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Abode brings your home and its security into the era of smart with uniquely designed equipment and technology. Learn more about some of the products you’ll find in Abode’s lineup.
Updated Jul 30, 2020

Abode Home Security Overview

Founded in 2014, Abode specializes in smart home security devices and offers two cutting-edge wireless home security systems: the Smart Security Kit and the Iota All-In-One Kit. Each of these systems is available through a starter kit, and a wide variety of add-on devices are purchasable. With a DIY design (although professional installation is available), Abode security systems are compatible with a number of smart home devices and can handle integration with up to 160 devices at a time. Below is an overview of select Abode equipment.

The Gateway Hub

As the brain of Abode’s Smart Security Kit, the Gateway Hub connects each of the peripherals for the system. It features a loud 93dB siren (which is about as loud as a subway train) and can be integrated with over 160 devices for a connected and secure smart home. The Gateway Hub comes with an ethernet cable that can be used in place of Wi-Fi for a more stable connection. No drilling or tools are necessary for easy setup. The Gateway can be purchased as part of the Smart Security Kit for $229.

The Iota Hub

The Iota Hub is the central control system for Abode’s all-in-one home security kit. It also features a 93dB siren, motion sensor, an HD camera, and two-way audio. Like the Gateway, Iota can be connected with over 160 devices for additional smart home features. Setup requires no drilling or tools. The Iota can be purchased as part of Abode’s all-in-one security kit for $299.

Motion Sensor

Abode’s motion sensor is perfect for high-traffic areas of your home. This sensor can cover up to 35 feet and has a 110-degree field of vision. Passive-infrared technology allows this sensor to detect heat signatures and report activity to your Abode hub. If you have any pets, you can also adjust the motion sensor’s sensitivity to prevent false alarms. This sensor retails for $55.

Mini Door/Window Sensor

Abode’s mini door/window sensor can easily blend in with your home and be placed on any door or window you want to monitor. This sensor has a four-year battery life and an expansive wireless range of over 100 feet. With Abode’s mobile app, you can get alerts any time activity is detected and even pair this sensor with Alexa to have her announce the door or window that’s opened. Abode’s mini door/window has a base price of $38.

Key Fob

Arm and disarm Abode’s security system at the touch of a button with this key fob. It works well up to 100 feet away from the hub and can be assigned users so you’ll know who’s armed or disarmed the security system. You can also set the 4th button as a panic button for emergencies. The key fob retails for $30.

Abode Cam

Get clear HD video streaming and recordings with the Abode Cam. This camera begins recording any time your alarm is triggered, and you can watch footage via the mobile app. Additional features the camera has to offer are two-way audio, night vision, and the ability to set up custom rules for recording. The Abode Cam retails for $149.


Abode Multi Sensor

Abode’s Multi Sensor takes motion detection to the next level. In addition to motion, it can detect temperature, light, and even humidity. You can have the multi sensor trigger your lights to turn on upon entering and turn off upon exiting. Additionally, it can also ensure your family’s comfort by communicating with a compatible smart thermostat to manage the temperature. The multi sensor’s base price is $60.

Keypad 2

With an easy-to-read and backlit interface, the Keypad 2 can hold up to 40 PIN codes for family members, friends, and service professionals. It will display your security system’s status each time you walk by. The Keypad 2 has a built-in rechargeable battery designed to last up six months. No tools or drilling is required as this keypad also features a magnetic wall mount. The Keypad 2 retails for $89.

Acoustic Glass Break Sensor

The Abode acoustic glass break sensor is able to monitor an entire room and detect breaking glass within 25 feet. With four different sensitivity settings, you can determine how loud a sound has to be before it can trigger your acoustic glass break sensor. Designed to be installed on the ceiling with an adhesive backing, the acoustic glass break sensor is easy to set up. This sensor has a base price of $59.

Smart Home Power Switch

Ready to use with a standard power outlet, this smart home switch allows you to control and automate devices like a living room lamp. Simply use Abode’s mobile app to switch on and off the lamp or have it turn on and off at designated times. This smart switch could also help you save a little extra on your power bill. Abode’s smart switch retails for $49.

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