9 Popular Home Security Myths, Busted

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Updated Mar 4, 2020
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Is a home security system worth the time and money? There are so many myths out there about home security systems, their cost, effectiveness and what is required to install one. Below are nine common myths about home security systems and the truth about each one.
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    Myth: Home Security is Too Expensive

    Many people think a security system is expensive. A Safety.com survey that explored the motivations behind home security purchases identified expense as the number obstacle in owning a system: 33% of respondents thought they couldn’t afford it.

    The truth is that a simple set-up from a trusted provider might be more affordable than you think. Protect America, for example, offers packages starting at $19.99 per month with no up-front installation costs. There are also affordable systems that you can install yourself without a long-term contract: SimpliSafe’s Essentials Package starts at $259.95 for equipment and $14.99 per month for (optional) professional monitoring.

    Of course, if you don’t want to invest in a monitored home alarm system, there are many more standalone home security devices available than there used to be. These products range from security cameras, to video doorbells, to smart locks and driveway alarms. You keep tabs on them yourself using a smartphone app or other sensors, so you don’t need to pay a security company to monitor and respond to your alarms.

    Wireless cameras are increasingly popular because they can be purchased for a very reasonable price and they’re easy to install yourself. For example, a Ring indoor/outdoor wireless camera is $99.99 for the plug-in or battery-powered version, and $148.99 for solar powered. Wyze offers camera options for even smaller budgets.

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    Myth: You Need a Landline Phone

    Technology has changed, and today’s systems now use cellular technology or wifi to connect the system to the monitoring center, and to homeowners through phone apps. Today’s security systems can even connect to other smart appliances in the home, so homeowners can configure their security systems and smart home automation all in one app. But don’t worry if you still rely on a landline phone: Landline-connected home security systems still exist and in many cases, they cost less than their cellular-connected counterparts.

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    Myth: All Home Security Systems Require a Long-Term Contract

    Some full-service companies require long-term contracts to lock in pricing, but there are also systems available without a contract. You can pay month-to-month and even take the system with you when you move. These types of plans are perfect for renters. For example, SimpliSafe offers a simple system for around $260 and monitoring starts at $14.99 a month.

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    Myth: Burglars Aren’t Deterred by the Presence of an Alarm

    In a survey of convicted burglars, 60% would look for another house if they saw signs of a security system. In addition, 50% would stop an attempt to break in if they found evidence of an alarm system after they started breaking in. And if your alarm system’s presence alone isn’t enough to preclude would-be burglars, it can help make it more likely that they’ll be caught and prosecuted.

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    Myth: Home Security Isn’t an Option for Renters

    As we saw in #3 above, there are systems available that are perfect for renters. The equipment is easy to install and remove and can be moved from one location to the next easily. Also, there are no long-term contracts and the monitoring plans are very affordable, as low as $10 per month for a Ring system. Renters can also benefit from the use of standalone devices like cameras. There are lots of options and most are wireless, so installation and removal is a snap.

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    Myth: Home Security Doesn’t Make People Feel Any Safer

    A feeling of security is the number one reason that homeowners install a security system in the first place. This was desired by almost 50% of the respondents to our survey. Also according to our survey, almost 75% of respondents feel safer with a security system once it is installed.

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    Myth: Burglars Always Break in at Night

    A study by the Alarm Industry Research and Education Foundation found that most break-ins occur on weekdays during the day. This is the time when most homes are unoccupied, and it is easier for a burglar to get in and they are less likely to be seen by neighbors. That means there is a real potential benefit to having a professional security system to monitor your home and property during the day.

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    Myth: Home Security Doesn’t Work

    Systems are meant to deter crime and sound the alarm if someone does break in. In a study by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, burglars were three times more likely to break into a house without a system. As was mentioned in #4, a survey of burglars showed that they will avoid houses with evidence of a security system.

    If a security system doesn’t deter a criminal from breaking in, the system may help police catch the person responsible after a crime has been committed. Using video footage from neighbors and on-site cameras, police can often quickly identify a suspect and arrest them shortly after the crime.

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    Myth: Home Security Is Hard to Use

    Back in the day, installation of a home security system meant cutting open walls to run wires from doors and windows to a central panel. Today’s systems are mostly wireless and require little to no wiring. It is easy for a homeowner to purchase and install an all-in-one system in a single day. The systems are also easier to remove, so they can be moved from house to house as your family moves.

    Many modern systems now come with phone apps that also make using the system very easy. The apps allow homeowners to arm and disarm the system, control smart devices, and even watch live video. Monitoring your own home has never been easier.

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