Vivint Home Security

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Protect your home and family with Vivint’s innovative home security solutions.

Vivint Home Security

What Sets Vivint Apart?

What Sets Vivint Apart?

Protecting over a million customers across the United States and Canada, Vivint brings a fresh take to the home security landscape with innovative technology. Vivint also gives customers the ability to customize their security systems instead of choosing a pre-made package. Choose from the essentials for intrusion protection, like motion sensors and glass break detectors, or have more convenience with home automation devices like smart thermostats, smart locks, a garage door controller and more. With Vivint, you can expect to pay at least $599.99 for your equipment while Vivint monitoring starts at $29.99/mo.

Vivint Home Security Pros & Cons

Vivint Home Security Pros & Cons


  • A variety of smart home devices and features
  • Wireless system
  • Mobile app access and control


  • Long contract if financing equipment
  • Expensive equipment cost
  • No DIY installation option
Top 3 Vivint Features

Top 3 Vivint Features

  • 24/7 Home Monitoring

    Vivint has you and your family protected all day and night. A Vivint monitoring specialist is standing by ready to assist.

  • Smart Home Technology

    Even down to the control panel, you’ll find lots of enhanced and smart technology with Vivint’s security solutions.

  • Surveillance Cameras

    See what’s happening in your home down to the moment with Vivint security cameras.

Vivint Prices

Vivint Prices

Vivint equipment prices start at $599.99. Vivint’s monthly monitoring cost ranges from $29.99/mo. – $39.99/mo. with another $5/mo. per camera. Installation for your equipment starts at $49.99 and varies based on the equipment you choose.

If you only purchase the starter kit and any home environmental monitoring devices, your monthly monitoring can be as low as $29.99/mo.  If you upgrade by purchasing Vivint smart home equipment, your monthly cost will be 39.99/mo. Video monitoring costs $5/mo. per security camera purchased.

Smart Security Service

  • Starter Kit – $599.99
  • Vivint Smart Sensor – $50.00
  • Vivint Motion Sensor – $100.00
  • Recessed Door Sensor – $50.00
  • Glass Break Detector – $100.00
  • Smoke Detector – $100.00
  • CO Detector – $100.00
  • FireFighter – $100.00
  • Flood/Freeze/Heat Sensor – $50.00
  • Panic Pendant – $50.00

Smart Home Service

  • Kwikset Smart Lock – $179.99
  • Garage Door Controller – $99.99
  • Element Thermostat – $169.00
  • Nest Learning Thermostat – $249.00
  • Lamp Module – $50.00
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera – $249.99
  • Vivint Outdoor Camera – $299.99
  • Vivint Ping Camera – $199.99
  • Vivint Smart Drive – $249.99

One benefit you’ll find with the provider is that Vivint has its own in-house monitoring center with professionals who are knowledgeable about the security equipment. Vivint does not subcontract monitoring services to other companies, as many smaller home security companies do. Here is a breakdown of Vivint’s monitoring services:

Monitoring price starts at $29.99/mo.
Motion Detection Yes
Home environmental monitoring Yes
Security cameras No
Smart home devices No
Video monitoring option No
Why We Recommend the Vivint Smart Home Service Monitoring Plan

Why We Recommend the Vivint Smart Home Service Monitoring Plan

The Vivint Smart Home Service Monitoring Plan is only $1 more per month, but it covers your needs for everything from basic home intrusion protection to environmental monitoring and home automation. Remember that home automation features aren’t just convenient, they also increase your home’s security. For example, smart lighting deters burglary by giving the appearance that someone is home, while smart locks allow you to grant temporary access to your home without leaving a key under the mat.

Not which Vivint plan is right for you?

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Vivint Home Security Equipment and Features

Vivint Home Security Equipment and Features

Vivint offers a wide range of devices, from essentials for intrusion detection to modern smart home products. Here are some highlighted products from Vivint’s range:
Vivint Installation

Vivint Installation

Vivint home security systems are professionally installed by Vivint SmartHomePros™. These technicians are certified to install Vivint security systems and will set up a 1-on-1 consultation with you on how best to protect your home. The cost of Vivint installation starts at $49.99. If you have any questions at the time of your consultation, you can ask your technician.

The Vivint Smart Home App

The Vivint Smart Home App

Vivint’s Smart Home App offers complete control of your security system no matter where you are. Vivint’s app allows you to remotely arm and disarm your security system, view security cameras, speak to visitors with two-way talk, lock or unlock your door, and so much more depending on the equipment you’ve chosen. Through the activity feed on your Vivint Smart Home App and by activating custom alerts, you can always know what’s going on at home. By adding Vivint Playback to your app (a video storage feature), you can also access up to 30 days worth of video from your security cameras.
  • Remotely Control Your Security System

    Arming and disarming is easy, and you can easily check and manage your system.

  • Review Video Footage

    With a Vivint camera, Vivint Playback, and the mobile app, you can review up to a month’s worth of continuous recording.

  • Manage Your Smart Home Devices

    Turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, and more while you’re at home or away.

Not which Vivint plan is right for you?

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Explore Additional Vivint Home Security Resources

Explore Additional Vivint Home Security Resources

Vivint Customer Service Information

Vivint Customer Service Information

If you need assistance with your existing Vivint service, you can reach customer service by:

Vivint Home Security FAQs

Vivint Home Security FAQs

Does Vivint require a contract?

Yes, Vivint requires a contract if you choose to finance your equipment. The Vivint contract will correspond with the length of your financing terms if you do not pay for your equipment upfront. For instance, if you decide to finance your equipment for 5 years, then your monitoring agreement would be for 5 years. If you purchase your equipment upfront, your monitoring agreement will run from month-to-month.

Does Vivint offer professional installation?

Yes, Vivint provides professional installation through the SmartHomePros™.

Is there a Vivint installation fee?

Yes, Vivint installation starts at $49.99.

Are there any Vivint home security packages I can choose from?

No, Vivint does not provide pre-made equipment packages. Instead, you can pick and choose from its equipment lineup. Note that a minimum of $599.99 worth of equipment for the provider’s service.

How much does Vivint professional monitoring cost?

Vivint professional monitoring starts at $29.99/mo. for the Smart Security Service Plan. Monitoring for the Smart Home Service Plan (which is necessary if you purchase smart home devices) costs $39.99/mo. With the Smart Home plan, you can also opt into video monitoring for an additional $5/mo. per camera.

Can I finance my Vivint home security system?

Yes, you can finance your Vivint home security system with Vivint Flex, which allows you to purchase your equipment with an installment plan. Note that your contract length will correspond with the length of your financing terms.

Can Vivint work with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, Vivint works with Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

Does Vivint offer battery backup if my power goes out?

Yes, Vivint has battery backup for the SkyControl Panel in the event your power goes out.

Does Vivint offer a panic button?

Yes Vivint has a panic pendant that you can add to your security system. You can use it for intruders, medical emergencies, and other emergency situations. To add a panic pendant to your Vivint system, you can reach out to a Smart Home Specialist.

Can I install my Vivint home security system?

Vivint does not offer DIY (self-installed) home security solutions. A Vivint Smart Home Pro will come out to install your security system and ensure that it works properly. He or she can also answer questions you may have regarding your system.

Does Vivint offer a trial period?

Vivint’s trial period is very short. You would have 3 days to return your security system without penalty.

What is Vivint’s cancellation policy?

To cancel your service with Vivint, you need to submit a Notice of Cancellation in writing 30 days before you decide to cancel. Early termination fees may apply. This notice can be sent via email, fax or by mail. In the notice, you must include the following: the date of your notice, service number, a note entailing why you wish to cancel and your signature. For additional information on Vivint’s cancellation policy, please visit the provider’s website.


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