CES 2020: 7 Must-Have Smart Security Gadgets Seen at CES

Dashia Starr
Updated Jan 16, 2020
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CES rolled out the latest and greatest must-have tech gadgets for your home, and they’re quite impressive. Everything from residential drone systems to portable home security devices. We narrowed down our seven favorites in smart security from the showroom that are must-haves for your family this year.

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    Spexor, from Bosch, lets you take your home security system anywhere. Set-up the wireless device in your car or hotel for better security when you’re on the go. If Spexor’s sensors are triggered while armed, you’ll receive a mobile app alert. And, if danger’s detected, you can use Bosch’s Emergency Assistant to notify your pre-selected emergency contacts or call the police. Soon, you’ll be able to connect multiple Spexor security devices and control them all using one app. Expect to see release dates and countries for Spexor this summer.

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    Philips Hue DIY Smart Light Collection

    Philips Hue released a collection of low-voltage, wire-free outdoor lights for home decor and safety. The collection includes new spotlights, wall lighting fixtures and pathway lights. All of the latest Philips Hue smart lights let you choose from 50,000 colors and various shades of white. Each light can be connected and controlled together using a Zigbee smart home hub. You’ll also be able to create Hue Zones to control groups of lights using your smartphone and voice assistant. Philips’ new smart lights range from $129.99 to $149.99 and will hit stores in March.

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    Sunflower Home Security System

    This high-end home security drone may be all you need for home security. The Sunflower drone security system learns your home routines and automatically sends mobile alerts of activity. If the sensors detect that a car’s in your driveway you’ll receive an alert and the Bee will automatically launch to check on your recorded camera footage in the area, then go to its home base – the Hive. You’ll receive alerts if someone’s walking from the car to your home and be notified when they leave. Use the mobile app to see live video from your smartphone and playback the clips later. You can also launch the Bee using your smartphone to see areas of your home anytime.

    Sunflower’s drone home security system comes with customizable outdoor lights and a camera that gives you full control when it’s used. Sunflower home security starts at $9,995 and will be released mid-year.

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    Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

    Arlo’s new floodlight camera will soon be a force to be reckoned with in the competitive DIY outdoor camera space. Their new smart floodlight camera has wire-free installation with a rechargeable, two-way audio and colored night vision. It has a wide 160-degree viewing angle to see more of your home’s vicinity from your smartphone. Even better, the camera’s light measures the outdoor lighting before enabling the floodlight.

    Arlo’s new camera also gives you control of your light pattern and camera settings for a better deal for both a floodlight and security camera duo for your home. The Pro 3 camera comes with three free months of cloud storage to protect your camera clips and data. It will be available for $249.99 this spring.

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    Blue by ADT Cameras

    During CES, ADT announced that they’ll be entering the DIY home security space with a collection of smart security cameras including an indoor, outdoor and video doorbell camera. Blue by ADT will replace LifeShield with standalone equipment, smartphone control and $19.99/mo. professional monitoring. The smart cameras are easy to self-install without ADT’s standard installation fees. The cameras include two-way talk, facial recognition to automatically recognize family and mobile alerts with live previews. You’ll also get 24 hours of free cloud storage and one free month of professional monitoring. Each camera costs $199.99 and is now available on their site.

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    Lockly Vision Smart Lock

    Lockly’s new smart lock doubles as a video doorbell for better door security. The smart lock’s HD doorbell camera lets you see and record live activity from your smartphone, and save clips on the cloud. You can expect some of the common video doorbell and smart lock features including two-way audio, multiple locking options and easy self-installation in 15 minutes. You’ll also be able to give visitors one-time use codes and control your lock using your favorite voice assistant or the Lockly mobile app. Its retail value is for $399 and is available for pre-order now.

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    Abode Outdoor and Indoor Smart Camera

    Abode Security has a new addition that’s designed to be the only camera you need for your home. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and it can be mounted as a doorbell. It’s weather-resistant and is packed with top camera features. The compact camera comes with a 152-degree field of view, 1080p HD video two-way audio and low light vision to see clear footage in darkness. The camera starts at $199 and will be available in Q1 this year.

There’s plenty more to see from CES 2020 and unannounced smart home and security gadgets to look forward to this year. Trying out a few of our showroom favorites and let us know your thoughts.

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