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We know shopping for home security systems can be time-consuming and confusing, but incredibly important. That’s why we do the homework for you. We dig into the research, breaking down each product and service to help guide you toward the security solutions that fit your home, family, priorities and budget. Your overall safety extends beyond home security systems and our team of product experts and writers work tirelessly to feature timely, relevant and credible tips and information to help keep you informed and safe.

Let Safety.com help you sort through the numerous home security options so you can find peace of mind.

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Meet Our Team


Home Safety Expert

Dashia loves writing, reading, researching and testing security products and up-and-coming tech gadgets.


Tech & Safety Reporter

Emily is an experienced writer passionate about covering topics at the intersection of tech, health, safety and humanity.



Home Security Expert

Jalesa is an experienced writer who loves to learn and research all-things security.


Senior Strategist

Grant analyzes new business opportunities and creates a world class user experience for our customers.


Community Relations Specialist

Sam is an expert in the home security industry and handles community relations with a goal of helping families secure what matters most.


Communications Specialist

Ciara handles communications efforts, and also contributes her expertise to content development and social media.


Director of Operations

Nate has worked in the industry for over 3 years and leads operations across the design, content and development teams.


Senior Content Strategist

Kristin leads our editorial team. Kristin’s favorite thing is crafting content and shaping stories to inform the reader.


Digital Designer

Jacques is an expert in digital design and helps create a world class site experience for our users.


Senior Content Strategist

Erica has worked in the industry for 8 years and leads our content strategy across the site.


Vice President

Michael has been in the security industry for upwards of 6 years. He leads the team to help prioritize meaningful projects and work with our strategic partners.


Senior Tech Developer

Jorge has years of experience in development and leads our tech team of developers working on both front and back ends of the site.


Tech Developer

Shane has a passion for learning, implementing new tech and styling websites that deliver an enjoyable user experience.


Customer Experience Manager

Shea works to optimize our site to ensure a world class experience for our users.


Site Strategist

Jake specializes in operations, strategy, and financial reporting.


Tech Developer

Talib is an experienced full stack developer who enjoys data and functional programming.