About Us


Safety.com is a dedicated resource to all things safety. Our mission is to empower you with the confidence to keep what matters most in your life safe. Whether it’s home security, personal safety, financial safety, digital safety or even travel safety, we promise to empower you so that you can have peace of mind. 

We believe that safety should be simple. We want everyone to feel safe, and believe that safety information and products should be easy to find, easy to understand and easy to use. 

Navigating your safety options alone, however, isn’t always easy. We research and test the latest products and dig into breaking industry news to offer reliable, accurate and trustworthy information.

We want to be your Everyday Hero, always ready to help.  This is our way to give back and make our communities a little safer every day. 

Our Values

  • We Care.

    Safety isn’t a product we sell, it’s a way of life. This is our way to give back and make our communities a little safer every day.

  • Safety should be simple.

    We want everyone to feel safe, and believe that safety information and products should be easy to find, easy to understand and easy to use.

  • You need a trustworthy source for safety information.

    Navigating your safety options alone isn’t easy. Given the importance of these decisions, we weigh all available data, consumers’ opinions as well as test the actual products to offer information you can trust.

  • Challenge the status quo.

    We want to challenge the status quo to provide valuable safety expertise in new ways. You deserve a partner that is pushing the limits to keep you and yours safe.

What We Do

Our team of writers, editors and analysts continuously researches today’s safety providers, products, services and news. We then work to provide you with personalized recommendations, easy to use tools, unique data and insights and an expert point of view on the safety issues you care about. We also let you know how and why we recommend any product or service with a transparent methodology and explanation of our process.

We cover multiple safety industries:

  • Home security
  • Personal safety
  • Financial safety
  • Digital safety
  • Family/child safety
  • Travel safety

We use this research to create guides, tools and comparisons to help you find the right solution.

  • Best of lists
  • Brand reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Guides
  • News/trending topics

Meet Our Team

Jalesa Campbell

Safety & Security Reporter

Jalesa is one of Safety.com's staff experts on home security, natural disasters, public safety, and family safety. She's been featured on Today.com and elsewhere.

Dashia Starr

Safety & Security Writer

Dashia researches and writes about all things home automation and security to help you create a safe smart home. She focuses on the latest news, products and providers to share only the best with your family.

Jamie Greenberger

Safety & Security Editor

Jamie is an experienced editor with an interest in home, digital, health, and senior safety. Driven by passion, she believes safety should always come first and is committed to helping people feel secure — everywhere and every day.

Julie Myhre-Nunes

Editorial Director

Julie leads all Safety.com content strategy.

Adam Morgan

Senior Editor

Adam is Safety.com's senior editor, an award-winning journalist whose work has been featured in The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago magazine and elsewhere.

Adam Benjamin


Adam leads the Safety.com Editorial team and works with the writers to produce accurate and informative safety and home security content.

Ivey O'Neal

Senior Communications Coordinator

Leading communications, Ivey works across the Safety.com team, helping to ensure users find the information they need for keeping their family and friends safe.

Neil Foto

Communications Specialist

Neil assists with content ideation and works closely with the editorial team. He helps with planning and optimizing informative content for our readers.

Rob Schnabel

Communications Coordinator

Rob handles incoming and outgoing communication for Safety.com. He also assists with promoting content on Safety.com so readers can find our articles and resources.

Gabriel Rosario

Web Designer

Gabriel is an expert in digital design and helps create a world class site experience for our users

Maria Cristina Arroyo-Pont

User Experience Lead

Maria Cristina leads our onsite strategy, making sure a world-class experience is provided for our readers.

Rachel Selles-Caparros

User Experience Specialist

Rachel helps to optimize design and develop features on site to help make readers’ experience more engaging.

Nestor Nadal

General Manager

Nestor has worked in business strategy for over 7 years. He leads the team to help prioritize meaningful projects and work with our strategic partners.

José Cáceres


Jose leads our Content Strategy team and helps analyzing trends to ensure topical coverage.

Jesús Arroyo

Content Strategy Specialist

Jesús works directly with our editorial team to analyze trends and optimize our content to provide the most valuable information to you.

Antonio López Jr

Content Strategy Specialist

Antonio is passionate about data so he works with our content team to develop data driven articles that are different and interesting.

Pilar Rodríguez

Business Development Lead

Pilar leads business development for Safety.com, managing strategic relationships with our partners across the home security industry.

Rigoberto Miranda

Senior Engineer

Rigoberto is passionate about learning, implementing new tech. He makes sure our website delivers a great user experience.

Pablo Moran

Software Engineer

Pablo has years of experience in development and leads our tech team of developers on both the front and back end of different sites.

Jonel Mercado

Software Engineer

Jonel works closely with our customer experience team to help create new features and maintain the user experience on Safety.

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