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Get innovative home security solutions with Abode. Designed to harness the power of technology and simplicity, Abode’s security systems offer easy self-installation and lots of home automation capabilities.
Updated Jun 8, 2021

Overview of Abode Home Security

Abode’s all-in-one security system, the iota, adds a fresh take to traditional home security systems. Abode’s reasonable equipment and monitoring prices make it a great choice for homeowners and renters alike.


  • Features an all-in-one security system
  • Optional professional installation
  • Customizable home automations


  • Must pay to access home automation features

Abode: Our Pick for Flexible Monitoring Options

Want the option of choosing between self or professional monitoring? Abode offers a free option and paid monitoring plans. This flexibility makes the Abode security system feasible for homeowners and renters on a budget or anyone looking for innovative security without paying a hefty cost.

Safety Score
Prevention Control Reliability Response
9.3 9.9 9.5 9.2

Intrusion Detection With Abode Sensors

Abode gives you options for your sensors, including everything from a traditional style to non-obtrusive styles for hidden security. Choose from the Door/Window Sensor, Mini Door/Window Sensor, Recessed Door/Window Sensors, and the Slim Strip Door/Window Sensor. All Abode sensors have a wireless range of detection up to a few hundred feet, providing great coverage. You can get alerts whenever a door or window is opened and set-up automation, such as having a light turn on when a particular door is opened.


Control With the Abode App


Manage your Abode security system, smart home devices, and more through the Abode app. The app is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. You can adjust your security system’s mode, see live video footage from cameras, access automation shortcuts, see a timeline of events, and much more. If you have children or family members living with you, you can create accounts for them to access the system and smart home devices straight from their smartphones.


Abode Monitoring Plans


With Abode, you can self-monitor or have professionals monitor your home. Choose from one of three options:

  • Self-monitoring for free
  • Self-monitoring with the Standard Plan
  • Professional monitoring with the Pro Plan

Abode Plans — Monitoring Options

Free self-monitoring Standard Plan (self-monitoring) Pro Plan (professional monitoring)
Free $6/mo. $20/mo.
Mobile alerts
Yes Yes Yes
Live video feeds
Yes Yes Yes
Mobile app access
Yes Yes Yes
Home automation capabilities
No Yes Yes
Events timeline
No Yes Yes
Video storage
No Yes Yes
Cellular connectivity
No Yes Yes
Monitoring for break-ins, fire, and medical emergencies
NoNo Yes
Exclusive deals & discounts
NoNo Yes

Abode Packages

Abode offers base packages, bundles, and the ability to customize your own security system. Abode’s base packages include the iota All-In-One Security Kit and the Smart Security Kit. You can also purchase bundles that add in additional devices.

Compare Abode Packages


Iota All-In-One Security Kit

Learn more

Smart Security Kit

Learn more
Equipment starts at
$279 $219
Pro. monitoring starts at
Motion detection
Home environmental monitoring
Security camera(s)
Mobile app access
Crash & smash protection
Home automation capabilities

Abode Installation

You can self-install or have a professional install your Abode security system. While self-installation is free, here’s a look at the breakdown of Abode installation costs for hiring a professional:

  • Starter kits: $99
  • Additional devices (1-5): $25

Self-installation is easy with Abode, as most of the equipment only needs to be set on a level surface or adhered to a level surface. The Gateway and Iota hubs need to be close to a power outlet and your internet router for an ethernet connection. Most sensors come with an adhesive backing so they can be applied to walls, doors or windows.

For tutorials and walkthroughs on how to set up your Abode alarm system, you can check out its online help center.

Abode Devices

  • The Abode Gen 2 Gateway

    The Abode Gen 2 Gateway comes with the Smart Security Kit. It features 4G cellular backup with improved Z-Wave connectivity. This gateway is the hub for your Abode system, allowing you to manage your system’s mode, smart home devices, alerts, and more.

  • The Iota All-In-One Hub

    The Iota All-In-One Hub packs advanced features with motion detection, HD video surveillance, and two-way communication. You’ll be able to connect up to 160 devices for creating a safe, smart home and get notifications if your alarm is triggered.

  • Abode Outdoor Smart Camera

    This outdoor camera by Abode provides high definition video, two-way audio, person detection, a wide 152-degree angle lens, and more. You’ll get alerts whenever someone is detected and can look at your timeline to view video clips. The Abode Outdoor Camera is available as a standalone device if you simply want to add surveillance to your home.

  • Abode Home Automation Power Switch

    The Abode Home Automation Power Switch can be purchased separately and used with either of the Abode security kits. With this device, you can start up your coffee machine early in the mornings, turn on the lights and more. With Abode’s automation technology, you can set a schedule for when you’d like certain devices to power on or off with this smart switch. The Home Automation Power Switch retails for $49.

  • Abode Multi Sensor

    Abode’s Multi Sensor is designed to help you monitor conditions and automate certain processes in your home. This device can detect motion, light and temperature, and can be used with other devices like smart lights and smart thermostats. One of the biggest benefits this device offers is energy conservation by allowing you to control smart devices in your home. This sensor retails for $60.

  • Mini Door/Window Sensor

    Keep tabs on your doors and windows with this low-profile sensor from Abode. It’s capable of detecting motion within a 100-foot range, allowing you to receive activity alerts on your phone. Price: $38.

  • Motion Sensor

    Add motion detection to the main areas of your home or apartment with Abode’s motion sensor. This device is designed to cover up to 35 feet and has a 110-degree field of vision.

  • Key Fob

    Control your Abode security system at the touch of a finger with this key fob. You can assign users and set up the 4th button to be used as a panic button for emergencies. The key fob is designed for use within 100 feet of the hub. Price: $30.

Abode Home Security Packages

  • Smart Security Kit

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Smart Security Kit comes with essentials you’ll need to protect your home. You’ll be able to create automations with Abode’s CUE technology. For instance, after sunset, you could have an outdoor light turn on whenever a motion sensor is triggered. With this package, you can purchase additional equipment like smart home devices and video-enabled devices. You can get the Smart Security Kit for as low as $229.00.

    Package devices and features include:

    • Abode Gateway hub
    • 1 Mini door/window sensor
    • 1 Motion sensor
    • 1 Key fob
  • Iota All-In-One Security Kit

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Iota All-In-One Security Kit is really unique as it comes with a main hub that can detect motion, record HD video, and allow you to communicate through two-way audio. If your alarm is triggered, the built-in camera will record video, and you’ll be able to view it on your phone and determine your next steps. You can get the Iota All-In-One Security Kit for as low as $299.00.

    Package devices and features include:

    • The Iota hub
    • 1 Mini door/window sensor
    • 1 Key fob

Abode Home Automation

If you’re interested in lots of home automation features, consider Abode. Both security kits are capable of working with up to 160 devices. To get an idea of the breadth of brands that Abode works with, here’s a quick list:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Z-Wave
  • Zigbee
  • Ecobee
  • Philips Hue
  • Yale
  • Lifx
  • Kwikset 
  • Schlage
  • And several others

With Abode, you can set up custom automation for specific times of the day and instances. For example, if a door is opened after a certain time, you can program a smart light to switch on. Additionally, with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, you’ll have access to voice commands.

Is Abode Security Worth It?

For the equipment pricing and monitoring options, we think Abode is worth it. We like the iota All-In-One Security Kit’s innovation, providing motion detection, video, and two-way talk all in one system. The available peripherals and variety of smart home connectivity also make Abode attractive. One of our favorite features is the ability to set custom automation, such as triggering a light to turn on when a door opens. If you’re a homeowner or renter looking for a DIY security solution with many options for smart home compatibility, Abode is a good provider to consider.

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Abode Security Methodology

Each of our home security providers is evaluated on a number of factors that help families determine their home security needs. 

Cost — We evaluate all costs included in your home security service including monitoring, video storage, equipment and one-time fees. Home security is an investment, but we look for affordable home security that’s reasonably priced upfront and monthly.

Equipment and Features — Our team looks for easy-to-use equipment that gives customers better security and control of their home’s safety. We also look for smart home features, mobile app control and other standout features to make managing home security simple.

Service — We consider customer services including installation, technical support, consultations and other available services to keep your system up and running without worry.

Warranties, Trial Periods and Guarantees — Most providers offer warranties and guarantees to ensure your customer satisfaction with their equipment and services. Some also offer trial periods for a risk-free test run. Consumers should feel confident in their home security choice with enough time to try the equipment and service and feel satisfied months later with their decision.

Installation — We believe that setup should be seamless – whether DIY or professionally installed. Home security installation should be easy and support should always be available to help you whether you’re starting with a new system, expanding or troubleshooting.  

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