Abode Security Equipment

Abode brings your home and its security into the era of smart with uniquely designed equipment and technology. Learn more about some of the products you’ll find in Abode’s lineup.

Abode Security Equipment


Founded in 2014, Abode  specializes in smart home security devices and offers two cutting-edge wireless home security systems: the Smart Security Kit and the Iota All-In-One Kit. Each of these systems is available through a starter kit, and a wide variety of add-on devices are purchasable. With a DIY design (although professional installation is available), Abode security systems are compatible with a number of smart home devices. Abode security systems can handle connections with up to a whopping 160 devices at a time. Below is an overview of select Abode equipment. 

Abode Equipment

Abode Cam

The Abode Cam offers clear 1080p HD video that can be viewed at any time from the Abode app on your mobile device. This Abode camera begins recording any time your alarm is triggered. The Abode Cam allows you to set your own rules for when it records, making this a  versatile tool for capturing footage for when you feel it’s necessary. The Abode Cam retails for $149.

Wide Angle Motion Camera

abode wide angle-minThis motion sensor is built with a 640p x 480p resolution and is programmed to capture a burst of three photos whenever activity is detected while your system is armed. Installation is easy and simple as no tools are required for setup. The camera also has built-in flash and a wide-angle lens so it clearly captures images of who or what caused the alert.  You’ll be able to use the Abode app to take pictures with the motion camera at any time from your mobile device. Purchase this motion camera at retail price for $115.

Abode Iota Hub

The Abode Iota Hub features motion detection, two-way communication, and video surveillance. The Abode Iota links to your Abode app and allows you direct control of your entire Abode home security system. With a built-in 1080p video camera, the Iota also functions as a camera and automatically captures video footage whenever your alarm is triggered. With direct notifications to your phone and two-way audio, the this device allows you to stay in control of your home even when you’re away. The Abode Iota is available as part of the Iota Security Kit, which can be purchased at retail price for $299.

Abode Occupancy Sensor

The Abode Occupancy Sensor can tell you if anyone is home, plus a whole lot more. Built to detect light and configurable through your security system and the Abode app, the occupancy sensor can turn on lights when you enter a room and turn them off when you exit. It can maintain a constant reading of the temperature of a room and communicate it to your smart thermostat, ensuring each room is always the ideal temperature for you. A motion sensor allows it to detect any movement, and its powerful configuration options enable you to use these detections to trigger or turn off other devices through Abode CUE (Abode’s automation technology). The occupancy sensor has a base price of $59.

Mini Door/Window Sensor

abode sensor-minDesigned to be used on either doors or windows, the Abode mini door and window sensor is subtle device that will notify you any time a door or window is opened . With a battery designed to last up to four years and AbodeRF technology, you’ll never have to worry about losing the signal from these sensors. The sensors are programmable, allowing you to configure them so that they will trigger home automation protocols whenever your door or window is opened or closed.  Through the Abode app, you can check the status of your doors or windows at any time. The mini door/window sensor is available for $35.

Acoustic Glass Break Sensor]

abode glass break-minThe Abode acoustic glass break sensor is able to monitor an entire room and detect the breaking of glass from any windows within range. The sensor has a detection range of 25 feet. With four different sensitivity settings, you can determine how loud a sound has to be before it can trigger your acoustic glass break sensor. Designed to be installed on the ceiling and using a tool-free adhesive mounting system, the acoustic glass break sensor is simple to install. This sensor can be purchased for $59.

Keypad 2

The newest of Abode keypads, this interface brings all the power of your Abode homekit right to the tips of your fingers. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Keypad 2 can run for up to six months between chargings. A built-in motion sensor detects anytime you walk by the keypad and conveniently displays the status of your entire home security system. A magnetic backing and mounting system makes installation of the keypad 2 simple and easy. The keypad 2 can be purchased for $89.

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