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Shopping for the right home security system for your needs can be time-consuming and a little confusing, but you and your family’s safety is very important.

That’s why we do the homework for you here at Safety.com. We dig into the research, breaking down what to look for when purchasing a security system and what to expect with featured providers.

We also share some of the highest rated safety and security-related products for your family and home.

What We Do

What We Do

Safety.com’s team of technology writers and home security industry watchdogs continuously researches today’s home security providers, products and services. Learn more about our methodology used to curate lists, designate rankings, and guide our product and provider recommendations.

We monitor what matters in home security:

  • New products and product recalls
  • Emerging hot-button issues
  • Deals
  • Relevant breaking news

We use this research to create comparison tools and “best of” lists to help you make the ideal purchasing decisions for your household:

  • Smart house guide
  • Best in class security package recommendation tool
  • Brand vs Brand comparisons
  • Best Home Security Systems, Best DIY, Best for Renters & more

Meet Our Team


Safety & Security Writer

Dashia researches and writes about all things home automation and security to help you create a safe smart home. She focuses on the latest news, products and providers to share only the best with your family.



Safety & Security Writer

Jalesa researches and writes in the home security, family safety, digital safety, and home automation verticals on Safety.com. She also contributes to content ideation and social media efforts.


Tech & Safety Reporter

Emily is an experienced writer passionate about covering topics at the intersection of tech, health, safety and humanity.


Senior Editor & Content Strategist

Erik leads our editorial team and helps shape our content direction and brand identity. Erik has 10+ years of experience building brands and producing engaging content that puts readers’ needs first.


Senior Content Strategist

Kristin’s favorite thing is crafting content and shaping stories to inform the reader.


Digital Designer

Eric is an expert in digital design and helps create a world class site experience for our users


Senior Communications Coordinator

Leading communications, Ben works across the Safety.com team, helping to ensure users find the information they need for keeping their family and friends safe.


Communications Specialist

John assists with content ideation and works closely with the editorial team. He helps with planning and optimizing informative content for our readers.


Communications Coordinator

Neil handles incoming and outgoing communication for Safety.com. He also assists with promoting content on Safety.com so readers can find our articles and resources.


Vice President

Carmen has over a decade of experience in building websites to help consumers and home services brands connect. She helps set the strategy for Safety.com to ensure we create the best experience for our readers.


General Manager

Madison has worked in global security management for over 5 years. He leads the team to help prioritize meaningful projects and work with our strategic partners.


Customer Experience Manager

Shea works to optimize our site and design new features to help ensure a world-class experience for our users.


Customer Experience Specialist

Lucy helps to optimize content and develop features on site to help make readers’ experience more engaging.


Senior Tech Developer

Casey has years of experience in development and leads our tech team of developers on both the front and back end of our site.


Tech Developer

Shane is passionate about learning, implementing new tech. He makes sure our website delivers a great user experience.


Front End Developer

Kyle is an experienced web developer who specializes in building custom WordPress sites. Along with his team, he helps create new features and maintains the user experience on Safety.

Why Safety.com?

  • Industry Experience

    Our skilled researchers invest their time evaluating family and home safety products and services – so you can ultimately decide which ones best fit your individual needs.

  • Customer Value

    The reviews, rankings and recommendations we provide our readers are 100% our own and offered at no additional cost.

  • Trusted Partners

    We partner with top brands in the home security industry that have strong reputations and award-winning products and services.