The Top 10 Home Safety & Security Gadgets Under $20

Dashia Starr
Updated Nov 20, 2020
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Securing your home has many benefits, and security devices can do more than keep intruders out. Some can also alert you if someone’s left the air conditioner running after they left, forgot to close the garage door or if there’s a water leak in your bathroom. The days of expensive home security systems and long-term surveillance contracts are over. You can pick up a few cheap home security gadgets that can connect your home directly to your smartphone. Take a look at the top 10 affordable home security devices under $20, available through Amazon. 


Top 10 Home Safety & Security Gadgets Under $20

We looked at hundreds of affordable home security devices and reviewed criteria including customer reviews, value, availability and function to narrow them down to 10. 


1. Leebote Portable Door Lock, $14.57

A smart door lock is a great way to ensure your home’s doors are secure, but most cost over $200. Leebote’s portable door lock is a low-fi way to secure your home, hotel room or AirBnB rental from intruders. All you need to do is place it in the door jamb, close the door, push in the button and lock the door. The heavy duty steel construction will prevent anyone from opening the door, even if they pick the door lock. And best of all, you’ll get two pocket-size door locks to use wherever and whenever you need the extra peace of mind.


2. Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera, $19.99

You don’t have to spend a bundle on a home security camera or video doorbell to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Conico’s Sharp 1080p HD camera provides crisp and clear live streaming video. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. Download and install the app to tune in and keep an eye on your home. The HD wireless camera includes sound and motion detection, as well as night vision to clearly capture what’s going on 24/7. You can set up the camera to receive alerts if motion is detected or sounds trigger the camera.


3. Govee Set of 2 Water Detectors, $19.99

A faulty water heater or leaking toilet can cause some serious water damage in your home. Govee’s water detector is a small compact alarm which can notify you of a moisture problem before it gets worse. The water detectors are light, battery operated and easy to install in the tightest of spots. Place them in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink or near a water heater. A loud 100 db alarm will alert you (and even potentially your neighbors) that the sensor has detected a leak. If you have an HD wireless camera that has sound detection, the sound of the alarm may trigger your camera, which will send you an alert. Or you can add a wifi gateway kit to wirelessly monitor for leaks from a smartphone app.


4. Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar, $16.98

Secure your doors, windows or sliding glass doors with Master Lock’s 265D security bar. Master Lock is best known for its durable, high-security locks. The company’s heavy-duty security bar is multi-purpose and designed to adjust in length for sliding doors and windows 27.5” to 42” in size. If you choose to use it as a wedge behind the door, the pivoting ball joint and padded non-slip food ensure a door is well secured. A simple, release button makes it possible to adjust the size or remove the bar in seconds.


5. Geeni Smart Door and Window Sensors, $17.99

Door and window sensors consist of a bar that is installed on the window frame or door jamb and a bar installed on the window or door. As long as the two bars remain together, the sensor is on standby. But if someone opens the door or window, it triggers the Geeni smart sensor. You can set the sensor to chime or make a noise and send an alert via the Geeni app straight to your smartphone. The Geeni smart door sensor is useful for protection against burglaries, but could also come in handy if you’d like to get notified of when your kids come home, or a pet manages to push open a door.


6. Mynimo 2-Pack Glass Break Sensor, $14.95

Security bars and door and window sensors make doors and windows harder to open, but an intruder can break a window as an entry alternative. Mynimo’s glass break sensors are a good solution if you have a glass front door or large, sliding glass windows. They have a built-in sensor that can detect sounds and vibrations to trigger a 120 dB alarm. The alarm is loud enough for neighbors to hear, potentially scaring away intruders. Installing the sensors is easy — they’re backed with an adhesive so you can peel and stick them on the windows of choice.


7. T Teckin Set of 4 Smart Plugs, $19.54

Use T Teckin’s smart plugs to automate your home to look lived-in, even when you’re away. You don’t need a smart home hub to control the smart plugs. Simply connect them to your home network and set them up to sync with the smartphone app. Some ways you can use the smart plugs include:

  • Command a lamp to switch on or off
  • Have the radio or television turn on randomly while you’re away on vacation
  • Put your Christmas tree lights on a schedule

Set the smart switches on a custom or random schedule and turn devices plugged in to the smart plugs on or off remotely using the app.


8. SLForce Personal Alarm, $10

SLForce’s personal alarm is an attractive keychain-style security device designed to set off an extremely loud, 130db sound that should attract attention — and scare assailants away. The lightweight alarm also includes an LED light to guide the way at night. Use the alarm for many purposes such as when you’re jogging alone or walking to your car in a parking garage late at night. Give it to your child to keep handy if they’re walking to school and someone is following them or ask an older loved one to keep it in their pocket to alert others if they’ve fallen. 


9. I3C Anti-theft Security Cable Lock for Electronics, $16.99

Secure your most valuable electronics, such as your laptop or iPad with I3C’s anti-theft security kit. Start by securely attaching the anchor lock, which serves as the base to keep the item from disappearing. Attach the 6.5’ security cable to your device by looping it to the anchor and lock it in place. The security cable system will make it more difficult to steal your laptop or tablet. Even if your devices don’t come with security lock holes, you can attach the low-profile anchor to the device and wrap it around a static object, such as a table leg, to secure it.


10. SnapSafe Large Keyed Lock Box, $19.99

Locking away your smaller, high-value belongings is a sensible idea, but unless you properly secure the lockbox, it’s all too easy to steal it. SnapSafe’s 16-gauge steel keyed lock box is large enough for passports, a tablet or a variety of smaller objects such as jewelry, important documents or cash. To ensure your items are secure, the lock box comes with a security cable rated at 1500 lbs. In addition, the low-profile box is easy to conceal and pry-resistant to ensure your valuables are secure.



Securing your home and your valuables is possible using home security and safety devices under $20. These items may be inexpensive, but they can easily provide additional peace of mind. They’re functional, come with good reviews from customers and in many cases include wireless connectivity. Combine your favorite gadgets to increase your home’s safety and security.

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