About Safety.com

Safety was created to educate the public with the most effective information to improve their home security and overall safety.

Why we exist

Four primary beliefs led to the creation of Safety, its mission, and core values.

Burglary is a common danger that homeowners often neglect

Despite an overall downward trend of crime in America for the past decade, nearly one in ten households are still victims of property crime every year, resulting in millions of burglaries. These crimes add up to an estimated total of $3.9 billion in burglary-related theft and an average household loss of $2251.

The general public is unaware that burglars target middle and low income residential properties more than any other location. 73% of all burglary offenses occur in households and of these locations, 97% of them were in the lower income brackets. High income neighborhoods aren’t frequent targets for burglars. In fact, households with over $75,000 income saw the most reduction in burglaries compared to any other income bracket.  

Even more concerning are the statistics that reveal the potential physical dangers of a burglary. A family member was home for almost 30% of all burglaries and of those break-ins, the burglar committed a violent crime in 26% of them.

These burglaries can be prevented with simple home security improvements, but most homeowners are not aware of these strategies.

Homeowners benefit from home security research

The easiest way to deter burglars is to improve your home’s security. This information, however, is not widely spread amongst the public.

Homeowners lack easy access to:

  • Recommendations on how to improve their door and window integrity: Damaging or removing a door was the single most common type of method of entrance in forcible entry burglaries.
  • Recommendations on locks: Burglaries removed or tampered with door locks in 25% of forcible entry burglaries.
  • Recommendations on security systems: The Electronic Security Administration estimates 75% of home break-ins are halted by alarm systems before they become burglaries.
  • City-specific resources: Homeowners should know about local crime trends and also how authorities respond to burglary in their city.
  • Best practices: 50% of burglars entered without requiring force and of those 40% came in through an unlocked door. These are easily prevented by adopting better homeowner security checks.

Homeowners benefit from consumer education materials on the home security industry

The home security system industry is complex and challenging for homeowners. There are hundreds of national and local companies, each with their own equipment, packages, and service plans. The average homeowner is ill-equipped to properly choose what system is best for their home.

Homeowners lack easy access to:

  • Strategies to evaluate and review home security system companies.
  • Tools to compare companies across multiple metrics and data.
  • Explanations of the complex industry jargon of services and upgrades.
  • Research into the quality and customer reputation of companies.

Homeowners also benefit from expert home safety practices

Home safety is another major concern for homeowners. Sometimes the greatest danger isn’t who may break-in, but what can happen unexpectedly to your family at home.

Homeowners lack easy access to:

  • Fire, flood, and other environmental danger prevention guides.
  • Safety reviews of the most common products for homes and children.
  • Product recall information for family products.

*Sources: FBI Crime in the United States, U.S. Department of Justice Victimization During Household Burglary

Our mission and values

Safety’s mission is to create safe and secure homes.

This mission is founded upon three core values that drive our vision and daily operations:

Home Security and Safety Awareness: We provide homeowners with the necessary strategies and instruction to protect against intruders and also prepare them for potential accidents that can occur at home.

Consumer Protection: We provide consumers with the necessary statistics and reports to understand the home security and safety industry. The public should also be aware of family product recalls and low quality safety equipment which is unsafe for use.  

Homeowner Education: We provide research on all major American cities and states so homeowners can understand the most relevant crime, home security, and safety issues in their neighborhood.

Our research

Safety provides the public with these types of reports:

  • Best Practices: Advice and instruction on all home safety and security topics.
  • Industry Research: Evaluations of companies and equipment for consumers.
  • Home Upgrade Guides: Manuals for implementing all types of home security upgrades.
  • City Reports: Guides for homeowners to understand crime, security, and safety issues in their city.
  • State Reports: Guides for homeowners to understand crime, security, and safety issues in their state.