Criminals have become smarter and their crimes are much more difficult to detect, in the end identity theft cost more and more unless people begin to protect themselves. The following lists eight tips that will help people begin to protect themselves against identity theft.


1. Monitor Your Credit Report

This is probably this number one most important most important thing that you can do to protect yourself against identity theft online or otherwise. Keeping track of what is happening with bank accounts, savings account, credit card accounts, and your name period will let you detect when or if your accounts have been tampered with or if a new account has been started in your name.


2. Arm All of Your Computers With Identity Theft Protection Services

There is never a 100% guarantee that even the best identity theft service will keep the criminals out of your personal data, but as the old saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


The internet is a great place to surf, shop, socialize, and learn, but it is not monitored, it is up to each individual to make certain that their information is keep secure. You can find some really good deals on some great internet security services, and some even offer free trials for up to ninety days.


3. Passwords and Personal Identification Numbers

Your passwords and personal Identification numbers are for your own security you should never give them out to anyone, especially online. There is no reason for anyone to ever need your password or PIN number except you, that’s why it’s called a personal Identification Number.

The the CVC number on the back of your credit card falls into the category of Personal Identification Number as well, when ordering items over the telephone or online without those three numbers the order cannot be made.


4. Destroy All Personal Information When You Are Finished Using It

Never throw paperwork in the trash, always shred it. Identity thieves can use even the simplest pieces of your information to steel your identity. The street you lived on growing up, your mother’s maiden name, your name and birthday, and someone could open a credit card account in your name.


5. Ask For Identification – Even on the telephone

When a business calls you and asks for any information from you, ask for their name and extension then call them back to ensure that you are actually calling the business and not a scammers home


6. Keep Your Social Security Number To Yourself

Even if you work online like many people do today you don’t have to use your social security number out. Now you can go to the Internal Revenue Service’s website and get a Federal Tax Identification Number that you can use. The Federal Tax ID Number works just like your Social Security Number only its safer because identity thieves don’t want to steel something that they have to work with.


7. Protect Yourself By Protecting Your Computer Use Anti- Virus Software

Protecting your computer has always been important, but today it’s even more important identity thieves and hackers can gang up and infest your computer with virus’ that will take your personal information right out and destroy the rest, leaving you wondering what just happened until a paper statement comes in from the bank.


8. Be Aware Of New Ways That Thieves Are Out To Steel Whatever They Can

The internet is full of information, and every day there are new websites about the new ways that thieves are going about getting what they need to destroy innocent victims. Make it your business to keep up with the new ways that they are doing their business and stay a step ahead of them.