring is included in all packages. It has six monitoring centers and over 7,000 monitoring professionals across the country. Each monitoring center is certified by the Underwriters Laboratory and The Monitoring Association. If your sensors are triggered, a mobile alert will be sent to you and ADT’s monitoring centers. Agents will contact you and emergency responders for your safety and security.

Professional monitoring is included in your package price, which could vary depending on your selection. 

ADT Mobile App


The ADT mobile app is the ultimate remote control for your security system and smart home devices. It controls everything from smart lights to sensors. Here’s a breakdown of app features.

Security system and sensors 

  • Arm and disarm your system. 
  • Get instant alerts when sensors are triggered. 
  • Set geo-fencing to disarm your system within a certain range. 

Security cameras 

  • Use two-way audio to speak to guests from your smartphone. 
  • See live and recorded footage, and share it with family and friends.
  • Receive instant alerts when motion is detected. 

Smart home automation

  • Adjust your smart thermostat, smart lights or other devices. 
  • Create scenes or automated routines. 
  • Lock or unlock smart locks, and control equipment instantly.

Keep in mind that ADT’s mobile app is only available for the Smart Protection and Complete packages.

ADT smart home control


ADT lets you bring your security and smart home devices together using the ADT app. You can control your smart lights, plugs, and more using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or the ADT mobile app. We love that ADT uses Z-wave technology to connect multiple smart home devices and control them at the same time to give you more control of your home. 

If you like Nest smart home devices, you’ll love the new ADT and Google partnership. ADT now sells the Google Nest mini, Hub, and Hub Max. Professional installation and monitoring are also available for Nest users. 

About ADT’s Customer Satisfaction Guarantees


ADT offers two guarantees for customers to help give peace of mind and promised security. 

6-month money-back guarantee 

If ADT cannot handle your system or service concerns within the first six months of service, they’ll refund your installation and monitoring fees. 

Theft protection guarantee 

ADT’s $500 theft protection guarantee promises to pay up to $500 of your home insurance deductible if a burglary occurs and your system is armed. 

ADT also offers a Quality Service Plan for each package to comprehensively cover all system parts and system service for the duration of your contract.

Compare ADT Packages


ADT has three packages to choose from — Secure, Smart, and Complete. The Secure package gives you all of the basics for home security, while the Smart package adds smart home features and control. Surveillance features only come with the Complete package, but you’ll also have security basics and smart home features.

For the best customization, we recommend the Complete package. The package comes with security essentials, home automation and surveillance features for the best price. You’ll have the flexibility to add smart home devices and cameras at any time without needing to upgrade your package. 



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The Bottom Line: ADT


All in all, ADT is a great choice for homeowners. ADT requires a contract, but customers can choose from a wide range of durable security and smart home devices to give you full control and peace of mind. Every package comes with 24/7 professional monitoring to provide you with better security and response in an emergency. You’ll also have a worry-free professional installation and two guarantees to ensure your satisfaction. 

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